ZBC bans ‘prosperity, miracle prophets’ 

Source: ZBC bans ‘prosperity, miracle prophets’ – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      5 April 2018

HARARE – Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has temporarily suspended
all programming covering “prosperity and miracle prophets.”

This comes amid public outrage over the unprecedented coverage of prophets
at the expense of news, sports, business, entertainment and other

ZBC acting head of Radio Services Albert Chekayi confirmed the public
broadcaster had halted prophets’ programmes to assess if they were not
infringing on the rights of their diverse audience.

Chekayi said once the process is complete, the broadcaster will re-engage
those whose programmes would have been affected.

The ZBC operates four radio stations and one television station.

“What has happened is we have temporarily suspended the programmes to
allow us to have a re-look considering the many complaints that we have
received from the public who are the owners of the radio stations since we
are a public broadcaster,” Chekayi said.

“This decision was taken by us… as we are answerable to the listeners.
Remember, a public broadcaster does not just target profits but the
interests of those who pay licences. Once the process is complete, it will
inform us what steps to take.

“Remember, Zimbabwe is a country that upholds freedom of religion but
guided by the Bill of Rights in our Constitution the freedoms one enjoys
do not need to infringe on the rights of other citizens.

“So, as a public broadcaster, we have the balancing role of ensuring that
no section of the country’s population is offended by the content we
broadcast,” he added.

Recently, head of the European Union (EU) delegation in Zimbabwe,
Ambassador Philippe Van Damme, said he was amazed with the over population
of prophets in this country.

“In biblical tradition in the bible in the Old Testament you have quite
some prophets but never with the density as in this country,” he said.

“I observe the sociological phenomenon from where I can observe them and
my observations lead me to conclude `as you have fake news you have fake
prophets’ driven by commercial interests,” he said.

This comes as Star FM listeners continue to complain about a glut of
prophet adverts, with listeners taking to social media to vent their

The general outcry from the listeners is that the station is no longer
serving the general listeners’ needs, in pursuit of money from prophets.


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    For Zim being a “prophet” (by hook & crook) is currently the easiest route to get out of unemployment; and, if one is lucky, out of poverty too. Of course, once one learns a few tricks of the trade then s/he can spend his/her day under some trees, on top of some anthill, etc., claim to prophesy and even heal people; hence making a few bucks or even big bucks. So, it’s all a manifestation of everything that has gone wrong with Zim economy. Proliferation of ritual murders, Zvikwambo, false prophets, robberies, etc all havesame source – Unemployment & Poverty. Munhu wese anoda mari muhomwe kuti agare zviri nani. Now where do we get it (money)? It’s all mugabe & zanu pf’s fault – of course we are not totally innocent too. In fact are accomplices by either commission or omission. Surely, why did we allow it to happen – pfungwa nemoyo yedu dzaiva kupi cahizvo? nxaaaaaa!!!!!

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    Macon Pane 5 years ago

    Those “prophets” preach fables to line their own pockets. It’s an easy scam, but it exists all over the world. Ever notice how they never forget to ask for your money. But, I wouldn’t worry too much about the opinion of a EU envoy regarding religion in Zim. True Christianity in Europe has been circumvented from the simple message of the bible, to become grand buildings with officiates who wear fabulous garb and wave ornate crosses in ceremonies of which New Testament scripture makes zero mention beyond condemnation. Much pretense, little faithfulness. But for a few isolated groups and individuals quietly scattered hither and yon who cling to the simple idea of glorifying God in their righteous manner of life and worship, there are no real followers of Christ in Europe. I dare say there are more faithful individuals in rural Zim than in all of Europe.

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    Gonoregonzo 5 years ago

    Rambai makashinga, makashingawoye rambai makashinga kunamata these muggers Makandiwa, Magaya, Uerbert Engel, Pastor Chris, Temitope Balogun Joshua (born June 12, 1963), commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua,Bushiri, Guti and many more.

    When you give them your sweated for money, they will use it to bring you closer to “God” and your poverty will multiply while they invest your money in state of the art factories, church buildings, women, cars, paid schools, universities, hospitals and political favours. Keep giving them your money, and besides, its not much. If 1million of you pay just $5 each to hear what you were told last year and the year before and the years before and all your life thus far – that God loves you, wants you to be rich and has come to the “prophet in his sleep to say your turn to swim in riches is just around the corner”, that’s peanuts really really. Rambai makashinga kupfumisa “prophet”

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    Michel 5 years ago

    How can zim be do backwards in believing those crook. It’s a shame for the authorities to give those theives air time to fool the people.