Ex-mayor slams racism

By | June 9, 2014

via Targeted ex-mayor slams racist slant to indigenisation | SW Radio Africa.   9  June 2014 –   by Nomalanga Moyo

Ex-Gwanda Mayor and businessman Lionel De Necker has accused the State of racial bias in its application of the indigenisation law, after officials targeted him.

De Necker said enforcement authorities visited his business premises last week and informed him that he was breaking the law which says foreign investors cannot own more than 49% shares in certain sectors.

De Necker, who runs a retail dealer in the Mat South town of Gwanda, said his feeling is that he is being targeted because of his mixed race parentage.

“I was born at Manama Hospital in the heart of Gwanda. I am as Zimbabwean as they come by birth and not by registration.

“I have served as mayor of Gwanda town a post I would not have held if I was not Zimbabwean as implied by the indigenisation authority,” De Necker told SW Radio Africa on Monday.

The ex-mayor said the new constitution endorses his claim to being Zimbabwean, and he would have been able to prove it had he been given him the chance to do so.

“The notice I received from NIEEB (the national empowerment board) indicated clearly that they had decided my status just on the basis that my name sounds foreign. This has made me feel that I am being targeted because I am of a particular race,” De Necker added.

Critics of Zimbabwe’s controversial indigenisation policies maintain that the government is using the regulations to target white-owned enterprises, even if those owners are Zimbabwean nationals.

Last month thriving Bulawayo-based food outlet the Golden Grill was forced to shut shop after its owner Paul Evans was served with a non-compliance order.

However Evans, who is also of mixed race, argued that he is an indigenous Zimbabwean and should not be subjected to the same requirements as foreigners.

De Necker said many Zimbabweans support indigenisation but the government needs to address the racial connotations in the implementation of the policy.

“Many people do not understand the feeling of trepidation and uncertainty associated with waking up one day and finding that you have been stripped of your country and possessions on the say-so of some official.

“Right now I am worried about my family and for every person of my racial background who may be contributing immensely to the economy but faces an uncertain future under the current policy.

“I can imagine that most of them will be holding back on their business activities because they do not know what tomorrow holds for them and their businesses.

“The government needs to think seriously about this policy to ensure that it is applied fairly, consistently so that every investor who wants to come into the country knows what they are getting themselves into.

“This law is also silent on how the indigenous people ‘acquire’ the 51% in foreign-owned firms, or what happens to the investor’s initial capital.

“This deters investment. There is nothing to persuade potential foreign investors that the country is a safe destination when the government harasses its own citizens just because of their race,” De Necker added.

47 thoughts on “Ex-mayor slams racism

  1. Petal

    Pehaps SW should make a list of all those firms targeted give the name of the owner and by region

  2. Roving Ambassador

    Its turning out to be more bizzare ,just lawless and no one in Zanu cares. Then we get people on this site saying let’s work together with ZANU. These idiots do not have Zimbabwe at heart,all they are doing is destroying what patriots are building.
    I actually fell ashamed even though I am not part of this charade.
    ZANU must go .
    Making Zimbabweans state less is unforgivable. Treasonous malcontents.

    1. Petal

      Roving Ambassador -you are absolutely spot on as usual!

  3. Mlimo

    Only those related to mugabe who incidentally is less zimbabwean than the very people targeted above and members of zanupf are zimbabwean. The rest of us if we are born there lived there and are of different political persuasion or colour heaven – help you if you have a small bit of white – are not zimbabweans. We however form the majority of the population – such is the corrupt nature of mugabe and zanupf.

    1. Saddened

      ‘Mlimo’ you are so right. Mugabe was happy to be referred to as a black Hitler and once again his policies reflect that oppressive nature. Like Hitler who was Austrian Mugabe is part Malawian. Not forgetting that other monster Vervoerd who was actually Dutch i.e. from Holland. Certainly all birds of feather!

  4. E Makhate

    This is crazy. Anarchy. Thieves. Shameless. Solution is to kick out these idiots. Maybe we need leadership from the Abaphositoli of Budiriro.

  5. Gomogranny

    Racism has always been at the heart of this government – it’s part of their DNA – along with greed.

  6. The Mind Boggles

    New legislation people of mixed race 74% 26% ownership???

  7. Stevie G

    I know Lionel and I know Paul, both upstanding gentlemen.

    What I would like to know is, where do black Zimbabweans stand on this issue? Speak up now “bantu be Zimbabwe”.

    We, people of mixed race, want to know and want to know now. If you, black, indigeneous people decide that we have no future here, lets us know plain and simple. Don’t lead us down the garden path pretending you want nationhood for all Zimbabweans and then pick us off one by one when its convenient.

    let the chips lie where they must, but, we can only fight if we know who our real enemies are.

    So, honesty please and lets get on with it quickly.

    1. Petal

      @Steve G perhaps Lionel and Paul could meet up and form a group not to represent those who are experiencing this- and speak to ambassadors or put their foot in the EU headquarters . Everyone knows it is racism of the first degree and they have got away with it – no news of the mixed race in Harare who services cars for diplomats that he is being targeted

    2. Petal

      hear hear hear Steve G. mixed race people stand up for your rights

      1. Petal

        Speak to Ian Khama Steve G even if it has to go to Barack Obama stand up for your rights

  8. munzwa

    just locals trying to reap where they have not even prepared the soil!!!hiding under the protection of their leaders who fear exposure…

  9. madlinduna

    I don’t think there is anymore debates or doubts about the freewheeling attitudes of zanu pf as they continue to govern the country unanswerable to anyone.Of course no mandate-no obligations.No ethics-no order.No morals-no remorse.It’s sad nee!!Until we remove the blanket of fear,Zim will never change.Zanu posseses a tried and tested weapon which they mastered from their early hold on power.(LISTEN)the Ndebeles are still smouldering in vain on the Gukuraundi issue up to this date.The issue is a taboo in the earshot of Zanu.To them,they brought Nkomo and the Ndebeles to prostration,here they are!Why not apply the latter national,here they are!Commenting about Zanu on social networks requires hidden faces,on streets it’s a taboo,yes on radio a lobotomized stance.We are up to now a proven freak in their armpit.That is why I said,its’s either we march with the criminal to where they buried our corpse under an amnesty package.They know they have wronged Zimbabweans any new Zim idea to them is a step closer to the edge of an abyss.Failure to this,let’s remove the blanket of fear.Start by not being faceless on platforms,go bad and confront the regime

  10. Petal

    Paul and Lionel report these thieving scum bags to the EU who is giving money to them Come on guys united we stand you have support from alot of people

  11. Petal

    Stand up for your rights guys do not let these thieving scumbags get away with – go for it

  12. Petal

    Hope this is not the last we will hear of this Mr. Editor please do keep us updated on the outcome

  13. Petal

    You have an idiot like Nhema saying this is not for the PUBLIC DOMAIN because he knows what is going on.
    No comment from Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers?
    Mr. Bloch must be sickened by what is going on

  14. Petal

    Not even a comment from Civil Society or the Coalition Group why it is because the people affected are not black?
    Mugabe and his cronies did not create mankind it was God who created man in his own IMAGE and LIKENESS

  15. Petal

    Mugabe should stop claiming to be a catholic, he is a big hypocrite always flying to Rome – because he is always doing something against the catholic faith

  16. Doctor do little

    I don’t think these people should stand up for their rights. I think all right thinking Zimbabweans should stand with them to protect their rights. This is not going to stop here. Every body has to ask who is next. These people have to be stopped. I think the first place win or lose is the constitutional court. We have the Western countries starting to warm up to these people. We need to campaign against it right now. The Western countries say they are the defenders of democracy. It is time they show us that they are serious on this issue. The indigenisation law which affects any Zimbabwean irrespective of color race or creed must be challenged in the Zimbabwean courts first, and if this fails must be taken to the international community. This needs to be stopped in it’s tracks and the only way to do it is for petitions to be written to the Governments of the so called free world. If any of them are what they claim they are they will not permit a situation that discriminates on the color of a persons skin. Has Kirsty Coventry turned black? No. She is a white Zimbabwean that brought so much joy to the country. We need to get rid of this evil once and for all.

    1. Gomogranny

      Doctor do little – has it exactly right. This is a racist law which must be tested in our courts – NOW. If it is proved that it means that only black Zimbabweans my own 51% or more of their companies then let it be known to us all as our new APARTHEID regime imposing law according to colour – just like South Africa did.

      That is the ZANU way…..racist greed rules all.

  17. faceless

    Which courts,where they will validate their foolish claim by claiming he is from a previously advantaged folk.To courts of a selective justice system presided over by state lobotomized jurists,really!!They are avarice and antipathy towards whites especially.It’s indubitable.Anywhere,let’s let him follow the process to the right direction.Along the way they might shift focus and say he undermined the sovereignty of the country and it’s infamous institutions

  18. Petal

    Guys noone is standing with you it will continue until you do what is right
    this idiot Nhema should put in the law that it is unlawful to grab someones business and if someone has been approacheb by someone you should report it to the authorities- but no he will not do it- because the country is lawless and Society is lawless

    No one is Born hating anothe person
    because of the colour of his SKIN
    or his BACKGROUND
    hatred is LEARNT
    and if people can be taught how to HATE
    they can be taught to LOV
    Because LOVE comes more NATURALLY

    – Nelson Mandela

      1. Gomogranny

        I’m a bit confused here guys….was it lawful to grab the businesses once known as Commercial Farms? They happened to be owned by whites (that dirty lot that grabbed all the best of everything – remember?) Grabbing these businesses owned by people with non ZANU approved surnames looks pretty much the same thing to me…..so no squealing now. It’s your turn now. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  19. Petal

    It is easy to talk but no one will stand by you guys -you will suffer your family will suffer – cross the border and talk to Ian Khama

  20. Petal

    Just read an article where this thieving scumbag Mugabe is going to talk to SADC about Black emmpowerment because he of all people is taking over the Chair in August he does not deserve to be chair – this is the organisation that should be prosecuting him – no they will not because they are all birds of the same feather – disappointed with Imbisa that they are not even making an effort to talk to SADC

  21. Petal

    Right now your race and caucasian people have no right to access assistance from Foreign NGOS you are the most VUNERABLE and everyone is assisting the other group that have access because of their SKIN COLOUR

    Not even the Oppostion or human rights groups in the country have questioned this .

  22. Petal

    The only person speaking up is Mr. Eric Bloch Bulawayo should be grateful to have Mr. Bloch

  23. Petal

    The opposition are busy squabbling among themselves or chasing women they do not have anyone at heart

  24. Doctor do little

    My point here is that there is no Law that says that Zimbabweans of other colours may not own businesses. If there is then let the courts say it. Let the world know that Zimbabwe is even worse than the pre Independent South Africa. Make sure journalists from world media have access to the transcripts of the court case, even if locals supply them because they might be banned. It is time for the pens to be fully introduced into this fight. Let us help each other. People need to mobilize financially to make sure these cases are heard in Zimbabwe’s courts. Look haw some one stepped forward when this website was going to close. Do not give up. You have nor idea how some of the comments on this site have made a difference. There is more to come. The CIO voices that come on this site are quiet on this one. This is embarrassing. How do they comment?

    1. Petal

      it would be a good idea to have the world media journalists have access to the court transcripts

      What do the rest of the people think who have commented on this article? Where should the people start?

      Guys you cannot let your sweat be taken by someone who is just walks into your business

      Mr. Editor please let us know how this has transpired the people cannot be suffering anylonger

  25. zeezee

    They have managed to destroy what little the white Zimbabweams had left do now it is time to pick on the next best thing, people of mixed races! Once they have ruined all those lives, what’s next? Hopefully the yellow race.

  26. Doctor do little

    @ Petal A good start would be those that are in the United Kingdom post some of these articles to your MP. If you send enough of these articles it is bound to go some where. I know for a fact that MPS in the UK do read their mail. Stuff it down their throats and you will see the power of the pen.

  27. Petal

    it would be also good start if SWAfrica also gives some members of the cabinet in the UK if they know any or their local MP this Nhema and company do not give a stuff about how these people will feed their families

  28. Petal

    The mixed race people abroad should also voice their opinion on these actions

  29. Petal

    including those in neighbouring countries like South Africa, Botswana an Namibia, zambia etc

  30. Petal

    If anyone has acess to news papers like the Mail Guardian in South Africa please do so . If Lionel can acess it please do so it will assist others . Perhaps he should contact people like Eddie Cross or Mr. Coltart and see how they can assist
    we still want to know if any mixed race businesses in harare are being targeted Mr. Editor

  31. Petal

    We would like to know if ASIAN businesses are targeted it does not seem to be the case like the chinese


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