Tobacco farmers urged to start registering for 2021/22 season

Source: Tobacco farmers urged to start registering for 2021/22 season | The Herald

Tobacco farmers urged to start registering for 2021/22 season
THE countdown to the planting of irrigated tobacco has already started

Precious Manomano Herald Reporter

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has encouraged tobacco farmers to start registering for the 2021/22 farming season.

Farmers are required to write an application to the Board for registration as a grower and attach proof of access to land such as title deeds, land permit or offer letter for A1 and A2.

For those living in communal areas, a stamped recommendation letter from the grower’s local councillor, headman or chief is required.

A copy of the farmer’s national identification card and a registration fee of $10 payable on submission of the application form before October 31 of the year preceding the marketing season.

“Registration is important as it provides statistical information about the total number of growers and possible crop size. It is crucial in providing information for planning purposes especially on the number of auction floors, number of buyers, mobilising financial resources to buy the crop and pricing of tobacco, ” read the statement.

TIMB has decentralised registration and farmers can register at its headquarters in Southerton in Harare and at provincial offices in Chinhoyi, Karoi, Bindura, Mvurwi, Marondera, Rusape and Mutare to speed up the process and also make it convenient for farmers outside Harare.

Sub-Section 25 of the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Levy Act(Chapter18:20) stipulates that any person who is not registered and who, by himself or herself or through his agents, grows tobacco shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding six months or both such fine and such imprisonment.