Zim firms urged to explore DRC opportunities

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Zim firms urged to explore DRC opportunities

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Zimbabwean companies in the agro, real estate and construction sectors have been implored to pursue business opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC)’s Haut-Lomami Province.

Nday Mwepu Gervais, media communication commissioner and government spokesperson, who is part of the DRC delegation that visited Zimbabwe this week,  made the call during a ZimTrade-organised meeting to highlight trade and investment opportunities of investment back in the DRC.

“The province of Haut-Lomami is strongly agro-pastoral. It is covered with more than 80 percent of arable land and it has hundreds of thousands of hectares,” Mr Gervais said.

He said the province was suitable for all kinds of crops, and it received rainfall in 8 months out of the twelve in a calendar year.

“Its vast fields full of agricultural products make it the breadbasket that can feed the big cities of our country, without resorting to chemical fertilisers,” he added.

While Haut-Lomami is among the first provinces of the DRC to have large cattle herds and expansive pastoral land, it imports chickens and other meat products.

“Regarding aquaculture, the province has more or less than 80 lakes, several streams and ponds full of fish,” Mr Gervais added.

In terms of mining, Mr Gervais said; “It should be noted that, like other provinces of the former dismembered Katanga, the province of Haut-Lomami abounds on its soil and in its scatter subsoil several mineral substances are scattered throughout its territory, and this in considerable quantity.

“Among these mineral substances, I can cite the ores of lithium, copper, cobalt, Coal, iron, Silver, gold, limestone, saline and precious and semi-precious stones like diamond among others.

Mr Gervais urged local companies to integrate the agricultural sector in Haut-Lomani for the production of maize, cassava, groundnuts, beans, peas, rice, sweet potatoes, cereals, soybeans and sugarcane.

“It’s time to build a bright future, that’s why we invite you, ladies and gentlemen, to come and settle and invest in Haut- Lomami because alone we cannot do it, but with you, it’ll be a success,” he concluded.

He added that the province of Haut-Lomami was centrally located in the DRC, and constituted five territories plus the city of Kamina. Mr Gervais said its geographical location made it the hinge of the development of the DRC.

While ZimTrade’s is looking to create export opportunities across the globe, it sees Africa as presenting the biggest potential. In fact, currently, 60 percent of Zimbabwean export trade is done in Africa.