Zimbabweans booed all South Africans: Ramaphosa

The union says the country’s borders need to be tighter.

Source: Zimbabweans booed all South Africans: Ramaphosa | eNCA

JOHANNESBURG – President Cyril Ramaphosa says the booing in Zimbabwe was not directed at him but at all South Africans.

People jeered when he spoke at the memorial service for former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, in Harare at the weekend.

Zimbabweans showed their anger at recent attacks on foreigners in Gauteng.

Ramaphosa was addressing the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union in Durban.

Over 2,000 delegates from Sactwu gathered at its 14th national congress.

Ramaphosa says the industry has huge potential to grow the ailing economy.

But he says the country’s global stature has been tainted by xenophobic violence.

“And the people of Zimbabwe, almost in unison, expressed their disappointment, expressed their unhappiness and they expressed their anger against us as South Africans. And they saw me as representing all of us here in South Africa, and their reaction was against us.”

Sactwu, Cosatu’s sixth-largest affiliate, is facing serious challenges, such as job losses and an influx of foreign goods.

The union says the country’s borders need to be tighter.

Sactwu is expected to elect new leaders before the conference ends on Wednesday.


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    What a convenient lie, Mr President. They booed at you and those who seem to take lightly xenophobia like you appear to do. They are intelligent enough to know that not all South Africans supported xenophobia, but that some, most likely yourself Mr President, do. This is because you have not been quick nor decisive in dealing with it. You do not even comment on that murdered man whose eyes were gorged out in full public view by one of the misguided protestors. Dismembering a corpse is despicable and shows no respect for humanity. It cannot go unpunished in a normal society.It’s meant to instill terror and hardens onlookers views about human beings and life across the board, for you cannot draw the line between a local and a foreigner, they are all human. Even a war, there is a code of treatment for prisoners of war, Mr President.