Mavhaire was a herd boy — Matemadanda

Mavhaire was a herd boy — Matemadanda

Source: Mavhaire was a herd boy — Matemadanda – Sunday News October 21, 2018

Cde Victor Matemadanda

Cde Victor Matemadanda

Walter Mswazie in Masvingo
ZANU-PF Secretary for War Veterans Cde Victor Matemadanda has rubbished MDC Alliance leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa for calling former Zanu-PF Politburo member Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire, a war veteran saying the nomadic politician was a herdboy during the war of liberation.Mr Chamisa described Mr Mavhaire as a distinct war veteran when he welcomed the former National People’s Party chairman and other party officials, who defected to MDC Alliance last month.

Addressing a provincial war veterans meeting at Masvingo Polytechnic on Friday, Cde Matemadanda said it was folly for opposition parties to call all former Zanu-PF members war veterans yet they did not take part in the armed struggle.

“Chamisa needs help from people like Chief Chiwara who has explained that Mavhaire was a herdboy, herding cattle for the Zvobgo family here in Masvingo during the liberation struggle.”

He said it was naïve for Mr Chamisa to call Mr Mavhaire a war veteran when everyone knew that he was not.

“Let it be known to Chamisa that not all former or existing Zanu-PF members are war veterans. This boy seems to live in Utopia as he denies that he lost the Presidential vote in the July 30 harmonised elections but surprisingly accepting that he lost the parliamentary and council vote,” he said.

Cde Matemadanda said Mr Chamisa was power hungry, as he grabbed the leadership of the MDC-T before the party’s late leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s body was even laid to rest.

He said by so doing, Mr Chamisa, made a big mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life, as he did not assume leadership, procedurally or democratically.

Turning to the prevailing economic challenges, Cde Matemadanda said President Mnangagwa’s administration was working tirelessly to address the problems, some still founded on the economic mismanagement by former President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

He said Finance and Economic Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya were doing a sterling job to revitalise the economy.


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    Mixed Race 4 years ago

    In most cases nonentities think they know it all but the opposite is true.The turnaround of any economy requires mature and well focussed implementers who are disciplined in expenditure.It will not happen as long as our bloated civil servants take more than 75% of the government’s revenue.Deal with the bloated civil servants first,then you are likely to get investors and banks coming forward to assist us.
    We are not interested with cheap politics about who leaves which party and who joins which party.We have politically matured not to dwell on these trivial issues.Economy is our TOP PRIORITY now!!!!!!!!

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    Nyoni 4 years ago

    ZanuPF has a very big problem. You wanted a party state from 1980 and you have still achieved this by simple divide and rule methods. The people of Zimbabwe don’t care a hoot about you runs for what even if you want to be King no one cares. All we want is a decent living . You have already broken the laws of Human Rights but you still opt on harping on irrelevant issues . Again I will get off your bums and do the work. What’s hard. Get the thieves get our money back . You run the government and let the business people run their businesses. It all worked before why derail it ? Your agenda leaves a lot to be desired.