Mugabe’s son, a party animal

By | June 13, 2014



via President Mugabe’s son, Chatunga now a party animal, pictures leak | iHarare. June 13, 2014 President Mugabe’s problem child, Chatunga Bellarmine famed for flunking his Grade 7 examination and being thrown out of St George’s School for gross indiscipline is now a party animal. Pictures of the 17-year-old boy partying with girls and drinking have been leaked to the UK Based News Website Mafaro. We have republished the pics below. The lad seems to have a penchant for the finer things in life and is not scared to flaunt his expensive shoes and other gear. His father, a strict disciplinarian, has at times spoken of his utter frustration at the behaviour of his sons. Only his daughter, Bona is his pride. She recently had a lavish wedding and has just completed her Masters.



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43 thoughts on “Mugabe’s son, a party animal

  1. Save

    Nothing so special apa…… Every youth anopfura neko …..

    1. sabhuku

      Haupfuure neko if your parents are strict. My son of the same age knows the consequences of straying like that. Worse this is the President’s son. He reflects a crisis I the first family. Hauna mitemo.

    2. Mai Chirambakusakara

      That is nonsense. I have triplets that are the same age as this young man and they DO NOT behave in this manner. We should know better and not excuse bad behaviour. If his behaviour continues in this way, I can assure you he will become a nuisance to society, if he is not one already, and sooner rather than later will find himself in big trouble…watch and see.! He is clearly out of control.

  2. JZ

    Hey! Who wasn’t a party animal at some point in there life. Let children be children. Haven’t you heard the song “IT’S MY PARTY I CAN DO WHAT I WANT TO…. ” Let the lad be! The doll’s are hot though! Big up Bells your the man!

  3. madlinduna

    AS it pleases you Save.The only problem is that a lot of his peers can not afford that lavish life sorely because of his father’s miserable leadership.He is the only oasis in a desert together with those few who benefit from his father infamous regime.Some kids can not afford that because their fathers were massacred by his fathers’GUKURAUNDI machine.Some kids can not afford that because their fathers were taken away during the 2008 post MDC victory that his father refused at the cost of spilling blood.

  4. LUCY

    His mother must be so proud. As for his dad not being happy… well if he had been at home playing with his boys instead of out making life a mysery for the rest of the country maybe things might have turned out the way he wanted.
    not bovvered!!!!!

  5. Tsuro

    I think its photoshopping the child of His Excellency, Life President’ cannot behave like this. Does he not know that we the the Children of Zimbabwe who were liberated by his father we wait for him to rule us.

    1. LUCY

      Oh my God Tsuro please please tell me you are joking!!!

      Heaven help you if you are serious because you have just exposed yourself as a pea brain moron.

      Please disappear !!!!!!!

    2. Parangeta

      Hopefully a Mugarbage will NEVER
      be associated with Zimbabwe ever again!

  6. Senzachena

    Ill bred trash like his father. Tsuro you are a very low form of life, please dont waste my time having to read you idiotic comment.

  7. Max Detrog

    Are we to condemn a youth for having a good time?
    So he failed grade 7, none of our business. How would we like our own “great achievements” to be spread on the internet?
    That what matters is: What does he say about the Zimbabwe situation? Was he one of the youngsters to receive ownership of stolen farms? Did he take part in ZANU-youth looting or mobbing?
    This article lacks depth.

  8. wenyoro

    You think the souls of those murdered by his father will just let it go a big (ngozi iyo)NO

  9. muZimba

    Let him enjoy himself.He is a young man and all young man got to experience this lifestyle!

  10. saundy

    Like father like son except that he doesn’t pretend to be someone is isn’t. Can’t expect better from the son with the kind of example his parents have set!

  11. Petal

    His is just a good example of a spoilt brat spending the loot while other children suffer no conscience like his father the devil
    This is the son that said his father is a God.
    got expelled and private tutor was roped in
    none of them seem to have taken the fathers looks they all seem to have taken the mothers looks

  12. Petal

    Look at the designer shoes certainly taking in the footsteps of his mother Disgrace while others are going with out food or no shoes shame shame on him by the time he hits a certain age would not be surprised he will be an alcoholic- he must be doing drugs too

    1. Parangeta

      Those ugly, expensive,shoes could feed a family for a year.
      Have you ever see such awful footwear, like the wearer…..

  13. Ndaneta ndaneta

    DubboZimbo, I think Tsuro is just joking, can’t you read it!

  14. moyokumusha

    Maybe there is one normal member of the family OR does he need Border Gezi Youth training ??????????? he he

  15. moyokumusha

    Or maybe he is under North Korean future dear leader training. Like everything west and then condemn it to your people.

    1. Petal

      and everything West is good for them only you are right there moyokumusha

  16. stobbs

    The jist of this report is trying to highlight the painful fact that this lad is not partying his or his fathers hardearned cash but public funds,,, please dont punish us further by giving us stories of this delinquents sharade

  17. stobbs

    The jist of this report is trying to highlight the painful fact that this lad is not partying his or his fathers hardearned cash but public funds,,, please dont punish us further by giving us stories of this delinquents sharade

  18. Petal

    If i was one of those partying with him i would be open and tell the brat that he is using public funds stolen by his mother and father to waste like them
    yest it is painful to read something like this but again it is good that the person who wrote this article is spilling the beans on them

  19. Petal

    Someone Should interview the geriatic or the mother who is 40 years younger than his father and ask about his/her delinquent brat – see what he/she says – he/she will be sweeping everthing under the carpet

  20. Petal

    very strange because when they were being interviewed over south African television by Dali Tambao they were being portrayed as a perfect family too perfect in my view

  21. ZimJim

    The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son a thousand times?

    Updated Answer
    Cal Jennings
    The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son. This is simple if you look at the way in which we teach our children then we teach them to sin as we sin. Thus they watch our ways everyday to figure out how to behave and if we do not set appropriate examples they do not learn appropriate ways. Then to introduce the things that society teaches the children experience the sins of the father in multitude. with each passing generation the world decays in morals and the children decay in moral values a little more thus showing this exact statement the signs of the father shall be visited upon the son a thousand times. we see this everyday and will continue to as long as we do not stop the way the world functions.

  22. gandanga

    Tsuro literally speaking uri tsuro.I can not even comment on your dumb, stupid and barbaric comments because uri tsuro. To everyone let the boy be a boy. A boy gotta do what boys do. The chicks are hot and the shoes are dope.

  23. zanupf fear me

    No different to all zanoid brats luxuriiating in UK USA Asia Aussie nz Canada n glen Lorne. Soon they will know what poverty and hard lab our is. Rubbish Mugabe kraal

  24. Terry

    he is just a youth, having fun like any other youth, please don’t judge him.just because he’s the president’s son it does not mean that he has no feelings, he is still human. Many parents wish to have responsible kids who will make them proud, it happens to anyone. so leave him alone. bhekana nendaba zenu, i’m sure there is a whole lot of problems to deal with

  25. original.chihota

    Let the law take its course,arrest those selling alcohol 2 youngsters .arrest the gilz as well for rape if they are above 18 and finally the innocent boy must go 2 a rehabilitaon centre .he has Along life Ahead of him, his fAther has good gins.

  26. Petal

    There must be special schools running for these naughty delinquent children suppose the parents are too ashamed to send him there …pride

  27. Straight Shooter

    He should watch out – very soon he will be made to pay for the sins of his father – the gukurahundi massacre of the innocent Mthwakazi.

    If Mthwakazi have had to pay for their forefathers’ 1800 tribal raids, to this day and age – why should they all go scot free over gukurahundi?

  28. wiseman

    if he failed grade 7 it simply shows he is an ordinary zimbabweam after all. everyone has a single chance to life. let him be, he is not your president neither is he defeating any of your ambitions.spare the boy unfounded judgement please

  29. beauty

    evry1 here is just jealous nd taking out eir anger on e young boy..most of u hv been worse than this mugabe is a noble man please lv him alone on e other hand tsvangirai z a lunatic hu thinks wt hz 2nd chatunga leave yr life to e fullest..dont blame him his parenta hv eir owm bzness so of course ey have e money plus pliz tell me of a presidental family hu wears clothes from a local store.bng e 1st family means class not wearing wat evry1 else wear it means standing out so pliz gv em a break its eir right. asvotwa nyora zvaunoda bt its never gonna change bcz u get so angry over e young boy…viva grace…viva our 1st family pasi nemahaters

  30. pengapenga

    kuregererwa uko…..bvunzai ini heede
    hiz jus an idiot hant

  31. garikai

    Vana vaGrace ngavafanotsvaga pekuhwanda kuitira panofa sekuru wavo we dont tolarate mbavha futi muZim becoz we are sick and tired of this family.


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