Tribalism is real in #Zimbabwe

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Tribalism is real in Zimbabwe by Mbonisi Gumbo 16 April 2014

As we approach Zimbabwe’s 34th independence on the 18th of April 2014, many things needs to be looked at and today I want to focus on tribalism. Tribalism is a reality in this Country and we need to deal with it once and for all.

It is the cause of all this messy we are in as citizens of this Country. I was privileged yesterday to attend a political debate in Bulawayo’s small city hall organised by Bulawayo Agenda and SAPES TRUST where I got some insights and confirmation of what I already know about Zimbabwe’s past.

The topic was Whither Zimbabwe at 34, and the panellists were Dr Sipepa Nkomo, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, Dr Ibbo Mandaza, Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu and the moderator was Mr Dumisani Nkomo.

It was confirmed to me that tribalism was actually created by Zanu-PF in 1963 when it broke away from ZAPU and that is what caused tension it the Country to this day that party is violent and remains as such to this day. Before then the Nationalists politicians who included Dr Joshua Nkomo had successfully mobilised the whole Nation regardless of tribe or where you come from.

Dr Nkomo wanted Zimbabweans to co-exist as brothers and sisters but he was betrayed by Zanu-PF which broke away from ZAPU based on tribal lines they betrayed this nation.

I believe as leaders we need to be realistic about tribalism and honest let’s face it and deal with it. I would like to appreciate the men of GOD who have taken it upon themselves to find a solution over this issue the Roman Catholic Church have done their best so far and we have even witnessed some of their leadership being persecuted the likes of Arch Bishop Pious Ncube and Father Marko Mnkandla of Lupane.

Other Pastors are Pastor Mabhena, Pastor Mosti to mention but a few who have dared talk about this issue. I was impressed last week at Eagle Life Assembly in Bulawayo seeing the man of GOD Prophet Blessing Chiza raising the issue in Church and asking the people of Mashonaland to kneel down and ask for forgiveness to the people of Mathebeleland over gukurahundi on behalf of their fathers which they did.

According to him he said GOD is worried about this issue the devil have taken advantage of the situation to capture people and there is a lot of hatred among these two tribes he said we need to pray. But the sad reality is that this issue cannot be wished away just like that at the moment Zanu-PF has refused to denounce their 1979 GRAND PLAN, refused to apologise to the people of Mathebeleland over gukurahundi, they refuse to ask for forgiveness, they continue in their path of dis-empowering the people of Mathebeleland and they refuse to implement devolution of power.

They have succeeded in pushing us out of Government, parastatals and even in our land here in Mthwakazi nepotism and tribalism is official in the Zanu-PF led Government of Zimbabwe. At least according to Dr Ibbo Mandaza in 1980 both Zanu-PF and ZAPU where represented in Government but within two years the people of Mathebeleland were no longer in Government they had been pushed out, Dr Ibbo Mandaza believes that Zimbabwe is in shambles. He said this part of the country which is Mthwakazi represents a classic example of many instances of government’s failures of our expectations as a Nation.

The national values that have motivated people to participate in the armed struggle soon vanished. The Nationalism that was being advocated for by ZAPU soon disappeared. Dr Ibbo Mandaza questions why are we afraid of looking back at our past? Let’s go back to 1963 that’s where we lost the plot. He believes that ZAPU and Zanu-PF should have made compromises for the good of the Country which clearly ZAPU was willing to do but Zanu-PF remained stuck to its grand plan which have now breed a violent nation, even the violence currently haunting MDC-T can be traced back to Zanu-PF.

Look at how many people have dead in this country because of tribalism its not a laughing matter? Dr Dabengwa said what is happening now is not what they fought for. Zimbabwe is deteriorating it is in the verge of collapse if nothing is done. Dr Sipepa said he refused to join Zanu-PF he never joined Zanu-PF because it is violent and he hates violence I regardless of who did it he said every Zimbabwean must condemn it. Even yesterday it was clear that Zanu-PF’s intolerance have not stopped I was shocked to hear some misguided youths saying Dr Dabengwa was speaking nonsense. Zanu-PF members made people to be uncomfortable in yesterday’s meeting.

Their behaviour was unbearable they shouted at panelists the most surprising issue was that even the party elders well above 60years of age were in the fore front of abusing non Zanu-PF people in the meeting they shouted forcing people to seat down even Dr Sikhanyiso didn’t call them to order as their leader some people had to woke out in protest. They undermined everyone who is not Zanu-PF and I have noticed that all the noise makers representing Zanu-PF in Mathebeleland are not from here. It is not in our culture to disrespect our elders, shout or to make such noise.

Last week the same Zanu-PF members forced former Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo Alderman Mpofu to walk out of such a meeting in protest after he was insulted. And this is happening only a few days before independence which we are supposed to celebrate as a united Nation. Tribalism is now everywhere in cabinet, parliament, government, party structures and even in marriages how do you avoid it?

The level of intolerance in Zanu-PF is shocking, but surprisingly it seems they don’t have an idea on how to deal with these issues, Dr C Ndlovu the Zanu-PF Bulawayo Chairperson is said to have reviled that tribalism has taken its toll on Zanu-PF he said Zanu-PF members are divided on tribal lines. Coincidentally all three Zanu-PF candidates vying for Chairmanship in the Bulawayo central district are all from outside Mathebeleland, where is the 50/50 agreed upon by ZAPU AND Zanu-PF in 1897 unity accord that they will built their party structures from branch to National using?

Mathebeleland people are being pushed out even within Zanu-PF in the near future we are likely to see people from Matshonaland taking over Zanu-PF Bulawayo structures we are getting there soon. What is a fact is that the people of Mathebeleland are still angry over gukurahundi even those in Zanu-PF.

It is further worsened by the fact that Zanu-pf refuse to apologise. If you think they [Mthwakazian people in Zanu-PF] have forgiven and forgotten ask yourself why are their children not in Zanu-PF, government or parastatals why? Their children are out of the Country they are dis encouraged by their parents to join because it’s dirty in that party and they know it hence they want to protect their children. They know that arrangement is not permanent. Zanu-PF copied smith’s systems Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu said the first 10 years was difficult for Zanu-PF because the courts were still in the hands of whites, is this not what Zanu-pf is doing to Mathebeleland?

Lastly I believe that DEVOLUTION OF POWER is biblical and it is the best system of governance otherwise GOD wouldn’t have given Israelites their land according to their tribes which were divided into 12 simply because these are the children of one person Abraham He should have put them together. I believe it was in order to avoid violence among them? The people of Mathebeleland cannot forgive you without you asking for forgiveness how do you ask forgive when you are not asked to? The perpetrators must ask for forgiveness so that the victims will forgive.

Zanu-PF’s GRAND PLAN have been passed over to the next generation their children are pursuing it today Kasukuwere has been fingered in tribalism today but he wasn’t there when the GRAND PLAN was crafted he inherited that, even the young people in that party also inherited violence from Zanu-PF which is why we now believe the problem is beyond repair hence we must be separated to avoid any further humiliation of people of Mathebeleland by Zanu-PF which represents the interest of people from Mashonaland.

One way or the other all Mashonaland people have benefited from Zanu-PF through favouritism, nepotism, tribalism and party affiliation they always get first preferences sometimes they they get what they don’t deserve even jobs they are not qualified to do. Mthwakazian people have resorted to leaving this country in search of greener pastures because they are not given an opportunity in their own country Zimbabwe.
Mbonisi Gumbo is Mthwakazi Republic Party’s secretary for information and publicity writing in his personal capacity.


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43 comments on “Tribalism is real in #Zimbabwe
  1. thembani says:

    Very good article. Mention devolution as a way of promoting accountability and good governance,some idiots just shoot the idea as they ignorantly believe that it entails splitting the country.Devolution allows people in different provinces to monitor their development as part of Zimbabwe and not giving Ndebele’s self rule. All provinces should take charge of their resources.Remember in Rhodesia provinces were in charge of their power supplies hence no power shortages.Water supplies were decided by provinces not ZINWA.Provincial goventments will end this ZANU tribalistic sht.

  2. Qiniso says:

    Ngiyakusekela mfokaGumbo. Tribalism is the order of day in Zimbo. People from Mashonaland always vote for their own period.Is Devolution is the answer…thats open to debate. We the people of Matebeland should start using our votes wisely. We should start voting for our own as well.

  3. munyaradzi says:

    Mtwhwakazi! I used to think kuti yu somehow have links with South Africans. Now that I live in South Africa I have seen that you Ndebeles have no links whatsoever. The Sourh Africans hate Ndebeles from Zimbabwe. The Ndebele from Zimbabwe are in SouthAfrica to steal and rape! Go back to Matebeleland! Idiots! Stupid Ndebeles think Zimbabwe is for them. You terrorised and killed our forefathers and now is our time to retaliate! Muchatuta chete. Zvimbwasungata. Tribalism did not start in 1963. It started when Ndebeles came ino zimbabwe in the 19th century when Mzilikazi was looting the belongings of the Shona and calling them ‘Masvina’. Now is our time. We will push Ndebeles to the edge. Kunotsva mishini! Hendei nayo ngoma! Ndimi makaitanga!

    • Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

      So far you believe this is an intelligent contribution by you to this debate, I guess neeeh?

      I am not surprised why you ran away from you so-called beloved Zimbabwe. Come to think of it, you are Shona and Mugabe is Shona, but you ran away from him to live under Zuma, a Zulu from whence King Mzilikazi came?

      Strange things happening here!!

    • NBS says:

      Munyaradzi such bitterness and hatred will only destroy as ZPF have already proven. Since time began tribe has conquered tribe: a legacy left over from mans fall from grace and rebellion against God. Every tribe of every colour of every continent has been conquered or set out to conquer. Your heart must be heavy with such hatred. let it go. What future do you want to see for your grandchildren? This is not only for you but for all of us.

  4. Tjingababili says:


  5. Mixed Race says:

    @Munyaradzi-I really do not understand your limited tribal thinking.How can you kick Ndebeles from Mat when you are a squatter in S Africa like the rest of Zimbabweans there waiting for deportation?Why should Ndebeles be treated differently from the Shonas in S Africa when both tribes are not indigenous there?This shows how ignorant you are.
    You really lack common sense and wisdom due to your deep rooted hatred for another tribe.The dark ages of our history will not improve your refugee status or border crossing to S Africa,so come back home and utter those stupid words in the street of Byo,then you will be educated for the rest of your life.On second thought we do not need failures like you back home stay there doing your car-hijackings until they shoot you dead then they can bring your dirty body back.

  6. Challenge Ndlovu says:

    This is a very malicious article written by a silly, confused tribalist. The author is even contradicting himself when he says ndebeles are being discouraged to join filthy parastatals by their parents and go to SA but you go on to say the same children are denied job opportunities by Shonas. This Mthwakazi organisation is doing nothing but fanning tribalism.

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      It might seem malicious but some issues raised a genuine. People like Munyaradzi do not make it any better. Gukurahundi ,with Bob in power will never be looked into. We need to kick these pillagers out and then all these issues ,devolution and gukura hundi compensation should be visited and official apologies issued.
      The big myth is that every Shona is benefiting, Zanu only gives to those that help keep Mugebe as king. Whites, Ndebele, Shangaans, Shonas, you all know them and he looks after them.. The fact that the Ndebele and the Shagaans were more resistant to Zanu control made them bore the brunt of the party’s brutality, and we all know this.
      My fore fathers were born in a polygamous marriage, there were always fights within the family. Uncles not talking to each other for years.
      I decided ,as the new generation first born.,to call all my cousins and let bygones be bygones . We could not get involved in our father’s wars, since we new nothing about them. We needed to start afresh and go forward as a family.
      So forget about all these Mzilikazi wars and lets star anew and go forward and get rid of Zanu..

    • Benjamin Hingis says:

      Tribalism is an IDEA which erupts when allowed to brew and mature. If we do not forgive and learn to live our lives, It becomes a vicious cycle and will continue to affect us However, time and will power can only help us heal. I have noted two concerns i) Shona people only talk about the troubles they went through under Mzilikazi and the like ii) Ndebele people talk about Ghukurahundi. I feel that the past 19th century experiences arent any issue, but the recent Hundi is still fresh in the hearts of many. But I urge people not to indoctrinate their children about their personal hatred and bitterness. It will only affect and limit them. Rather, lets teach love and oneness. It is funny how my son plays with other children of different races and tribes and never realizes that he is different. Stay bitter and remain poor forever.

    • Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

      Challenge Ndlovu
      What is a tribalist?

  7. Madlanduna says:

    Don’t worry guys let them push us maybe we can come to our senses, solely Kakhulu ,but the truth is we came to SA to work for our families not that we were pushed by anyone , coming to Munyaradzi ,look man you can be easily wiped out here SA coz of you can be easily identified, no respect as well ungathi alisalwanga lazingelwa ikakhulu Lina intsha.

  8. Rwendo says:

    There is a group in Eastern Ukraine on the brink of war; they feel they are Russian and want to become a part of Russia. The breakup of Yugoslavia can be seen as a form of modern day tribalism. These ethnic identifications and grievances are global. Ask the Welsh who at one time had their language banned by the English.
    Attributing whatever tribalism that is part of our own country to ZANU’s formation does not help us in understanding ethnic diversity so as to harness it to enrich our young nation, rather than to let it divide us or fall prey to any dangerous or divisive politicians. Plus, people like Enos Nkala, amongst others, would have a different explanation as to why the group that fomented for a breakaway from Nkomo’s leadership did so. And they set up a party whose first president was a non-Shona; Ndabaningi Sithole.

    • Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

      You sound like a well informed somebody. The problem in Zim is that we are unable to engage without insults.

      We are unable to formulate permanent solutions to our problems without reading evil intentions or agendas on the part of our opponents.

      Labelling our opponents is a pasttime we excel in, in Zim.

      Its like, if you oppose me “you are a sell out”; “you are a puppet of the west”; “you are a racist”; “you are atribalist or regionalist”; “you want to split the country” etc, etc – so the story goes.

      As you can see in all these accusations – none of them talk to the issues that are the point of departure. And this is from the self-proclaimed “most educated nation in Africa” – what a sad end of a once promising country

    • Don Cox says:

      You are right. Tribalism is a problem everywhere.

      Scotland gives some hope. It used to be fiercely tribal (the tribes were known as clans). But as development progressed, the tribal wars gradually ceased and people settled down to get along together.

      An important part of the process is the movement from the countryside into the cities, where everyone is mixed together.

  9. zimbabwean says:

    @Munyaradzi – I agree with you my good sir. Ndebeles are the pioneers of violent tribalism. Now that they are getting a half teaspoon of their medication, they start screaming and wailing like a child recieving an immunisation injection. You killed our forefathers and stole our cattle and raped our foremothers and today you expect to be treated like royalty in a country that does not belong to you. The majority if not all Ndebeles are a bunch of fools hence they are stateless. Yes its a fact you are stateless because in South African they dont want you there and here in Zimbabwe we also dont want you. Go and start your Mthwakazi madness some where else. Maybe you can ask Botswana to give you a piece of their desert to start your crazy imaginery country there. Please all Ndebeles be warned not to advocate for that crazy Mthwakazi nonsense because we will wipe you all in no time. Yes we will definately wipe you out without a second thought.

    • Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

      I feel pity for you really. Like many of your kind, you are heavily obsessed with everything “Ndebele” and everything “South African”; you have lost all sense of self-worth and pride due to this abiding deep seated inferiority complex.

      Who are those “WE” that you are talking on behalf of? I mean you are all scattered all over the world like sheep without a shepard – what really can you do, in these pitiful circumstances really?

      If you were not in these dire economic situations as refugees fleeing Shona rule in Zim, I would actually take you seriously.

      Unfortunately, you have become a global embarassment, a laughing stock – hence I pity you.

      Not surprisingly, having been brought up in typical ZANU PF tribal upbringing; your contribution is just typical ZANU PF Gukurahundi talk – no sense, no substance and no solution. Its just verbal tantrums; full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

      You are clouded with gukurahundi ZANU PF history and extreme hatred – nobody is stateless here. How can Mthwakazi people be stateless when they travel on Zim passports, and have Zim birth certificates?

      Besides, who are these Ndebeles you are referring to? Jonathan Moyo is a Mthwakazi, a Ndebele, but is a Moyo – are you also referring to him?

      Which history did you study that taught you that Moyos came from South Africa with King Mzilikazi?

      What does the word “Moyo” mean in Zulu? There is no such a word in Zulu or any of South Africa’s languages. Moyo is Karanga which is Nhliziyo in Zulu/Ndebele.

      The writer of this article is Mbonisi Gumbo; where in this world have you seen a Gumbo from South Africa? This guy is a Mthwakazi, period and you better learn to live with this reality for the sake of you blood pressure.

      Clearly, you can see that your hatred of these so-called Ndebele is self-hatred on your part.

      Some of you people will one day end up killing your mothers I tell you – seeing that many of you are born of Mthwakazi mothers. Your tribal hatred knows no limits and lacks intelligence!!

    • Roxanne says:

      @ Zimbabwean, you are clearly a pioneer of hatred, There were no Shonas in Matebeleland when Mzilikazi came here. Clearly Shonas are insecure and jealous and hence harbour a lot of anger and hatred for Ndebeles. I mean what can you say, you guys eat rats and you were led by medium spirits and hence critical thinking is not your forte. Hence the country is in shambles, you are the thieves and the rapists.

  10. Petal says:

    It has been the order of the day since zimbabwe took independence and bob thinks his tribe is superior and because of him they have developed the mentality that they are superior because of him

  11. Petal says:

    Hence the words ZIMBABWE IS MINE !

    • chirasha says:

      In christ there is no jew gentile ,slave no ndebele no shona all we are one .To those who are born again truely in the new world to come there is no tribalism.its so pathetic to see people in the world where we are waiting for the soon coming of Jesus christ talks about trbalism its really a shame

  12. Petal says:


  13. mascara says:

    People in Zimbabwe are fools in their generality.They go about all over the world washing this dirty linen of tribalism.We want to believe this nonsense of being educated when we cannot see beyond our linguistic and cultural differences.In S.A.,in Britain,in America;everywhere-these ignorant fools go about flaunting this idiocy like a badge of honor.But the poor ,benighted,fools are daily ‘raped’ by ZANU pf in equal measure.Who is better than who here in this general poverty of Zimbabwe?Some fools will secretly tolerate genocide,corruption and incompentence as long as the perpetrator is a homeboy/homegirl.

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      Thanks Mascara, could not have said any better. I have travelled all over the world , I have found acceptance in many different societies. I have also been discriminated against by both blacks and whites. So I have felt the pain . I hate any form of tribalism , racism, homophobism and zenophobism. If you can label any of these isms evil, then don’t be part of it.

    • NBS says:

      We tear each other to pieces whilst ZPF rub their dirty hands in glee. How stupid are we?

  14. lsc says:

    Fight for equal opportunities and rights not tribal rights!

  15. Tribalism is just used by political leaders to further their own interests. If the Ndebele are Nguni people, I just wonder how many they are in Zimbabwe. It seems those who want to be vocal about this Mthwakazi thing are not even Ndebele. Why is it that the Moyos, Mpofus, Dubes, Nyathis, Sibandas, Nyonis, among others including the Nambya, Tonga and others want to pretend to be Ndebele? And when did the Ndebele and Whites come to Zimbabwe? And why is the country known by that name? What is the meaning of ‘Z” in ZAPU, for example? Tribalism is just Balkanization of people to drive the selfish agendas of the political elites so people must refuse to be used?

    • Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

      You will have to accept that the name “Mthwakazi” is a historic name for our people as declared by King Mzilikazi. There is nothing new about this. What is new is that you did not know about this name until you heard about it for the first time from those seeking secession.

      This is the crux of the problem in Zim – Shonas know very little about Mthwakazi people, their languages and cultures. Much of what you know about us is ZANU PF’s divided and rule-inspired – hence the ignorance and tribal hatred.

      The same levels of ignorance about each other exists between Whites and blacks. Whites know very little about black people, Africans in particular and whatever they know is negative and racist-inspired – hence the racial hatred between blacks and whites.

      Why are you people so obsessed about who came from where and when? How does that help your case? How does that help build a nation? How does that help develop Zimbabwe?

  16. I have heard it all from Munyaradzi and the man who uses the name Zimbabwean. You two are fools of no consequence. To utter the words that you have just goes to show you what fools you are. What makes you think idiots like you two can even be successful in your idiotic dreams. Dream on.Apologies to all right minded people from the other tribe BUT MUNYARADZI, THE MANDEBELES CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. AS MY BROTHER RACE SAID COME TO BULAWAYO AND UTTER THOSE WORDS AND YOU SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU…..SEE WHAT YOU DONE IDIOT…

  17. Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

    In my own view, Shona people are not inherently tribalistic. Their problem is that, most of them can not tell the difference between those politicians who are genuinely fighting for their interests as citizens and those who are merely taking advantage of their majority numbers and in the process abusing them and their tribal sensitivies to settle political scores against their formidable political opponents from Mthwakazi, such as Dr Joshua Nkomo, Justice Sansole, Dumiso Dabengwa and now Professor Welshman Ncube.

    This is a long tried and tested tactic that has for nearly 50 years been used successfully by ZANU PF. MDC-T has also jumped on the bandwagon and have used the same tactic successfully against Professor Welshman Ncube.

    Ask yourself why it is that in Zim politics; the issue of tribalism or regionalism is only raised when the political opponent is from Mthwakazi, but never against any other opponent from Masvingo or Manicaland? Why is that? Are we saying tribalism is the pre-occupation of people from Mathebeleland only? Are we saying there is no tribalism among the different Shona tribes? Any right thinking person who comes from Zim knows pretty well this is simply not true.

    There is lots of tribalism among the Shona people and this is what led to the death of Chitepo in ZANU.

    It is also partly the reason why Sithole was booted out. It is also the reason why ZANU PF has a sucession problem today – no amount of hide and seek by our fellow Shona compatriots can bury this fact.

    Its just that unity among the Shona tribes seems to be premised on their common hatred of the people of Matebeleland – this is why Shona politicians always resort to using tribalism/regionalism accusations when faced with politicians from Mthwakazi.

    This is a very dangerous premise that can is not long lasting as sweeps issues under the carpet and pretends everything is just fine among the Shona, which is obviously a lie.

    As some one once remarked – as a Shona politician, if you want to rally Shona voters behind you and defeat a Ndebele politician in Zimbabwe – just shout “Mundevere!!”. It doesn’t matter the issues or what you stand for – the Ndebele politician will never win against you.

    Its the same “Swaart Gevaar” (Black danger) tactics used by Afriakanner politicians to win white support against black rule or the issue of “Communists” that was used by Ian Smith to win white support against black rule. The tactic might work for the politicians, but it ruins a nation.

    On another note Mr Mbonisi Gumbo – I concentrated mainly on the issues you raised; but as a fellow Zim, it would have been better if you had subjected your article to editing by others before publication. I am gravely worried about the standards of education in Zim today – I really dont know where as a nation we are heading to.

  18. This is just an example of what happens when you get people with half a brains commenting on subjects like this. But then again where does this come from? Where does a person with a half brain learn to hate for something that he does not even understand. What went on in Africa was not unique to Zimbabwe. Does Munyaradzi think that when the Shona people migrated from up north they used passports and applied for citizenship when they arrived in southern Africa? Does he know why they even left where they were. Linguistic connections have a clear suggestion exactly where the early ones came from. Africas stronger tribes were at that time almost nomadic and spread their power by fighting and defeating other weaker tribes. This was not unique in Africa. The same went on in Europe and all over the world. There is clear evidence that those that call themselves English are of Germanic origin and were not Natives of England. Technological advances can now pinpoint that DNA signatures of some of the so called white people have traces of some hot and tot tribes in Africa. This is the time for civilization and people like Munyaradzi should be locked up and re educated on the meaning of civilization.

  19. Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

    Whilst I hate this talk of “you came from this place or that place,”

    I find it strange that some people talk as if they just dropped from the heavens above and found themselves settled in this so-called Zimbabwe.

    I wonder whether Americans, with their highly successful economy ever think along these lines; seeing that theirs is a nation of immigrants?

    Unless these ZANU PF inspired beliefs end, Zimbabwe will never know peace, racial and tribal harmony.

    Before ZANU broke away from ZAPU in 1963, there was never such talk in Rhodesia.

    For may Shonas, now that they have turned their backs on ZANU PF and are fighting them – they should also try to outgrow their ZANU PF influenced or inspired up-bringing and beliefs.

    There is no purpose of removing ZANU PF/Mugabe from power whilst you continue to relentlessly hold onto their beliefs, value systems, political language and attitudes towards fellow citizens.

    You are wasting time – nothing will change!

  20. madlinduna says:

    The people of Matebeleland should keep the momentum going against the issue of economic,education and employment segregation in that part of the country.It is there and real.I once had to take a job as a security guard under Securitas in Vic-Falls and had the opportunity to be posted in all major hotels there(name them)Elephant Hills,Makasa Sun and Falls Hotel.75%of the staff from top to the kitchen were not only recruited as Shona living local and forcing a bit of Tonga or Ndebele but new arrivals imported out of the province only knowing the words(ANDINDZWI)when confronted by locals.Are those facts tribal to mention you denialists?

  21. scar face says:

    Some walking dead among us want to read history very selectively.Like this belief that Shonas are the only truly indigenous people of Zimbabwe.That is a comforting fallacy to those purveyors of tribalism who will point an accusing finger at the whole world excerpt themselves.The original inhabitants of this land misnamed Zimbabwe were exterminated by marauding hordes coming from the congo basin.The original or earliest people are the san and tongas.Those claiming Zim ownership have their DNA somewhere in the thick forests of the DRC.Any way,our ancestors lived a life of hunter gathering and subjugating the militarily weak in a struggle of the survival of the fittest.No single tribe that survives to this day does not have blood on it’s hands because of this fact.If then we decide to condone current genocidal tendencies on the excuse of past ‘wrongs’, then blood will continue to flow here and elsewhere in AFRICA.

  22. Rwendo says:

    Clearly there indignant,self-righteous people on either side of this divide.

    It is up to those in the middle to help educate those near them, as we continue to build our nation.

    Politicians do not create tribalism, they merely take advantage of it (usually when their political party is waning) by stoking the fires.

  23. Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

    Is it possible for most Shona people to outgrow ZANU PF thinking?

    Most of them hate ZANU PF, but think like ZANU PF when it comes to issues of national cohesion, mara why?

  24. Roving Ambassador says:

    Some people do not realise how serious the Gukurahundi issue is. I can only hope these green bomber camps have not brainwashed a whole generation of Zimbo youth. I am more worried about the born free brigade. We realy need to keep on debating issues of tribalism and racism to bring more awareness to the likes of Munyaradzi, he should live up to his name’s sake.
    Lets wake and unite and realise we have one common enemy and thats Zanu.

  25. Mixed Race says:

    Those who think they can wipe the Ndebele tribe are in a dream land, misguided by their eighties failed exercise.Check what happened after the genocide in Rwanda,who is in power there now!!Why waste energies talking about silly hatred issues caused by sons and daughters of those who created hate groups so that they can remain in control.The good thing is that my best friends are Shonas and I help them on many technical problems as my own family and they help me on other issues.
    Let me warn people of low intelligence like Zimbabwean and Munyaradzi that the minority tribe is more united now than in the eighties so it would be impossible to walk over them today,however we a peaceful people who like dialogue but never take this as weakness.We suffered under the Gukurahundi for more than 2 years in silence and total dignity but you failed to with stand the short period of Murambatswina which lasted only 2 months.Who has real resistance to hardship?
    It is a pity that these misguided and naive youngsters with no useful jobs have been brainwashed through legalized institutions to have this unnecessary hatred which is destroying them internally and mentally.

  26. I said in earlier contributions that I will never ever subscribe to tribalism of any kind because I have Nephews and nieces that are Shona. I am of the Bhe Bhe Nkiwane clan. My relatives are from the Choto clan from the Murewa area. Those that think that they can make the Ndebele people guilty of any past happenings have another thought coming. During previous unrests in the region we protected our shona neighbors from misguided elements. During the Matabeland Massacres a lot of Shona Engine man on the the Dete route ferried stranded women and children to safety that they found wondering in the game park at great risk to themselves. I saw it. I was there. To me these are the hero’s. Zimbabwean and Munyaradzi you shall fail simply because you are misguided fools.

  27. kelly says:

    Hey kuyinkinga nempela ukuncokola nento anamathumbu aluhlaza kwatsho logogo wami

  28. Buchman-Turner-Overdrive says:

    This name of the country “ZIMBABWE” is one of the main causes of the tribal arrogance of the Shonas.

    This name has to be changed and the people of Zimbabwe need to fight to change it to a more inclusive name.

    I would rather we go back to the name RHODESIA, than sticking it out with tgis tribalistic name.

    I just dont know what had become of the old nationalists, that they agreed to such a tribalistically, one-sided name for our country.

    It is what gives the Shona people so much tibalistic arrogance!!

  29. Straight Shooter says:

    Many so-called Shonas are of Malawian, Zambian and Mozambican ancestry. But they hide this because of they think its embarassing. They always highlight the Ndebele connection to South Africa, because they feel inferior to South Africans!!

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