No investment in Zimbabwe without rule of law, Freeth

By | May 21, 2014

via No investment without rule of law, Freeth | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At a time when the ZANU PF government is struggling to woo investors, human rights activist Ben Freeth says there can be no investment without both the rule of law and the respect for private property.

Freeth said for as long as the attacks on farmers continue, attempts to bring investors into the country will remain futile. The former Chegutu farmer said the death of Malcolm Francis and his daughter Catherine, from injuries sustained during a brutal attack on his farm, was the kind of news to scare away the investors.

The father and daughter were attacked by as yet unknown people as they walked on the farm in Guruve. The two eventually died from the injuries within days apart. While the assailants are unknown, the farming community has said the incident is consistent with the ZANU PF engineered attacks on the farmers at the height of the land grab.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Cutting Edge programme, Freeth urged the government to walk the talk and show that that they are serious about wanting to reengage with the broader international community by protecting investors and their properties.

Earlier this week the Commercial farmers Union (CFU) said despite the government’s seemingly softening stance on private property ownership, there was an increase in lawlessness. Apart from the Guruve incident, the CFU said it had seen an increase in evictions, extortion and threats against its members. The union also lamented the upsurge in racially motivated unfair practices across the board.

Freeth said ZANU PF had taken ‘civilization backwards’ by spoiling racial relations in the country and by destroying the economy in general and its backbone, commercial agriculture, in particular.
The international award winning activist said a nation cannot be said to be civilized if it can’t protect its own people and investment. He said: ‘At the bottom of prosperity and civilization are the rule of law and the respect for life and other people’s private property and space.’


35 thoughts on “No investment in Zimbabwe without rule of law, Freeth

  1. andy

    I agree before Zimbabwe can expect any foreign investment it has to have the rule of law, otherwise nobody is going to invest. The problem is that it will never happen as long as these thieves and murderers are running the show

  2. tophaevy

    Which property are you talking about? This land belongs to the black folk. Why don’t you go back to Britain where blacks are being abducted and bundled into planes for a journey back home, so you also go back home, to Britain.

    1. Tiger Shona

      But not because they are black. Be honest and say why it happens to them!

    2. Reverend

      Tophaevy??? maybe you mis spelt your name is it not “TOPHEAVY” ole chap? Education came from the breeteesh!

  3. andy

    I am not even going to reply to that, other than to say that in a civilised society the land belongs to whoever holds the title deeds to it

    1. Kevin Watson

      If you do not like what he says change the government of murdering thieving criminals. Prosecute their appointees to the civil service and restore the rule of law, guarantee property rights and investment will flow along with debt cancellation and aid. Revert back to ZANU PF style of murderous kleptocratic government and it will disappear like mist under a hot sun.

  4. Bambabzonke

    Tawanda tophaevy regardless of what you guys think this is of international interest and bring a basket case to prosper, would you trade or garrentee and offer letter NO , but a title deed YES . Has Zimbabwe moved forward in the last 14years and why not. Well done Ben and let’s get this country moving forward

  5. Johann

    The last time I checked any leggally resident person of any race is entitled to buy property in Britain and this property is protected by law.
    The issue of Illegal immigrants in Britain, who no doubt are trying to escape the desperate situations they find themselves in in these so called independent,free countries run by kleptomanic dictators is an entirely different issue.
    The queues of black Zimbabweans round the block at the passport office in Harare suggests that it’s not just white folk that you and your Zanu mates wish to drive away from Zimbabwe tophaevy.

    1. Kevin Watson

      Johan, non-residents can buy property in Britain and also receive the full protection of the law as well as protections afforded by the EEC.

  6. ShabbaRanks

    There will never be rule of law in Zimbabwe as long as Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF have anything to do with the current politics of the nation. To the great Zimbabwe people, there is but one recommendation – leave your country now.

  7. Johann

    Get enlightened tophaevy and read the news clips to the right of the screen -1) Mudede refuses to budge on Zimbabwean passports
    2)Hundreds caught daily trying to escape into SA
    It would be true to say these are not white folk trying to get back to Britain and isn’t it ironic they are heading to SA which was the last white ruled country in Africa and arguably still relatively lawful compared to the rest of the continent.
    Ben Freeth speaks the truth.

  8. Nyoni

    While we regret these unnecessary deaths by ruthless thugs it is this kind of thuggery and misrule that has seen millions leave . This damned government has murdered more people than Idi Amin and Gaddaffi put together. We can not accept this abuse of power forever. This regime has taken us to the brink and we are calling no demanding the International community to take action now and help all Zimbabweans remove this regime. They deserve better.

  9. Holy Moyo

    ben Freeth is right. With ZanuPf thugs running around carrying their masters orders of murder and mayhem with impunity and safe from prosecution by a ZANU run police.No one in his right mind would invest their money and have it snatched by the Kasukuwere, the Chiyangwas, the Reward Marufus the Graces,the Chombos the Mujurus, the Mnangagws and the Mugabes..
    The so called indegenisation was created for Mugabe, his family and relatives and his henchman to loot ,plunder and steal from people who have worked hard for their property and finances.
    I believe all reasobable Zimbabweans can see that no one except Zanu has Benefitted from this lawlessness.
    The poverty , despair and population decline as many leave the Country is sad.
    Clear and concise laws to uphold and safe guard people’s investments must to made to protect them from Mugabe and his bloodsuckers.
    The Judiciary must be independent and free from Mugabe’s Control.The Police must be Uphold the law and not Zanu empty propaganda..
    Chihuri is nothing but Mugabe’s henchman and zanu Commissar. That goes for the Army and prison service commanders .
    Zanu Pf is bad news for Zimbabwe. May God forgive me. But I wish Mugabe dies in Singapore and then his minions fight and kill each other off.
    Then we will be free to rebuild this once beautiful country.Ian Smith was under real sanctions but growing up in Rhodesia I lacked nothing as a black teenager. I dont eat sovereignity or independence and Smith never tortured or comitted genocide in his own country. He killed the zanu guerrillas in Mozambique.
    I dont care what any zanu apologists say. Zanu is worse than the mafia or Boko Haram with their little devilish Mugabe. A power hungry, blood sucking monster who has grown corrupt and old and sick on the blood of innocent, starving and desperate people of this one glorious land. Will tear down every street and thing with the name of Mugabe in zimbabwe. the time is soon approaching

  10. jobolinko

    Tawanda must keep his mouth shut we can not be a nation which is againist other people just because they are white or whatever colour and at the same time zanu is saying they want to engage the west to save the economy ,Up to now no one has been arrested why, it shows zanu dont mean what they say,NO ONE WILL COME TO INVEST IN ZIMBABWE,and you think zimasset will work forget it.

    1. furedi

      @jobolinko there is no need to tell Tawanda to shut up, that then means you do not tolerate different views from yours,those are his thoughts so all you need to do is state your case also. I am sure that the people who provide us with this platform set it up so we can debate freely. I hope you are not offended, after all I agree with most of your contributions here.

  11. Chola

    Holding tittle is the start , what happens if the person holding the tittle stole the land in the first place. Does that make him the tittle holder!!! IMO grow up land restitution was long overdue …. Isu timotoda land racho

    1. Doris

      So now, smart arse, try to grow an export quality crop on that piece of land that has no Title. Then try to sell your stolen goods! not a hope. The buyers in Europe are now well aware that they will be sued by the legal owner (the one that holds the Title Deed) should they take delivery of these crops.

    2. Kevin Watson

      A title deed is issued by the Government to a person who has paid for the land and paid transfer duty to the Government. By issuing the title deed and accepting the transfer duty the Government guarantees title to the title deed holder. The Government is therefor guilty of fraud and theft. Since land title was introduced along with writing reading and the rest of western civilization including roads, schools, hospitals, railway lines etc. Please tell me who owned the land, was it the San people who were the original inhabitants? Was it the Shona people who displaced them in eastern and central Zimbabwe who arrived in the 1400s is it the people in the North West who arrived before that at about the same time as the people who moved on and are now generically known as the Nguni and for the most part continued on to South Africa? Is it the Ndebele who arrived in 1838 on the white settlers who arrived in 1890? Since there are no title deeds prior to the 20th Century, it is difficult to say. perhaps all the black people should go back to where they came from either Angola or the Great lakes region and the land be restored to the San who for the most part do not want all the western infrastructure that has been built. You Sir are a stupid racist who feels the need for a hand out because you are lazy.

  12. andy

    Chola if a person holds title deeds to a property then the purchase is done through the legal process and registered with the land registry. Nobody can hold title deeds to anything that they stole

  13. Zvichapera

    Oh my good Lord, what is it that our ancestors ever did that we deserve this monster called ZANU pf?
    At times we think that they are the devils protege because of the tumultuous misery they have brought upon this nation, are we wrong in thinking this because of their iniquities?
    May reason, sanity and righteousness prevail so that Zimbabwe and its people may become prosperous. We beseech you, Holy Father, to remove the forces of darkness hindering the progress of our country, Zimbabwe

    1. Nkiwane (M'kiwa)

      No – it’s not ancestral in my humble opinion. The problem is that Zimbabweans are too placid and docile. At heart they are peace-loving people and just want to advance their families and themselves. Most are too scared to confront a dictator. There are exceptions like Tonderai Ndira, but they tend to be in the minority.

  14. munzwa

    Well said Ben, The likes of topheavy and tawanda should provide some practical solutions for the revival of agriculture and the national economy without looking for excuses that benefit themselves at someone else s expense!!Get involved with both sides of this land story and help your nation and ALL its peoples..

  15. Frankie Laine

    So much bloodshed, so much hatred.Zimbabwe is under a curse and it saddens my heart to realise it. Nations, yes nations, must appear before the Almighty God at Judgement Day. Who can give a good account of Zimbabwe on that terrible day? Black? White? No one, for all have fallen short.What a shame!

    1. Kevin Watson

      What if there is no god then they will get away with being murderous thieves!

  16. The Mind Boggles

    At least they are bundled into planes “Flying machines” this government can’t even provide dug out canoes to cross the limpopo.

  17. LUCY

    They are as terrified of the rule of law as the devil is witches are terrified of light. How would the loot extort and plunder ? They need the cover of lawlesssness to kill the nation.

  18. Shamiswa

    Tophaevy – does having a hateful heart make you happy my friend? I doubt it. Just let it go. We need to live together in Zimbabwe, people of all shades, and work together to build this place again.

  19. Straight Shooter

    Yes, no investments until GUKURAHUNDISM stops!

    We have gukurahundis everywhere; gukurahundi laws; gukurahundi language; gukurahundi tendencies; gukurahundi attitudes – here there gukurahundi; everywhere gukurahundi!!!

    And you expect global investors to come flocking? You must be jocking!!

  20. Straight Shooter

    These gukurahundi idiots should leave the whiteman alone. There is no such as thing as indigenous people. The only indigenous people on mother earth are Adam and Eve and they are no longer with us.

    Everyone else is a settler!!!!

  21. Straight Shooter

    You are a settler, wherever you are. This nonsense of we came first is idiotic, gukurahundi rubbish.

    Being the first to grab land does not make it legitimately yours!!

  22. lost birthright

    If Africa especially Zimbabwe keeps ranting on about how it was dealt a under handed deal they are only blaming themselves for denying what was offered to them and biting the hand which is feeding it. If they are to make a topic of slavery, best they look at who were the real slave traders ! It was the opposing tribes and that is what the Government is doing right now. Wake up !!!!

  23. Petal

    The people who do this to the farmers are driven by hatred and greed and nothing will change until they go

  24. Christy Whitehair

    Most of the world, self included, consider Zimbabwe a failed state and Mugabe a terrible, dishonest, quite stupid liar. Everyone knows the downfall of this country was kicking out the white folks.


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