Mugabe says he’ll deliver on promises

August 8, 2013 Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter – The Herald

ZANU-PF is going to deliver on promises made to the people during its highly subscribed and successful election campaign, President Mugabe has said.

Addressing the party’s first Politburo meeting after the crunch elections, President Mugabe, who is also the Zanu-PF First Secretary and President, said the promises were genuine.
The revolutionary party promised to improve the welfare of civil servants and create employment based on its indigenisation and empowerment principles.

“With that victory, which is only a continuation of our freedom, our task is to look ahead. What we say we shall do, we will do. Where in the past, I mean the immediate past has tended to be retrogressive during the inclusive Government, we need to raise the standard of living of our people.

“But to do that we have to remain and stand firm . . . and all the time we must take into account our policy of indigenisation and empowerment. We need to look at our sectors and see how we can improve.

Mugabe says...

Mugabe says…

“We promised to resuscitate life in industry; companies that died must be resurrected; those that are about to collapse must be made to stand firm; new ones must rise and all the time we must take into account our policy of indigenisation and empowerment and get our people into employment, into self-employment, into situations where they can start their own business.”

He said the country should stay abreast of technology and not allow itself to lag behind.  The new Government would look at all the sectors and see how they can improve their performance by re-organising to make them productive.

“Stay abreast of the times in technology and do not allow yourselves to lag behind as other countries have tended to do.
“Look out at our sectors and we will see how we can improve their performance and re-organise them so that we can have better control of them than we have at present.

“If you look at our manufacturing sector, it was companies yes, belonging to those powers which had them. But we have to look at them in terms of what really needs to be improved and how they can be made productive.

“Look at the mining sector. It is not just diamond and platinum. Gold mines are all across the country, gold claims lie all over.
“Let’s have our people exploit those mines, but exploit them in a manner which assures that the wealth therefore, the products and their earnings from those entities become our wealth by and large and not the wealth of those countries that have in the past exploited us.

“Our people die in mines not for the wealth that was ours, but the wealth that is somebody else’s. That must cease.”
President Mugabe, who is also the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, said the crushing victory by Zanu-PF was a defeat of Zimbabwe’s Western enemies bent on effecting illegal regime change.

“We are happy that we have dealt the enemy a blow and the enemy is not Tsvangirai.
“Tsvangirai is a mere part of the enemy. The enemy is he who is behind Tsvangirai, who is behind the MDC, the British and their allies.

“Those are the ones who were the real enemies. Those whom we have knocked down. They (Western countries) are quite a strange people. To them principles do not matter, even pledges do not mean anything . . . they are never honest.”

President Mugabe said the West had initially said if the elections were going to be free and fair, then they would consider removal of sanctions.
“But now even as the whole of Africa is sending us messages of congratulations to say well done, they say the elections were not free. And where are they talking from? London, Washington, Canberra and Ottawa.

“To tell the truth, you do not understand what animals these are. You can never rely on their words. Never ever.”
President Mugabe said Britain and its Western allies were only angling for regime change and nothing short of it was not free and fair.

“Of course, with them elections would have been free and fair if the MDC had won. But because it is Zanu-PF, Robert Mugabe heading the party, no. Because it is regime change they are aiming for.”

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe would precisely do the opposite of what the West wished for.  He said the West had no right to determine what was good and bad for the people of Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe said the results of the 31 July harmonised elections were a huge lesson for the Western imperialists. He said the whole of Africa was inquiring when the country would have victory celebrations for them to come and show their solidarity.

“Africa is saying tell us the day of the inauguration we want to come. (Ugandan President Yoweri) Museveni has been phoning. They want to come for the inauguration and demonstrate solidarity.

“We thank them for the solidarity they have given us. We assure them of our own friendship and our own solidarity in return. We remain true to the ideals of co-operation.”

President Mugabe expressed gratitude to the UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon.  “The insane men of London, Washington and Ottawa, those we leave to the gods. We understand next door we also have a country that will not step with the rest of Africa. This we should not worry much about it,” he said.

Cde Mugabe urged party members to be patient as his inauguration and the swearing in of Members of Parliament and Cabinet ministers would only take place after seven or 14 days due to a constitutional requirement that provided those who wished to challenge the results with an opportunity to do so.

“Whether they do so or not, we will have seven days after that to make it 14, I understand. Whether they go to court or not thereafter we can have our inauguration.
“Fourteen days is what is given as the time, thereafter we can look at the day in which our inauguration can take place and so we should have the patience to wait.

“I cannot say what’s happening in the MDC camp. There is all confusion and talking this, talking that, all rubbish . . . thinking that things which are impossible are possible. Wishes never are horses. So we had to wait but we are very happy that we have defeated the enemy.”

President Mugabe said Zanu-PF has done much to empower people since independence.  He said the revolutionary party introduced an education policy that had seen Zimbabwe becoming the country with the highest literacy rate in Africa.

He said the party also initiated the land reform programme that had benefited thousands of black people.  He said Zanu-PF exploited blunders made by the MDC formations in the inclusive Government to devise its winning strategies.

President Mugabe said Zanu-PF introduced several policies that had benefited people in an exceptional way.  “We introduced policies that assisted the lives of people immensely and in a positive way,” he said.

“We addressed the issue of ignorance through our education policies. We have addressed the issue of ownership of our resources through the land reform programme. We have addressed the fact of development of our natural resources in order for our people now to benefit from the fight they have won.

“That is the fight which is ongoing, to get our people well provided with benefits from the natural resources and that is giving them a better state, making them wealth where they were poor. We addressed the issue of development by providing programmes that are aimed at promoting various sectors of the country.

“Land — we have resettlement programmes, we have A1 and A2 commercial farmers and these programmes are ongoing,” said President Mugabe.
Through its policies, he said, Zanu-PF addressed industrial issues.

In this regard, the revolutionary party touched on issues relating to employer-employee relations.
“We supported the industry financially . . . we supported the relations also between the workers and the employers in the industry. We established trade unions and made them one where they were probably three competing organisations.”

President Mugabe said the MDC formations had no agenda except getting into power.
He said the MDC-T was so simple minded as to believe that by joining Sadc or any other international organisation, Zimbabwe had completely surrendered its sovereignty.

Zimbabwe was open to friendship and alliances on a reciprocal basis and joined organisations that would recongise its sovereignty as well the sovereignty of other countries on an equal basis. President Mugabe said Zanu-PF had much more to offer young people not only through educating them, but also job opportunities and self employment through indigensiation and empowerment across all our sectors.

He said the party had done a lot in uplifting women and would continue to free them from the  grip of ancient custons that no longer served useful purposes.
“The norms of togetherness, the norms of recognising the evils of society that enable us to recongise the evil that our society should avoid and the good that they should embrace, we have all that in our own ideological belief as Zanu-PF and indeed as Zimbabwe and so as we live today with that victory which is only a continuation of our victory that was earned in 1980,” he said.

Earlier, he addressed staff at the Zanu-PF headquarters who gathered to congratulate him for the party’s emphatic victory.  He said the victory was for the party and its members who worked tirelessly to defend the country from the jaws of imperialism.


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  • comment-avatar
    grumpy 11 years ago

    “Our people die in mines not for the wealth that was ours, but the wealth that is somebody else’s. That must cease.”

    OOOPS! Could RGM be talking about the hundreds that were killed by his friends in Marange? Or the people that were chucked down mine shafts by 5 brigade in the 80’s? I wouldn’t mention “death” and “mining” in the same sentence if I were him. But then, luckily, I’m not..

    • comment-avatar
      oliver 11 years ago

      Mugabe must live up to his age. Stop dying your hair, step down and enjoy your pension. If African presidents like young wives, we Zimbabweans also deserve a young president. There is no-more need to have political science at Zimbabwe-Universities because after grauduation you do not get a ob. All the jobs in politics have been occupied by the same old people for the last 30 years–and they will never clear their tables.How a country can develop itself if young people with talents are not given a chance to show their talents. Zanu PF Yes but Mugabe No. Mugabe is now running the country for his own personal benefit and not for the people. An indvidual person will die but the Zimbabwean people will go on forever. So Zanu PF and Mugabe should give power to the people and not to the less educated police and army.The brain and engine of a country comes from intellectuals.President Sadam Hussein of Iraq used to win his elections by 90%, and some voted for him using their blood; President Mubarak of Egypt used to won elections by 99%; the East-Germany leader Erick-Honecker, Cuba`s Fidel Castro and etc., all used to win elections by distinctions. But all these were dictators who were later on either killed or put in jail by their own people. Zimbabweans are clever and not fools. They dont want risk their lives fighting somebody who will die by natural death in few years to come. You can run a country because either people love you(democracy) or the security forces love you(Dictatorship). In our mother Zimbabwe it is dictatorship. People are afraid to say it, but after Mugabe`s death, we will all come to know how Mugabe and Zanu PF put the whole country in a prison for so many years. Shona people are peaceful as our history shows–We are afraid of death and that is why Mzilikazi could easily march into Zimbabwe from SA with very few warriors. President Mugabe knows the Shona people fully and he is taking advantage of our passiveness and cowardness. God help the Land between Limpopo and Zambezi. Ameni. Let people read this unk message

      • comment-avatar
        reason 11 years ago

        WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM IF HE HAS THE MONEY TO DYE HIS HAIR. Puppet politicians have run out of ideas now. Mugabe is right.

  • comment-avatar
    chimsoro 11 years ago

    At last we have a true African agenda not one which allows the former racists to continue exploiting our land.

    • comment-avatar
      William Doctor 11 years ago

      … and you’re not a racist?

    • comment-avatar
      Shirley werner 11 years ago

      Keep those rose tinted glasses on, the rosier the better. After all it has stopped all ZPF from seeing that you ARE being colonised, not from all the nasty white people of your terrible past, but by Asians, who are quietly laughing behind the boss’s back as they ship off more diamonds to China and take more and more of your mining industry. Clever little devils those, best you keep a teensy bit of whats left of your eyesight on them!

  • comment-avatar
    nesbert majoni 11 years ago

    Mugabe is a person of yesterday who is possessed with hate language of the west. I think he must just retire and give the button to younger blood with fresh ideas.We are tired of hearing the same words of denouncing Britain and America.But my word of advice is if this old man empowers the black people as he says in the way he empowered the land it is a moribund exercise before it even starts.The land was given to Zanu pf officials who now have more than one farm but are underutilising these farms.What magic do you expect Mugabe can do to turn around the economy he ruined in last 33 years with his self centered myopic policies.

  • comment-avatar
    rmunemo 11 years ago

    mdc is not an enemy but an official opposition party in zimbabwe

  • comment-avatar
    Reggie 11 years ago

    Your talking is so smooth ,can please forgive ,remove bitterness ,anger ,deception and don’t create enemies for the people of Zimbabwe, let your troubles for your self & leave Zims alone

  • comment-avatar
    willy 11 years ago

    Well as has been said zanu pf has no vision whatsoever what they think is the past wat about the present u hv failed us dismally try somethng new or gv power to the fresh young blood n let’s see wat they can do,we are tired of ur bad ways n hate speech

  • comment-avatar
    ian smith 11 years ago

    Mugabe has been in charge for 30 years and what has he delivered to his people me included? Nothing except misery. By the way why does he run to get treatment outside Zimbabwe? Is there something wrong with the doctors in Zimbabwe? Think about it, Mandela, the most respected statesman ever produced in Southern Africa (Do I hear Mugabe A?? lickers out there saying something?)is getting treatment in his own country, yes he is at home. He is at home with his own people. Why does Mugabe run away from home to seek treatment in far off places. Tell me something, if his eyes are the problem I thought we had opticians very well trained and expirienced to handle such matters. Ian Smith never went globe trotting to seek treatment, so why do our politicians run away from home to get treated. Could this have something to do with the state of health care facilities in Zimbabwe today? And why do most politicians send their kids to study outside the country? Why are they not proud of our education system and show it by having their kids study locally? Could it have something to do with the destruction of the once pride of Africa education system? To all ZANU-PF supporters and Mugabe a?? lickers, think about it and I trust you will be decent enough to answer to your truthfully to your heart then say whatever garbage you want to say in response.

  • comment-avatar
    Tholi 11 years ago

    We will overcome this racist ,hateful ,anarchy”’

  • comment-avatar

    Mugabe is presenting himself as a first timer. What promise has he kept for the past 33 years except making everyone poor and undernourished. The Zimbabwean population, particularly in urban areas, is both malnourished and undernourished. We are breeding a stunted and stressed population.

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 11 years ago

    Dream on, mugabe will never deliver any more than what he hasn’t in the last 33 years. Do you honestly expect him to change now ? I think not.

  • comment-avatar
    chinopenga musoro 11 years ago

    Lets stop complaining and start moving