Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s business empire, the death of a dynasty

The once thriving businesses that were run under patronage systems under Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe are now crumbling.

Source: Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s business empire, the death of a dynasty


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    Ndebele 2 weeks ago

    And now the new President is having his turn in the game “Tata mamillions, Tata machance.”

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    Fallenz 2 weeks ago

    Mugabe was everything he appeared to be… a totalitarian despot who stole everything he had.  Rules, civility, decency, laws applied to everyone except himself and his cabal.  Bootlickers groveled in his presence, and almost no one stood up and challenged him as he took a very fine nation down the road of destruction because everything had to benefit Mugabe and his power.  Some sang of him as a god… but gods don’t die; gods don’t lie in graves rotting away… and yet, there he is, and his soul has departed to pay for all his cruelty, crime, and sins.  Is there anyone, ANYONE capable of seeing the parallel in Mnangagwa..?  He, too, is destined for that fate.  Eternity.   There is a better way… the way of righteousness.  Think about it.

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    CONFUSED 1 week ago

    Isnt Biti being very hypocritical?
    Remember that your sins will catch you up Mr. Biti. Which side are you on?