No injuries on Moyo’s daughter, police

via No injuries on Moyo’s daughter, police – NewZimbabwe 19/10/2015

SOUTH African police have said there were no injuries on the body of higher education minister Jonathan Moyo’s daughter whose remains were released to the family on Monday.

University of Cape Town (UCT) student Zanele Ntombizodwa Moyo, 20, died before her body was found in her flat last Saturday morning.

Speaking at the family’s Harare home before leaving for South Africa, minister Moyo had said Zanele was found with “an injury to her forehead and there was blood on the floor”.

However, South Africa police spokesman Frederick van Wyk said there were no signs of external injuries on Zanele’s body, according to the Cape Times.

The spokesman said investigations were continuing.

UCT said Zanele was “in her second year, majoring in political studies, international relations and gender studies”.

Zanele’s body has been released to minister Moyo who is in South Africa with family members and Harare businessman Philip Chiyangwa.

Chiyangwa told the Bulawayo Chronicle that he was conducting his own investigations and had managed to track down a man last seen with her.

The tycoon claimed to have tracked down the man identified as Stephen in Zambia.

“He (Stephen) told me that he was not running away but was in Zambia to bury his father. He promised to hand himself over to Cape Town police by Friday,” Chiyangwa is quoted saying.

“I made him call the investigating officer to repeat that promise and I hope for his sake he’s not selling us a dummy because I’ve means to extract him from Zambia should he fail to return to Cape Town.”

The businessman insisted he was not interfering with police investigations.

“It’s common cause that South African police have quite a lot on their plate when it comes to crime and investigations.

“We’ve full confidence in the police, but where we can help we won’t hesitate — just like any parent would do,” he said.

The university offered its condolences to the Moyo family.

“The death of any student is a tragedy for the entire university,” UCT spokeswoman Gerda Kruger said.

“On behalf of the UCT community, I extend heartfelt condolences to Professor and Mrs Moyo and their family, as well as to Zanele’s friends, lecturers and classmates.”


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    C Frizell 7 years ago

    I would guess an overdose of smething . . .

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    The death of any such young person because of any reason is a tragedy in deed. Terrible is when someboby uses the fate and talk like he is the president of Interpol for not just zim. but for the whole Sadc region.

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    That is the tragedy we havecreated for ourselves. We have made our schools to be of low standards such that we are forced to use other countries’ facilities to make up. Our children at an early age are forced to seek for what we have in a single generation destroyed in far far away countries and they are forced to fend for themselves to cover the gap and end up into other things that will extinguish their young lives. REST IN PEACE DEAR GIRL and forgive your father for he is indirectly involved for the situation that you found yourself in…..we all part of it for we never did anything to stop the destruction

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    Samaita 7 years ago

    Theres more to this than meets the eye. First the parent claims an injury and the police deny it. Second we have Chief Superintendent Fidza chasing some guy all the way to Zambia. Now we have the Head of State asking for an investigation of this death. Eka mave kupedzerana vana manje? Anywhere, why was she studying South African politics when her own father is the Minister responsible for Higher Education in Zimbabwe? So we have to pay these shefs in order for them to send their children to far away schools and their wives to Asian hospitals? Patritism, my foot!!!