Zimbabwe: Severe drought threatens millions with hunger

Source: Zimbabwe: Severe drought threatens millions with hunger

Zimbabwe is experiencing a historic drought that has compromised most of the crops of the 2024 farming season. That has threatened millions with hunger, and the World Food Program has said it might not be able to assist families in Zimbabwe facing food insecurity.

Zimbabwe has seen much of its crops decimated, declaring the 2024 farming season a total failure. That has left millions in the country without food, and the World Food Program, a United Nations agency, has said it may not be able to help with the food insecurity.

The government in Zimbabwe has urged families to conserve food. It has collaborated with charities and UN agencies to bring in food aid.

The 2015-2016 El Nino weather phenomenon brought about the worst drought conditions to Southern Africa in 35 years, according to the UN Office for Human Affairs. In Zimbabwe, it’s not just humans who are feeling the effect. Conservation officials have reported that at least 100 elephants died in a national park last year because of dried-up water holes.