Police on beerhalls, shebeen operators

Source: Police on beerhalls, shebeen operators | The Herald

Police on beerhalls, shebeen operators

Crime Reporter

Police have launched an operation targeting beerhall, nightclub and shebeen operators who continue defying Covid-19 lockdown orders.

Several owners of shebeens and people who visit them have been arrested since last week after being found selling or drinking beer at various premises.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi warned people against such practices, saying they will not hesitate to arrest them if they continue defying lockdown orders.

“Shebeen operators are warned that the law will take its course without fail,” he said.


“On August 21, 2021, police in Masvingo arrested two people at a shebeen in Mucheke and recovered several crates of liquor.

“Meanwhile, on August 23, 2021 at around 2300hrs, police also arrested Richard Musindo aged 50 for breaching Covid-19 protocols after he was found selling liquor at Lagoon Night Club, Majange, Masvingo.”

Over the weekend, police also conducted some raids on some rogue bars, beerhalls and nightclub operators and arrested at least 60 people who were found drinking beer in Harare.

Several people, including bar operators, were arrested and most of them were released after being fined various amounts.

The raids were conducted in the city centre and various suburbs in Harare.

On August 19, police also arrested Tendai Mosaland at Eastview 4 in Harare after he was found selling liquor. Several alcohol brands were recovered from the premises.

Last Saturday night, they also arrested Christina Zilala (37) and Clifford Takaendesa after they were found selling beer to people in Chitungwiza.

Police impounded several crates of beer.

There were recent reports that owners of bars, beerhalls and nightclubs who breach lockdown regulations face arrest and will be reported to the Liquor Licensing Board, which may revoke their licences.