Mugabe enroute to Mali via Harare

via Mugabe enroute to Mali via Harare – New Zimbabwe 10/05/2015

GLOBETROTTING President Robert Mugabe will this Friday be on another flight to Mali to witness the signing ceremony of a unity accord between protagonist parties there.

Mugabe, currently in Russia where he attended the country’s 70th commemorations for the defeat of Hitler during the Second World war and likely to land in Harare Wednesday, has been invited as African Union (AU) chair to Bamako to witness the peace accord between president Ibrahim Keita and the rebels.

A special envoy from Mali, Abdoulaye Diop, delivered Mugabe’s invitation letter through VP Phelekezela Mphoko who is acting in his boss’s absence.

Mali has been embroiled in constant conflict between government and rebels who have been demanding autonomy and self-rule.

“We have invited the African Union chair who happens to be the president of Zimbabwe to witness the occasion which seeks to bring peace in the country and the entire Sahal region,” said Diop.

Since January Mugabe has been in and out of Zimbabwe with opposition describing him as a visitor to his own country.

He has visited Indonesia, Japan, Zambia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Namibia-all the trips which have come at a cost to the Zimbabwean tax payer.

Media reports have suggested that so far over $ 50 million has been spent in foreign trips at a time when government is battling to provide for its workers.

As the AU chair, the 91 year old leader is now expected to grace almost every continental meeting and represent Africa at international gatherings.

Although the opposition and rights activists have complained about his ‘excessive’ travelling, his office has defended the trips saying foreign policy is by its very nature costly.


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    Ini Bate-Reke 7 years ago

    Mr Editor, I think reporting on such issues could be done somewhat differently so that media players are not seen as unwittingly encouraging Mugabe & co to continue this globe trotting craze with reckless abandon. The reporter does not give explain who it is that expects Mugabe to officiate at every African/AU function. Put differently, it is most likely Mugabe and his cabal who expect to be invited and be present at those functions.

    A little more research and comparison could also draw some similarities/differences – eg when ZPf & MDC signed the Mbeki/GNU agreement, who (if at all) was there to represent the AU? That would make the whole context of the story richer, in my humble view.

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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    Free meals on the plane free meals at the venue, free petrol. Doesn’t have to look at the human excrement flowing down the roads , doesn’t have to look out the window at his failed state. He obviously can’t look at his own demise.

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    ananian 7 years ago

    Mugabe is insane. How can one person defy common sense that the country can not afford hist exorbitant travelling bill but he is so arrogant and unruly that he continue travels as if all people in the world talking about his extravagant are crazy and do not know how to be a president. Only a fool and insane person can think like that. All the huge cost. Al Shabab should just down his plane and save millions from starvation.