Mugabe is brilliant – Sipepa Nkomo

via Mugabe is brilliant – Sipepa Nkomo – Nehanda Radio Dec 13 2014

Former cabinet minister and MDC renewal team chairperson Samuel Sipepa Nkomo on Friday described President Robert Mugabe as a brilliant and astute leader.

Speaking during a roundtable discussion in Bulawayo  organised by the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) held under the theme: Unpacking The 2015 National Budget,  Nkomo said Mugabe was a real leader amongst many.

“In my experience working with the president, that man called Robert Gabriel Mugabe is brilliant, he knows what he is doing, he strategises and he is a planner,” he said.

“You cannot lie to him and he cannot be cheated. He may be sitting there and you think he is sleeping but no, he is attentive, alert and a good listener.”

Nkomo was Water, Resources Development and Management minister and a member of parliament under the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai  during the government of national unity  which ended last year.

This year Nkomo broke away from the MDC-T aligning himself to a new establishment by the name MDC renewal team which intends to join forces with another breakaway MDC party led by Welshman Ncube.

“If ministers brief him (President Mugabe) and change their statements in cabinet, he will quickly say: ‘No, this is not what you told me prior to this meeting’,” he said.  “Mugabe is a brilliant leader although I still think it is important for us to have change for the purposes of growth. For instance, all the spheres of our lives require change for growth, recently, BancAbc changed management, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe got a new governor and we also want that in politics, which is why in our parlance we call it renewal,” he said.

Turning to problems facing the economy, Nkomo said unless there was a drastic revolution, there was no way the country’s industry could be stimulated.

“Eighty-one percent of the country’s revenue is allocated to civil servants numbering  at least 230 000 and continue to increase because police, army recruits join the civil service annually and maybe biannually.

“We continue in hope that this could be controlled  because it simply means our priorities are upside down so until we get a reduced salary bill we will continue to suffer yet we can experience change,” he said. The Zimbabwe Mail


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    Sylvester M. Azane-Kodwo 10 years ago

    Zimbabwe certainly needs a change….. a change right at the top for things to change.
    I have a lot of admiration and respect for President Robert Mugabe but have lost all the respect and trust I had for the people around him . I believe that brilliant as he is Mugabe has already put in place a plan and soon, we shall see that big change…. he will step down! Mark my word!
    Unbelievable? Believe it!

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    victor vambe 10 years ago

    Mugabe brilliant,Sipepa that puts you exactly where you belong no wonder you wanted to remove a legitimate leader through uncostitutional means,an intelligent man who has run down a once vibrant economy,driven millions out of the country,murderd thousand,l think you drinking bronco or you did not take your phsyca medication

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    Tinomunamataishe 10 years ago

    Looks like Sipepa is easily pleased. Impressed by someone remembering what they have been told. Thought that most people do that anyway – teachers, parents, drivers, lawyers etc – what’s so special about that?

    Would be impressed by somebody who delivers where it matters – Mugabe has done none of that.

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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    Are you drunk Sipepa or on Ice. You are brain dead. The country is collapsing and you say this to us. You are a disgrace to the Nkomo name.

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    Ye shall know a tree by its fruit – so said Jesus.
    By this definition, Mr Mugabe is not brilliant.
    His fruit is rotten.
    His people are poor.
    His people are oppressed.
    The rule of law is selective.
    Democracy is in tatters.
    The economy is dead.
    Politics is violent.
    Indeed Mr Mugabe is not brilliant.
    Mr Mugabe ranks as one of the worst leaders in the long sorry ranks of bad leaders who put their egos before their national duty to the citizens.

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    Chioniso D 10 years ago

    At this level of economic downturn, anyone who singpraises mugabe is a bootlicker, and sipepa nkomo is not an exception.

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    Doctor Do little 10 years ago

    There is absolutely nothing brilliant about Mugabe except for his speeches which are mostly delusional.He is a man with a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception. Everybody is wrong except him. He would rather use a solution that is likely to fail because it is the opposite of successful solutions being used by those he deems enemies. If he was brilliant we would never have been overtaken by countries like Botswana.You are not necessarily brilliant because you are educated. A brilliant person wold be described as a person with an outstanding performance,or a plan or intention. He is dogged by failure after failure. Maybe Nkomo yearns to be a weevil.

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    Petal 10 years ago

    just another bootlicker