5 thoughts on “Credit where it’s due

    1. Farai

      Joseph we all know you are paid by the state to spread propaganda online and while I detest ZANU you have to agree that credit is due because they are now so successful at holding elections the world can’t prove they rigged the elections. Joseph I guess your bosses will now be paying the jews directly with diamonds.

    2. TM

      Free and fair are two words that have been used by Zanu to justify that which they stole from voters.

  1. Ndebvu Mukomichi

    Ini Pachangu Would Say:

    One has to wake up to the idea of a silent Zimbo majority who know what they want and have showed it at every election. They prefer ZPF and RGM. They may not be good at online voting or comments but they know their history and are prepared to invest their future in ZPF.

    1. Farmers on reclaimed and restored land.

    2. Schooled and educated majority.

    3. New & aspiring mine owners and community trust participants.

    4. War vets, their children & followers etc.

    The list is endless, but if you add up the above you may find the numbers to prove an enduring legacy of electoral triumphs. These people and their choice deserves some respect under the principles of democracy- if that is the yardstick.


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