What the independent press should ask expelled Zanu (PF) chefs

via What the independent press should ask expelled Zanu (PF) chefs The Zimbabwean 19 January 2015

Seeing that Zanu-PF officials who were deposed and/ or expelled from the ruling party for allegedly being aligned with former vice president Joice Mujuru are forming a beeline to the privately owned and independent press they used to despise, is it not right for them to be asked the following questions:

What do these former Zanu-PF politburo and central committee people think about corruption in Zimbabwe and its magnitude? How can it be solved? Where is diamond cash from Chiadzwa going? Do they agree to an immediate diamonds cash audit?

What does Gumbo mean when he says “we will bounce back”? Does he mean the same resistance to reforms of the security sector, the media, and elections? Do they agree that they are part of the problem and not the solution to the challenges facing the country?

Does Didymus Mutasa believe a land audit is necessary in Zimbabwe since he is the one who was issuing the controversial letters for occupying farms? How many farms does he and his family as well as relatives own which were briefly occupied by rival Zanu-PF youths last week? How many farms do Robert Mugabe and Grace own? Is multi farm ownership fair after the fast track land programme?

When will the long overdue Land Audit be carried out? What will be the implications? Why have previous reports by Flora Buka and Charles Utete remained embargoed? Do these expelled chefs agree that the reports must be published as a matter of urgency in the national interest?

Why is government holding on to Zapu properties despite claiming national unity since 1987? Do these deposed officials agree that Robert Mugabe should release Zipra farms/properties without delay?

Given that Zanu-PF rigged its own elections including the recent central committee elections, why should the party be trusted to run credible national elections?

What convincing evidence is there that ZEC will allow Diaspora Vote in 2018 when it has no money to run even two by-elections only? Would they support UN supervised elections in 2018?

What is Nikuv still doing in Zimbabwe since 2002 which Zimbabweans cannot do for themselves as far as computerised registration of births, deaths and voters and issuing ID cards? When is their contract due to expire?

Having been implicated in serious rights abuses including Gukurahundi and other tragic political violence in previous elections, do the deposed Zanu-PF officials support a Truth and Reconciliation Commission like that of South Africa to help the country heal? Will they participate in it? Do these deposed Zanu-PF officials agree to the immediate release of the Dumbutshena and Chihambakwe Commission of Inquiry reports into Gukurahundi which Mugabe’s regime is still sitting on?

What do the deposed Zanu-PF officials e.g. Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa think about the forced evictions of 200 villagers from a farm in Manzou, Mazowe to make way for Grace’s animal farm? Do they support a UN probe similar to the one for Murambatsvina?

If the deposed politburo and central committee leaders of Zanu-PF give negative answers to more than five of the foregoing set of questions, then, there is no hope that they will be worth accommodating in any new dispensation. They will not be better than those who remained or replaced them after the disputed Zanupf 2014 national congress. That’s my opinion.

Clifford is a London-based political analyst and former diplomat. Email mashiric@lsbu.ac.uk.


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    The Mind Boggles 6 years ago

    Good questions

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      Indeed, very good questions. Its worrisome that our independent press, well known for asking such probing questions, currently appears to be more concerned about awarding Mutasa and other disaffected hoodlums acres and acres of space to cry & whim about how they have been dispossessed of their “divine right” looter and grab national resources.

      No probing questions are being asked. Why? These guys must be asked robust questions, otherwise our independent press risks being reduced to another side of the state media, which happens to be nothing but a propaganda mouth-piece for zanu pf hoodlums.

      Should the present hugging and cuddling between independent media and the Mujuru cabal continues, then many may start asking whether state-media claims that some disaffected members are in fact shareholders in some independent media houses are really jus some smoke without fire.

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        Zuwarabuda Nyamhute 6 years ago

        You are spot on, Mapingu. Zimbabweans seem to have a very, very short political memory indeed, particularly if you look at how they (at least if you read the independent press) are rushing to embrace and soothe the likes of Didymus Mutasa, who has been a prominent cog in the bloody machinery of ZANU PF’s reign of terror. Do you remember one of his notorious pronouncements, way back in the early 2000s, that Zimbabbwe would be “better off” with half the current population? Mutasa has been one of the most vicious functionaries of the regime, who does not deserve any sympathy. Instead of being pampered and powdered, he should be pruned, plucked and punished.

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    Peter Homerai 6 years ago

    Well said Mapingu. This marriage of convenience between disgruntled ZANU PF members and the independent press is frightening. Slowly independent press is becoming ZANU PF mouth – piece without critical analysis. No one ask these disgruntled ZANU PF members soul – searching questions with regards to their obvious involvement in the destruction of the country. Instead the independent press is now fronting them as moderates who can take the country forward. Shameeeeeee.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    We do not want these people to front us ever. They are responsible for our plight and can’t you all see Mugabe is getting rid of the old cabal for a new cabal. Simply put should any opposition party accomodate these thugs I wonder how many Zimbabweans would vote . WE DEFINETLY WOULD NOT . Pasi ne sellouts.

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    Isu zvedu 6 years ago

    May I add to Mashiri’s list to ask how so many people disappeared under their leadership and even how Mukoko or Dzamara received such pain under Mugabe’s evil and satanic rule.

    Ya even zanoids are quick to blame the private media at least for trying to give space to the disgruntled potential opposition. I know the reason, everything and everyone must be blamed, even Morgan has to be blamed, for everything except HE Robber Mugarbage!

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    Chigumbu Chineunye 6 years ago

    Another important question:

    Where the 2013 elections rigged or not?

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    Johnno 6 years ago

    real pertinent questions although I could add quite a few more, for example :Would these deposed Zanu PF officials agree to an audit of their assets to determine whether they were legally acquired?