OVERVIEW: Uneasy silence in Harare streets after Zimbabwe’s military moves in, guns firing 

Zimbabweans are eagerly awaiting the results of the presidential election after the ruling Zanu-PF party won the majority of seats in parliament. Follow the live update here

Source: OVERVIEW: Uneasy silence in Harare streets after Zimbabwe’s military moves in, guns firing | News24


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Watch this video of the moment when MDC supporters started protesting in capital Harare.


An uneasy silence is settling over Zimbabwe’s capital after people fled military and other security forces firing live ammunition to break up opposition protests over Monday’s election results.

At least one person was killed.

Soldiers are stationed at intersections in Harare as the sun begins to set.

Hundreds of angry opposition supporters had gathered outside the compound of the electoral commission before scattering as the military moved in.

The violence came shortly after Western election observers urged the release of the presidential results as soon as possible and warned that a delay could lead to “volatility”.


Reports on social media say there will be a government on @ZBCNewsonline on the unrest in Harare


Here is a video of the MDC supporters before they were dispersed by the military and riot police in Harare.


SABC is quoting the Zimbabwe Electoral commission as saying that the results of the heavily disputed presidential election will be released on Thursday.


See this picture gallery of Zimbabwe soldiers and police clashing with MDC protesters P over alleged fraud in the country’s election.


Nelson Chamisa has tweeted, thanking his supporters for voting for him. He maintains that he has won the election.


WATCH this video of cars burning in Harare.


“Those same tankers ‘we’ celebrated last year in November are being used against us,” says one shocked Zimbabwean after armed troops moved into the capital to disperse opposition protests over disputed election results.


Zimbabwean soldiers are occupying intersections in Harare and a military helicopter flies overhead.

People scatter as armored vehicles speed by with sirens wailing.

“They are killing us,” a man shouts.Some protesters threw bricks into a main road with a military truck parked nearby, then ran when police trucks with water cannon raced toward them.

This is the first time Zimbabwe’s military has been on the streets of Harare since the removal of longtime leader Robert Mugabe in November. At the time the military was met with cheers and selfies. – AP