Convert Your Lifeless Videos/Photos Into Lively Dramatic Masterpieces Using CapCut Online Editor

For an ordinary person, it is way too difficult to convert photos to impressive transformations due to a lack of in-depth content editing knowledge and skills. However, everyone wants to convert their photos and videos into more lively, dramatic, and inspiring masterpieces without spending so much time and effort. The CapCut online editor brings the easiest solution for all people to make such impressively amazing masterpieces with its mindblowing features, functions, and tools. 

By using this incredible editor online, you can transform your videos and photos like never before without even having any professional video or photo editing skills. You must be curious to find out how it is possible or how you can do it. Be patient and let’s read this article to learn about it and start using this editing for a life-changing experience. 

Convert Lifeless Videos to Lively Ones

For all those who are full of curiosity about how they can come up with master-level transformations without having any skills or knowledge about creating them, here is the answer. The CapCut online video editor does all this magic to your videos without requiring you to apply any skills or knowledge. It comes with a great number of AI tools and functions that don’t need you to apply anything step by step to your videos. Instead, the editor’s AI algorithms and machine learning technology create instant transformations with greater perfection and preciseness. 

The editor’s one-click transparent background maker or background generator brings the revolution in the photo/video industry. Without being present at a place, you can use this editor to make your photos or videos in that place. This editor allows you to remove your photo’s background and set any other in its place. 

Similarly, this online photo editor also helps in fixing the dull and poor visuals of a video by color optimizing it. The AI feature helps revive and insert the true colors in your videos without worrying about how to do it manually. Instead, the editor’s algorithms will do everything themselves with just your single click. 

If recording a video, if you feel as if it is shaky or distorted due to recording without the right focus or while moving, you can use CapCut’s video stabilization tool to stabilize your video in seconds. Moreover, there are also options to create manual or AI-based instant subtitles for your videos or transcribe them via video to text feature. Hence, converting your lifeless videos to lively ones becomes the most enjoyable, stress-free, and mind-blowingly easier. 

Convert Dull Photos to the Ones That Stand Out Loud

Along with working on your videos, let’s also make some incredible edits to your photos by using the editor’s different tools such as AI image upscaler, image style transfer, or old photo restoration. 

Here, you can also generate and apply the right and most suitable color palettes to uplift the visuals of your photos by using the editor’s color optimization tool. In addition, there are also a great number of templates that you can choose to make more interactive photos with the prebuilt templates. Hence, it eliminates the need to spend time designing the template of your choice. Instead, you can choose the prebuilt beautiful template yourself through the editor’s great variety of templates. 

Moreover, there are further options to convert dull photos to ones that stand out loud by adding more spark to them with the editor’s tools. You can also add beautiful filters and text effects aligned with applying cute photo frames and inserting different shapes or other elements into your photos.  

How to Use Online Photo Editor By CapCut?

Using an online photo editor by CapCut requires you to follow these simplest steps. 

  • Step 1: Free Sign up 

Open a new tab in your browser and type Then, click on the signup for a free button that you will see on the editor’s main page when it loads on your screen. Upon clicking on the signup button, you will be able to create a free account within seconds without paying any fee or subscription charges. 

  • Step 2: Upload A Photo

After signing it to the CapCut online editor, browse through the tools section to click and open the online photo editor on your device. Then, use your Google Drive or Dropbox to import any photo to the editor. 

  • Step 3: Transform It

Transform your photo now with various tools such as color optimization, background remover, background change, low-light enhancement, etc. 

  • Step 4: Save

Finally, save your photo to your device by using the export button. 


To add more spark and life to your dull and lifeless content, there is no better way than to use the CapCut online editor. It is not just free of cost but also comes with AI tools that guarantee perfection and precision in results. In addition, you can also download your transformations without worrying about having any watermarks on them as it generates watermark-free results.