Rustlers steal six beasts, drove them to Mozambique

Source: Rustlers steal six beasts, drove them to Mozambique -Newsday Zimbabwe

TWO suspected cattle rustlers, who stole six cattle in Mukumbura before driving them to Mozambique for safe keeping, on Friday appeared before Mount Darwin magistrate Naison Dhambuza facing a charge of stock theft.

 Blessmore Pachanza (27), from Mozambique, and Edson Kasambarare (25) allegedly stole the beasts from the grazing plains before taking them to a village across the Mozambican border.

According to court papers, on November 29, last year at around 1pm at Nyajichi village, under Chief Chiswiti in Mukumbura, Cosmas Bikausi released his herd of cattle for grazing at Murongwe.

It is alleged that Pachanza and Kasangarare observed that the cattle were left unattended, stole two beasts, and drove them to Mozambique.

On the same day, Bikausi later discovered that two of his cattle were missing and teamed up with fellow villagers and found the stolen beasts at Karuhise village in Mozambique.

 The beasts were valued at US$900.

Using the same modus operandi, the accused stole four beasts from two villagers on different occasions until their arrest in Mozambique.