Hopewell Chin’ono Court Update

Today Hopewell Chin’ono appeared for his routine remand at the Harare Magistres court after the High Court dismissed his bail application yesterday

Source: Hopewell Chin’ono Court Update – The Zimbabwean

Hopewell Chin’ono

Beatrice Mtetwa submits to the court that she was now applying bail for Chin’ono on changed circumstances

The first circumstance is that the State opposed his bail citing that if released he would interfere with evidence on his gadgets forfeited by the investigating officers of the case.They had asked for a 14 day period to allow forensic experts to analyse the gadgets hence that period had lapsed and Chin’ono must be granted bail

The second circumstance is that July 31 had come and gone and Chin’ono must be granted bail

Mtetwa argues that Chin’ono was now suitable for bail as the State’s fears that if released before July 31, Chin’ono would have continued inciting the public to demonstrate.The much feared day went by while her client was detained and there were scenes of violence at all.

The third circumstance is that denying Chin’ono bail would expose him to the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic as the prisons authorities were not complying with the Covid-19 regulations to prevent risks to infection

Mtetwa asks the State to allow Chin’ono to lead evidence on the current state at remand prison concerning the risks of Covid-19

The State prosecutor concedes but demands that Mtetwa must first make an application which she would need time to go through and respond.

State proposes to have the response ready by Wednesday 12 August since Monday and Tuesday will be public holidays

Magistrate Ngoni Nduna refuses Chin’ono the chance to lead the evidence and postpones the matter to Wednesday 12 August

The hearing ends and parties leave the court room.

Mtetwa briefs the media outside Harare Magistrates court and is bitter on why the magistrate refused Chin’ono to lead the evidence on conditions he is exposed to at remand prison yet the State prosecutor had consented to it.

Mtetwa says the prisons officials denied Chin’ono to wear his Covid-19 protective goggles on the grounds that they could be fitted with surveillance cameras which is a security threat to the authority.


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    Kalulu 2 years ago

    It is not surprising that Howell’s bail case is unnecessarily delayed by the Magistrate. It only shows that the Courts are no longer independent. The magistrate is buying time to get instructions from the powers that be on how to proceed with Hopewell’s bail situation over the long weekend.  A political decision will be drafted for the magistrate during the time lapse and be handed to the magistrate to announce as his judgement.

    It is interesting to note that that cases pertaining to MDC Alliance and other political activists challenging the status quo are usually handed over to Judge Chitapi and not to Judges who are known to be impartial, is this a coincidence?

    It is on record that Judge Chitapi was given given a farm which was illegally taken from rightful owners as stated by the SADC Tribunal Court whose judgement is being ignored by the the regime and as a Judge, Justice Chitapi should have known better that it was illegal for him to accept such an offer which has now turned out to be a bribe, this could be the reason why Chitapi is always given to preside over cases which the regime has an interest in.

    It is on record that Judge Chitapi was given a Farm Mechanisation loan which he has not bothered to pay back and there is no indication that he is going to do so but as a High Court Judge, he should not be involved in such illegal deals as this now brings to light why he always issues controversial judgements in favour of the state and against political activists.  

    It  now appears that Justice Chitapi is compromised and one can almost predict the outcomes of the cases that he presides on especially for political activists who are opposed to his masters.