Zupco to intensify tap card issuance

Source: Zupco to intensify tap card issuance | The Herald September 20, 2019

Zupco to intensify tap card issuance

Natasha Kokai Herald Reporter
THE Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) is set to intensify the issuing of tap cards as a way of promoting a cashless society through the introduction of kiosks at major bus termini.

This was revealed by the firm’s acting chief executive, Mr Everisto Madangwa, in an interview yesterday.

Mr Madangwa said the introduction of tap cards selling points was a measure to promote convenience to every customer, including those without cash.

“The kiosks where people will be buying the tap cards from are to be set at major pick up points like Market Square. Copacabana and Simon Muzenda Termini in Harare,” he said.

“The kiosks are expected to be in operation beginning next week and Zupco officials will be assisting the public at the points.

“We are encouraging people to buy tap cards as it is convenient for everyone. We want to promote a cashless society.”

Previously, Zupco officials were issuing tap cards as the buses will be loading since tap card holders were the preferred customers as compared to those with cash.

Tap cards are loaded with a minimum amount of $5.

The prioritisation was causing commotion at the pick-up points, with those without the cards also jostling to board first.

Mr Ronald Matamba, a passenger, said while the idea of a cashless system was welcome, it was discriminatory.

“Some of the passengers do not even have the money to load the tap card, especially those that travel long distances,” he said.

“However, as much as we embraced the system, some people feel rejected and this is causing fights because people would have waited in the queue, only to be told that they cannot board the bus before priority is on tap card holders.”


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    Ebenia 8 months ago

    Zupco is a noble idea but its not sustainable. Your fares are too too low.Why not put them at 3.00?Your service is pathetic,its virtual not there.You need to increase your visibility cause you are a laughing stock.Infact you are the sick man of transport business.