Ignore alarmists, support new currency: Dr Muswere

Source: Ignore alarmists, support new currency: Dr Muswere | Sunday Mail

Sunday Mail Reporter

ZIMBABWEANS should ignore negative comments being made in some quarters, especially on social media, about the country’s recently introduced new currency – the Zimbabwe Gold  (ZiG) – but focus on the benefits from the gold-backed unit.

This was said by Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere while addressing a media workshop organised by the National Aids Council (NAC) in Kadoma last week.

He said President Mnangagwa made the unprecedented decision of inviting the media to have the privilege to see the opening of vaults at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in a show of transparency ahead of introduction of the ZiG. “The ZiG is our currency which gives us the freedom and right to self-determination,” he said.

“The President is a transparent and accountable visionary leader. He allowed media houses to be part of the inspection of the vaults at the RBZ to see the gold reserves being used to back our currency. All that was part of confidence-building ahead of the launch of the ZiG.”

He called on Zimbabweans to ignore peddlers of fake news seeking to discredit the new currency.

“We should all ignore the alarmists and prophets of doom,” he continued.

“Yes, the freedom of expression is enshrined in the Constitutional and as the Government we respect that. But we want ethical journalism that is factual and accurate. There are plenty of alarmists and social media terrorists who are blind to see the thousands of infrastructure projects that have been completed by the Second Republic. We have completed roads, the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, the new Parliament building, dams, power stations, houses and courts.”

Journalists, he said, should report factually and avoid sensationalising stories.

“We don’t want that kind of journalism or poor citizen journalism. The country should always come first. Seeking clarity, explanations, and constructive criticism are hallmarks of journalism we desire to see under the New Dispensation. But engaging in criminal social media terrorism is illegal.”

He said the Zimbabwe Media Commission should take the lead in working with media practitioners to develop a code of conduct and ethics for the industry. 0Business has since welcomed introduction of the new currency.

In an interview with our sister paper The Herald on Friday, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) president Mr Mike Kamungeremu said business was optimistic the ZiG will be a success.

“We have attended two breakfast meetings in a space of three days where the Governor (Dr John Mushayavanhu) was present to clarify issues around the Monetary Policy Statement and also the new currency which has just been introduced,” said Mr Kamungeremu.

“In the beginning, some members were sceptical, had a lot of questions, some were afraid, they didn’t know what to do. So, what was most critical was to relay to the Governor and his team the concerns of our members.

“I am happy to say in the end, we have found each other, the members have, to a large extent, accepted the new policy, they have accepted the new ZiG. Even the Governor clarified that for us to move forward as a country, everyone must make a bit of a sacrifice. What is undeniable and agreed among all members is that it is in the interest of everybody that the ZiG must succeed, and we agreed that all of us will give it a chance.”

Business and church leaders have recently been rallying behind the new currency, which they believe has restored stability in prices and the exchange rate.

Since it introduction, the ZiG has been firming in tandem with rising gold prices on the international market.