Zimbabwe NGOs urge EU to lift sanctions on Mugabe

via Zimbabwe NGOs urge EU to lift sanctions on Mugabe | Business Standard IANS  |  Harare  February 25, 2014

A Zimbabwean association of voluntary organisations Monday called on the European Union (EU) to lift the sanctions on Zimbabwe’s president and his wife, while urging the government to carry on with political reforms and address governance issues that led to the fallout between the two.

A statement from the National Association of Non-governmental Organisations (NANGO) applauded EU’s lifting of restrictive measures last week on eight Zimbabwean individuals, mainly top military brass. But sanctions remained on President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace, Xinhua reported.

“The total lifting of measures will enable both parties to engage on the developmental challenges in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will not be able to fully implement her international human rights obligations while isolated from that same community,” NANGO said.

It said targeted measures made it difficult for ordinary Zimbabweans to conduct international transactions since some of the financial intermediaries were on the list of measures, having a multiplier effect on depositors and their business partners.

The EU said the decision to ease the sanctions had been taken in view of progress made by Zimbabwe in implementing democratic reforms.

The EU has been reviewing the sanctions annually since it introduced them in 2002 alleging human rights violations by Mugabe’s government and the latest move leaves only two people out of the original 192 people and one economic entity out of the initial 87 on the sanctions list.

The EU also maintains an arms embargo on the southern African country.



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    ???????????? kuyanuka!

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    Mike Nyathi 9 years ago

    ‘Zimbabwe will not be able to implement her human rights obligations’ without sanctions being lifted??? So you are saying that sanctions are the cause of all the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe??? Stupid people.

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    Khaya'bonina 9 years ago

    With love of my country and for the better future of my country , yes sanctions contributed to the down fall of Zimbabwe , they must be finally lifted to Mugabe and Grace .

    Advantages are as follows

    ZANU PF will have no means of scapegoating anymore as they had been crying that the sanctions are causing some retrogression to the provision of services to the people .

    Oppositions will be able to question the failing of ZANU PF without sanctions .

    A continuous failing of ZANU PF after the lifting of the sanctions will be an opportunity for the oppositions to take advantage of ZANU PF towards 2018 .

    It would be another wast of time to start negotiating the lifting of sanctions after 2018 elections instead of more focusing on how to effectively provide the basic needs to the Zimbabweans .

    People must not only view sanctions as a tool to fight against Mugabe and ZANU PF but they must see the bigger picture , the point is that even though we are facing a ludicrous situation under the leadership of ZANU PF , we still need to progress without giving up , lets do it for the future of Zimbabwe and for the future leaders of our country .

    We are paving a way forward , put Mugabe aside he is our old man , he failed us on the other side , on the other side he achieved other goals with us , think about it. After 2018 it might be your party MDC T , ZUNDE , ZAPU , Mkhwanazi, new look ZANU PF etc we need to start polishing the floor for anyone of these parties , so it is a foolish idea to countinue fighting Mugabe at his advanced age , put him aside and be innovative , be creative , be more focusing and wisely think about rebuilding Zimbabwe .

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      Mwanawevhu 9 years ago

      There is no going forward as long as Mugabe and his henchmen are in power. You want to give Mugabe legitimacy so that he can trample his people with impunity.

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    Just saying 9 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with Khaya’bonina that removal of sanctions against Mugabe will also remove ZPF’s perpetual excuse for non performance!!!!

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Bob must first learn to respect us . How can he respect others before doing us that honour. The law is a shambles he cant even sort out the new constitution. A vote of no confidence should have been passed löng time but to no avail. The people and opposition are to scared to oppose. This monstrosity of a party Zanu has its claws everywhere and cares nought. WE MUST RID US OF THIS PILE OF RUBBISH AND THAT IS OUR GOAL. Pamberi ne ZIMBABWEANS. ALUTÄ CONTINUA.

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    If all sanctions are lifted, Zanu will simply move on to new propaganda to preach to the simple minded. Corruption will probably become the new Public Enemy No 1, which they will blame on the GNU…