Zanu PF seeks MDC staffers’ ouster

via Zanu PF seeks MDC staffers’ ouster – DailyNews Live by Mugove Tafirenyika  7 OCTOBER 2013 

A Zanu PF legislator has called for the sacking of officials in ministries formerly held by the MDCs in the inclusive government alleging that they would sabotage government business.

Contributing to a debate on the presidential speech in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Zanu PF Hurungwe East legislator Sarah Mahoka said government should move in quickly to flush out the civil servants who manned the ministries before they contaminate the civil service.

Mahoka argued that the government employees were appointed on a partisan basis hence they should be replaced by individuals who are ready to take instructions from the ruling party without question.

“We must make sure that we investigate officers manning the ministries formerly run by the sell outs we had in the previous government because they have a tendency to sabotage government programmes,” Mahoka told the House.

The MDCs had 21 Cabinet ministers in the inclusive government including the parties’ leaders Morgan Tsvangirai, Thokozani Khupe and Arthur Mutambara who were Prime Minister and deputies respectively.

The controversial Hurungwe lawmaker accused the government employees, particularly those in the ministry of Finance formerly headed by MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti of sabotaging the agriculture sector by not funding it adequately.

“We need to do a thorough investigation because we cannot be told there are no funds for agriculture to the extent of importing grain grown by fellow blacks in neighbouring Zambia.

“I suspect we have sell outs in our midst and there is real need to kick out these Makorokozas camouflaged in a civil service uniform,” she said to a thunderous applause from other Zanu PF lawmakers.

The push by the legislators come at a time when some Zanu PF hawks are allegedly pushing for Tsvangirai’s eviction from his official residence in Highlands following his defeat in the July 31 elections.

They are also reportedly keen on having former Charter House staffers retired as evidenced by government’s allegations that some of them were engaging in dismissible acts of misconduct.

Meanwhile, the civil service Commission has written to some of the civil servants notifying them of the commission’s intention to retire them.

“Reference is made to the on-going restructuring and reorganisation in the civil service,” said a September 27, 2013 Civil Service Commission letter to one of the employees.



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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    Maybe one day Zanu PF will learn that to govern a nation is not about destroying everyone who does not share your opinions about everything.
    Maybe one day Zanu PF will learn that leadership is about embracing the diversity of the nation.
    Maybe one day Zanu PF will figure out that we are not actually a nation at war, but we are at peace.
    Maybe one day Zanu PF will realize that they are supposed to provide a service to the citizens and not to oppress them

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      Zimguard80 9 years ago

      Sekuru Mapenga I wish ZANU pf had a leadership that knew that being a citizen with full rights to self determination is supreme than party affiliation. That its what you contribute to the Zimbabweans that counts above being a card carrying member! Anyway vakuru vanoti chinokura chinokotama!

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    Democracy wisher 9 years ago

    To hell with Zanu-PF nonsense,they are just ashamed to praise the good works MDC did……

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    One who laughs last laughs longer