Govt mulls engaging new driver’s licence issuer 

Source: Govt mulls engaging new driver’s licence issuer – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 6, 2018

Government is considering stopping the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) from issuing drivers’ licences and create a separate department to play that role as part of measures to combat corruption.

BY Jairos Saunyama

Speaking during the fifth edition of the Road Safety Journalistic Awards on Friday in Harare, Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Joram Gumbo said the rot at VID could not be left to go on.

“My ministry will not hesitate to descend heavily on culprits implicated in soliciting for bribes and giving bribes in order to obtain a licences to drive a motor vehicle in Zimbabwe. Such corruption must be condemned in the strongest of terms. The problem is at VID and I am against what is happening there. We need to come up with a new department that issues out driver’s licences, there is need for competition and this will bring order at VID, that way we can win,” Gumbo said.

Recently, Gumbo lashed out at VID officials and vowed to fire them over corruption.

He said VID would soon lose relevance if corruption persists.

“We can take offence and deep exception to corruption and incompetence accusations, levelled against some of our departments such as VID, but this will not change public perception. We need to prove them wrong through our actions, commitment and dedication. VID must be warned that if they continue with their corrupt practices they risk being irrelevant in the new dispensation,” he added.

About 94% of road accidents in the country are a result of human error. In 2017, the country recorded a 10% increase in road accident deaths.


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    lemco-du 6 years ago

    the creation of a separate competant department to issue drivers licence is noble idea Dr Gumbo…act fast. competition will make these guys at VID wake up and end the rot.