NGO intensifies HIV/Aids fight

Source: NGO intensifies HIV/Aids fight – The Southern Eye

A CIVIC organisation Determined, Resilient, Empowered, Aids-free, Mentored and Safe in partnership with the Ministry of Women Affairs has engaged Adolescence Girls and Young Women in Matabeleland through a training to reduce chances of contracting new cases of HIV among the youth.

Zimbabwe Health Interventions economic strengthening technical officer Ntabiso Ndlovu said the training aimed at impacting skills in young people.


“That will help them succeed on a team or as an individual in any work setting. Work readiness training is crucial for readying people of all ages for the world of work and can be valuable at any age as it requires time and attention to a topic the person might not have thought of on their own time,” Ndlovu said.

“Oftentimes work readiness trainings are deployed with a range of other activities including career or job counselling for individuals in a training program, work-based learning or an apprenticeship opportunity, to name a few.”

He added: “We targeted six districts in Matabeleland covering ages between 18 to 24, the trainings are intended to provide participants with an understanding of work readiness, chances to practices relevant skills, learn about their own desires and expectations, and apply skills to near real-world settings, with the aim of reducing HIV.’’

Other partners included the United States Agency for International Development and Zimbabwe Health Interventions.