NGO raps Grace over ‘spill blood’ mantra

NGO raps Grace over ‘spill blood’ mantra – NewsDay Zimbabwe 13 October 2014

LOCAL civic organisation Heal Zimbabwe Trust has castigated First Lady Grace Mugabe for using foul language which militates against the spirit of healing and conciliation.

Heal Zimbabwe Trust, in a statement yesterday, said Grace’s threats to “spill blood” in defence of her Mazowe Farm during a campaign rally in Gweru last week was unbefitting of her status.

“Mai Mugabe should be reminded that she is also bound by the Constitution to promote unity [and] peace in the nation for the benefit and well-being of all the people of Zimbabwe,” Heal Zimbabwe said.

“As the First Lady, she has chosen to join active politics as the secretary of the Zanu PF Women’s League, where she is supposed to champion and advance the interests of many poverty-stricken women and children who continue to carry an albatross of political violence and gender inequality.

“As the First Lady and designate [Zanu PF] Women’s League boss, she is supposed to exemplify good leadership to all the women by allowing peaceful co-existence and dialogue for the attainment of a peaceful Zimbabwe and not inciting people to retaliate when attacked.”

Zimbabwe is yet to create the National Peace and Reconcilliation Commission (NPRC) whose duty was to mediate disputes among communities, organisations, groups and individuals.

“The NPRC, which was supposed to be constituted 10 days after effective date, is not yet operational till now. Heal Zimbabwe, therefore, calls for the
formation of the NPRC by the Executive so as to allow it to carry out its mandate,” Heal Zimbabwe said.


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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Vulgar zpf. Pamberi regime change. Punish the tyrants

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    If this witch makes it ,god help Zimbabwe.

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    ROFL – “Her farm”? I don’t think the legal owner would agree with that.

    Zimbabwe continues to go forever backwards