Residents petition BCC over parking fees

Source: Residents petition BCC over parking fees – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Bulawayo United Residents Association (Bura) has petitioned the local authority over a sharp increase in parking fees, saying the charges were beyond the reach of its members.

Council recently increased parking fees to US$1 or its equivalent in local currency for 30 minutes.

In a petition, Bura chairperson Winos Dube said residents felt that the fees were exorbitant.

“It has come to our attention as Bura that the BCC, in partnership with Trendy Three Investments (TTI), launched a new parking system in the city on February 18,”  the petition read.

“While there is nothing wrong with implementing a parking system in the city, what we have gathered is that the majority of residents feel that the parking fees are exorbitant and beyond the reach of residents.”

“We are, therefore, kindly requesting our respectable city fathers to revisit the fees and review them so that motorists are not

“Our survey indicates that most motorists were comfortable with the previous US$30 per month. This speaks to what most of them can afford and as such, we are respectfully requesting our reputable city council and its partner, TTI, to be mindful of this even reviewing the fees downwards,” Dube said.

He added that  they were yet to get a response from the city fathers.

BCC is set to benefit 30% from the revenue that will be collected from the parking fees, while TTI will retain 70%.