Known in Zimbabwe as “Dis Grace” – who is she?

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Grace Mugabe (née Marufu), (born 23 July 1965),[1] is the second wife of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady of Zimbabwe from her marriage to the leader in 1996.[2]

Grace was previously married to Stanley Goreraza, an air force pilot, and now working in the Zimbabwe embassy in China.[3][4] As secretary to the president, she became his mistress while still married to Goreraza and together they had two children, Bona, named for Mugabe’s mother, and Robert Peter, Jr.[5] The couple were married in an extravagant Catholic Mass, titled the “Wedding of the Century” by the Zimbabwe press, after the death of Mr. Mugabe’s first wife, Sally Hayfron.[5][6]

In 1997, Grace Mugabe gave birth to the couple’s third child, Chatunga.[7] Grace is popularly known in Zimbabwe as “Dis Grace”, a reference to her extravagant life-style while maintaining political responsibilities as first lady.[8]


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25 comments on “Known in Zimbabwe as “Dis Grace” – who is she?
  1. Hango Yapalala says:


    • Kevin Watson says:

      Shows what you know you should try reading the independent press. This all common knowledge to all of us who can actually read.

  2. Bingo Wajakata says:

    That is very true even Mugabe himself confirmed it saying he had received permission from his wife, really! Is that part of culture to chase after someone’s wife while your wife is on her death bed? Talk about cruelty. The husband of Dis-Grace is conveniently send out of the country so that he would not be too close. Mugabe is evil through and through. He may not have executed the killings himself but he is a murder of untold proportions.

  3. mucha says:

    So you think this is news? Why use this phrase ‘Known in Zimbabwe as “Dis Grace”? By who? I am in Zimbabwe. Me and my family, friends and workmates do not use that name? It may be you only and some of your few crooked-minded friends who use that name.

    • MikeH says:

      I bet you don’t use the name in conversation. One of your so called friends or work mates, if not a family member, would no doubt shop you for a dollar if you did.

    • Jacob says:

      I agree the news story is over the top. Does it matter if she is known as Dis Grace? Irrelevant.

    • What kind of “disgrceful” things one can list for the First Lady other than some Western generated garbage by their trash minded readers and writers alike? Can one list of any of First Lady’s unusual attributes that some of you call her with such derivatives instead of being civilized and discussing one’s disagreements with civility? I am a successful American businessman and my wife spends more on her than Lady Grace did in her entire political life. So why doesn’t someone list any wrong doings or extravagant lifestyle that one blames the First Lady? I think it’s only fair before the indictment to try a person who is accused of doing something wrong. Isn’t it? So those who despise the President and anything and anyone from his circle of friends and supporters etc., bring forth the real (not imaginary) charges against her or him for the people to judge before you spill your venom for whatever reasons you may justifiable have. Instead of putting your energies in improving the conditions in and around you what good would it do to further make things worse for those who still believe in tomorrow and its promise. Economic upheaval is widespread specially in the West where joblessness,crimes, corruption, immorality, thievery, sex exploitation, family values destruction, social discontent, educational disasters and political dictatorship is rampant. So would you rather have the imaginary God father walk in from the West to fix all the problems of Zimbabwe? Dream on. Because, the God father of the West is broke and totally bankrupt in all departments!
      Stick together and work out your problems instead of sitting painting others with all sorts of self-fabricated negative images. Zimbabweans must work together and try and get over their problems instead of throwing trash at each other. Instead of breaking each other apart, try uniting and finding common grounds and work for the good of Zimbabwe for a change!

      • Mwanawevhu says:

        Mr Malik stop your writing nonsense.The people of Zimbabwe have suffered enough and people like you are not helping.Grow up man!!!

      • black dog says:

        but u never said all that when the the other guys did the same to mr tsvangirai.

      • GBZ says:

        You are quite obviously one of his pawns,who no doubt have made your fortunes in the same way as your hero, and like him and his disgrace will soon wake up to some HOT coffee.

  4. Muzezuru says:

    @Mucha.Yes it is news.She’s known by that title by all of us here in Zimbabwe.Your so-called ‘family,friends and workmates’ cannot see that because you are blinkered hence the proverbial fly that ignorantly follows the corpse to the grave.The generality of Zimbabweans are not ‘crooked-minded’ as you suppose.Smell the coffee.Shame on you a thousand times! Nxa.

  5. Nhlanhla says:

    She is the most weaked women ever ,they know how to open their mouth to talk about Tswangirai what about her and Mugabe she is a dis -grace really in a society.still she thinks she’s smart gold digger!who ever supports what she did you are jus on the same books.

  6. Ephraim Maseko says:

    Leaders are chosen by God, love her, hate her, Grace is still our First Lady. Lets have better news please, this is not news at all.

    • Mwanawevhu says:

      Presidents are chosen by the people not by God. Read your constitution.

    • black dog says:

      pliz learn not to use God’s name to justify vice. Did God choose all these dictators who murder their unarmed opponents every day, the ruthless drug dealers of the world or those rulers who order the bombing of civilians in hospitals? I am beginning to think the whole bunch of you might be satanists.murambatsvina ,gukurahundi and others could only get blessings from satan and definitely not my God.

  7. Anold Anderson says:

    You guys you are lost and you do not know what you are talking about. Where did Mugabe pay maintainance, who saw the marriage certificate between Grace and Stanley. Who will want his/her child pregnented and dumped, who would want in office who cannot control his Zip. If it was in the West no one would have accepted that, in fact loosing votes once is a road map to leave the post. Grace is married living with his husband what about our dumped and disgraced sisters by so called man of a presidential calibre of a certain part. Do the right things you will be accepted. Who have ever ceremonised Grace and Stanley’s wedding. Leave her alone and let us unity our nation to work together than to talk about individuals its irrelevant. That is dirty politics without future. Iwe neni tinebasa rekuvaka not to destroy.

  8. tapera nkomo says:

    Why do you worry about if she is Dis-Grace or not. You do not have to go too far – all you have to know is that there is a 41 year age gap between Dis-Grace and Matibili! Was this LOVE or LOVE FOR MONEY? Just imagine how repulsive and incongruent it is for these two to share the same bed. It is so unrealistic and this explains why there are so many stories surrounding Dis-Grace’s extra-mural activities – she does not have much choice.

  9. boyboy says:

    At least mugabe had a heart 4 once otherwise poor stanely wud b bones long ago

  10. MikeH says:

    DisGrace is a very apt name for a gold digger in this instance and Stanley Goreraza is undoubtedly lucky to be alive, given mugabes’ murdering history.

  11. Freedom says:

    Mucha you are stupid enough to not realise she that Dis-Grace that woman’s name. She sees the speck in Tsvangirai’s eye but do not see the log that is in her eye. She was cheating on her husband with a married man, how different is she from Tsvangirai. They are beds of the same feather.

  12. The Black Aristocrat says:

    The First Sausage Jockey more like !

    What has Mugabe’s bank account and Gideon Gono’s wedding night tackle got in common?

    Both get regularly cleaned out by the First Sausage Jockey!

  13. simon says:

    im yet to meet a Zimbabwean that likes her (Dis-Grace)! She oozes evil. Sally was of much higher standard and class than the gold digger married man thief. I do believe Susan would have made a great humble first lady with charisma had she not been killed.

  14. Samaita Dube says:

    ‘Dis Grace’ I love it, what a moniker. I’m sure the owner wouldn’t mind.

  15. die groot wyt aap says:

    “an evil tree brings evil fruit, no good thing will come from it”

    sweet dreams comrades sweet things

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