Mujuru’s deafening silence

via Mujuru’s deafening silence – The Zimbabwean 20 January 2015

From October to December, Grace Mugabe repeatedly attacked Joice Mujuru, who seemed content in her position of human punching bag.

The attacks were so bad that, in boxing parlance, any referee would have put a stop to the bout. Mujuru’s silence at first seemed like a clever strategy but in the end was her downfall.

Surely the Mujuru camp could easily have countered the smear campaign by producing dirt on Grace and Mnangagwa. What’s more, it is the likes of Rugare Gumbo and Mutasa who have had to defend her, which begs the question: does Mrs Mujuru have the spine to go up against the other faction, or is she merely a gender equality beneficiary riding on the old reputation of her late husband?

What is hilarious is how disgruntled Zanu (PF) members always make a beeline to the independent press – the same institutions they have repeatedly tried to shut down. The free press’ publication of material from Zanu (PF) reflects the fairness of independent media.

What we can also read into Mutasa’s statement is that there is a lot going on behind the scenes – the formation of a splinter party maybe. The continued attacks on the Mujuru camp suggest that she is still regarded as a threat, which perhaps corroborates the theory of a splinter party. Mujuru’s silence-capitulation-apathy, whatever it was, seems to have endeared her to some, even the opposition parties. In the event of formation of a splinter party, Mugabe might endure some restless nights in the sunset of his life.


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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    I can not see a new party being formed at this point. The gauge to see the mood of the people has been set. Bob knows full well the party will lose the next election. The wily old fox wants to split the opposition vote even further hoping to secure a slight majority in his favour. Opposition wake up before it is to late.

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    sherpard 9 years ago

    A snake whether its dead or alive is still a snake, it does not change name because its dead, just as good as Mujuru, Mutasa, Rugares and the rest they will always be Zanu Pf, mark my words they will just find themselves back , all this pandemonium is to confuse the opposition that seems to falling for it, because they can be so stupid, they will be left out in the cold if they think that the likes of Mujuru can support and work with them.