Thunderstorms plunge Karoi into darkness 

Source: Thunderstorms plunge Karoi into darkness -Newsday Zimbabwe

Karoi town and surrounding areas were plunged into a 27-hour blackout at the weekend after heavy rains hit the Mhangura Mine sub-station.

The affected sub-station supplies electricity to Hurungwe and Makonde districts that cover Karoi and Chinhoyi towns, among other places.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) confirmed the power disruption which affected the 33kV lines that feed Karoi, Mhangura and surrounding areas.

ZETDC, however, assured consumers that it was working on the old system which could not withstand the heavy storms during rainy season.

A Magunje businessman  who declined to be named, accused ZETDC of failing to provide a lasting solution to power supply.

“Annually, we are told of Hwange Units’ maintenance that takes weeks and we have to endure several days of power cuts due to Kariba annual shutdowns,” he said.

Zimbabwe has been enduring rolling power cuts which government has said would be effectively resolved in 2030 while alternative sources of power are being developed.