Come down hard on corruption, Govt urged

Source: Come down hard on corruption, Govt urged | The Herald July 21, 2016

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Senators have called upon Government to come up with laws that deal with perpetrators of corruption, saying it is a cancer that has destroyed the country’s economic fortunes.

Debating a motion moved by Matabeleland South Senator Bheki Sibanda, senators said political parties should not be partisan and must unite if the scourge is to be eliminated in the society. Manicaland Senator Shadreck Chipanga said corruption was a complex crime and perpetrators could not be convicted without solid evidence.

“I am suggesting that as legislators, we need to come up with a different set of legislation, which deals particularly and specifically with corruption.

“My view will be that, that law should get away from where the State is supposed to prove its case, but that the accused should prove his innocence. That has to be a separate set of legislation. As things stand now, I am sorry to say so, squeal, complain, shout and say the Executive is not doing enough, there is nothing that the Executive can do as long as we have this piece of legislation, which says every individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

President of the Chief’s Council Chief Fortune Charumbira said corruption was not a political issue and one should not be intimidated when debating it, as President Mugabe together with his Vice Presidents have spoken strongly against it. Bulawayo Metropolitan Senator Siphiwe Ncube said all the culprits must be brought to book if the economy is to remain sound.

Manicaland Senator Monica Mutsvangwa said there should not be any sacred cows when it comes to corruption as it has seriously affected revenue collection in the country.


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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    This sounds typically a snack-type of debate by potentially corrupt minded legislators!!!

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    What a good idea.The government i.e. President, his family members, MPs, Heads of Paristatals ,other fraudsters including farm invaders and the Army and Police can have their day in court. When that is over and monies are recovered sort out the corrupt judges.
    Wheels of Justice are slow but sure.

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    Fallenz 6 years ago

    Just part of the ill-fated effort by the zanu-pf to deflect the charges against it… because “coming down on corruption” is exactly what the ruckus is about, and they realize they’re the obvious target…!!!