Three arrested for crossing SA border from Zimbabwe with tobacco valued at R3 million

via Three arrested for crossing SA border from Zimbabwe with tobacco valued at R3 million | eNCA 23 July 2015

JOHANNESBURG – Three men have been arrested for illegally crossing the border from Zimbabwe into South Africa with a truck full of tobacco valued at R3 million, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department said on Wednesday.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the Metro crime prevention unit, along with the South African Police Services’ Crime Intelligence division arrested the men after following them from the N1 in Midrand.

“According to information received the truck was on its way to deliver the tobacco valued at about R3 million to a company in Gauteng.”

The suspects were currently in custody at the Brackendowns police station and would be appearing in the Palmridge Magistrates Court soon on charges including tax evasion.


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    Probably couldn’t get a good price in Zim

    Or was it Contract tobacco being smuggled out?

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    Malcolm 9 years ago

    Smoking in Australia is very, very expensive– 20-00 up to 30-00 Australian dollars per pack of 20. Not only that smokers are frowned upon and banned from smoking nearly everywhere.
    It is even banned on the beach– sports stadiums etc– even though the open spaces are huge. Govt taxes are extreme on tobacco and alcohol. A beer in a working mans bar is +/_ $6-00.
    I am told 73% is excise duty and taxes. I don’t smoke, but my wife does– after smoking all her life in Zim, Australian prices and rules are a big shock to the systand the pocket.
    Best be a non-smoker if you think of visiting Australia.
    Smuggling of Tobacco goes on here as well, and it is possible to buy untaxed tobacco from undercover dealers. Then have to roll your own– and come out at about $2-00 per 20.
    Illegal of course, but for someone who has smoked for over 50 years– impossible to give up.
    I have heard some tobacco farmers here have changed to other crops due to theft from the farm and public harrasment. Nothing to do with this article I know– but just a comment.

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    Yes, the urge to control other people’s lives (Nanny State) is extremely strong in Oz. I have smoked since I was 14 and am now 72. Yes, not good for you, but neither is being fat.

    I think the cost price of a packet of 20 cigarettes is about 20c and ALL the rest is tax and profit

    And incidentally, asbestos is considerably less dangerous than cyanide, polonium etc. etc. In fact it is generally perfectly safe.

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    The article doesn’t say if it was cigarettes, or raw tobacco. We need to know that