Economic woes driving women from politics: WAG 

Source: Economic woes driving women from politics: WAG –Newsday Zimbabwe

WAG executive director Edinah Masiyiwa

WOMEN Action Group (WAG) says economic challenges and cyberbullying are deterring women from actively participating in political and electoral processes.

Speaking during WAG’s 40th anniversary celebration in Harare yesterday, WAG executive director Edinah Masiyiwa, said there were still many challenges militating against women’s full enjoyment of their rights.

“The prevailing economic situation does not make it any better. Women are struggling to put food on the table rather than asserting themselves in decision-making spaces,” said Masiyiwa.

“We have an increase in adolescent pregnancies. Other challenges being experienced are: high levels of unemployment and low wages. We note with concern the decline of women participating in politics.”

Masiyiwa also said cyberbullying presented challenges to women interested in politics.

“The period between 2013 and 2023 has presented the fast growing use of technology which has led to the emerging forms of online violence. WAG has embraced technology, and has been using technology to raise awareness on gender-based violence and sexual, reproductive health rights,” she added.

A United Nations report last year said participation of women in positions of power and decision-making had remained below par.

The report said women constituted 21% of the world’s ministers, 26% of national parliamentarians and 34% of local government seats, suggesting that equal representation in Parliament will not be achieved before 2062.