MDC Alliance Masvingo Youth Leaders Abducted

MDC Alliance has announced the abduction of two of their members today in Masvingo in the presence of Zimbabwe Republic Police officers.

Source: MDC Alliance Masvingo Youth Leaders Abducted – The Zimbabwean

More details will be shared on the matter although there is clear indication Masvingo Province opposition members are no longer safe.

MDC Alliance said,”#BREAKING Zanu PF youths have kidnapped MDCA youth leaders Arnold Batirai and Admire Kufamba. They were kidnapped 30 mins ago in the presence of the police and army. #MasvingoPoliticalViolence”


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    Kalulu 1 year ago

    Where is the group ‘intelligent lecturers’ from Bindura University who recently challenged the issue of targeted sanctions in Zimbabwe stating that there is no justification for targeted sanctions and that there are no issues of violation of human rights.

    Could they offer their intelligent analytical observation on what happened in Masvingo province when the main opposition leader Chamisa’s convoy was attacked by ZANU PF hooligans.  Could they comment on the reported disappearance of MDC Alliance youths use under the nose of the Police and Army and explain why the free world should not be worried about what is happening in the country.

    One day you will come to your senses when one of your close relatives becomes a victim of the system.

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    Mukanya 1 year ago

    Sanctions whether targeted or not were invited upon Zimbabwe by ZANU PF itself…

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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    These events by this ZanuPF rabble is only hurting our country’s image for any meaningful investment tourism etc . When will ZanuPF ever learn that their actions are not good and gone are the days when irrational behaviour against its own people are things of the past and the world does look and does take action.