Mangoma opposes Tevera’s peace order

via Mangoma opposes Tevera’s peace order – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 10, 2015 by Everson Mushava

LEADER of the newly-formed Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) party, Elton Mangoma, has filed a notice of opposition to MDC Renewal Team youth executive member Believe Tevera’s quest for a peace order.

Tevera last month approached the Civil Court seeking a peace order against Mangoma, claiming the opposition leader had threatened him after snatching his wife, Yemurai Maravanyika. In the application he also said Yemurai had abandoned their one-year-old baby due to the alleged relationship with Mangoma.

Through his lawyer, Tawanda Takaindisa, Tevera claimed that he was living in fear of Mangoma after receiving anonymous calls threatening him with unspecified action.

But Mangoma, through his lawyers Maunga Maanda and Associates, opposed the application saying the sought order was prejudicial to him as it “sullied” his good name and presupposed that he had behaved unlawfully.

“It is prejudicial to me to be ordered to keep peace towards the applicant when there is no basis for that order. It is prejudicial as it presupposes that I have behaved unlawfully towards him and that sullies my good name,” Mangoma said in his notice of opposition dated June 4.

Mangoma said he was the one who should be seeking an order against Tevera after being allegedly assaulted on May 26.

He said if Tevera was threatened by anonymous people, his issue was between himself and those people, and wondered how he could be linked to the alleged phone calls.

Mangoma denied having an affair with Tevera’s wife claiming the allegations were fictitious.

“He does not state the facts on which he bases the existence of the alleged extramarital affair. How did he establish it? Why
does he allege the extramarital affair? He is not alleging and proving that I was caught in the very act with his wife,” Mangoma said.

He added: “If he had marital problems with his wife and his innocent child has been affected thereby, that is immaterial to me as I am not the author of his marital woes. I never had any so-called quality time with his wife.”

Mangoma also said Tevera should provide proof that he paid thugs to assault him.

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.


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    Watcher 7 years ago

    Haa ibvapo iwe Mangoma. Kana usina mhaka naye chingotevera peace order iyoyo nekuti haufe wakasangana naye. Haunyare here neupombwe hwako? Maitiro Akko aya ndeemunhu akapara mhosva.