Mugabe’s victory wasn’t credible, SADC disappointed us: says UK

By | August 23, 2013

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THE United Kingdom Foreign Secretary William Hague says there should be an independent audit of Zimbabwe’s elections before the poll results can be deemed credible.

President Robert Mugabe was yesterday sworn-in after the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) on Tuesday declared the July elections free, fair and credible.

“I am extremely concerned that the MDC-T had to withdraw its legal challenge due to concerns over the independence of the judiciary. I strongly believe that an independent investigation of any allegations of election irregularities would be required for the election result to be deemed credible,” said Hague in a statement.

“As I have set out previously, I have grave concerns over the conduct of the election, and the flaws highlighted in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and African Union (AU) observation missions’ initial assessments. These included the failure to produce the voters’ roll, the large number of voters who were turned away on election day, the very high numbers of extra ballot papers that were printed, as well as the reforms that were not completed as part of the Global Political Agreement (GPA), including to the media environment and security sector.”

Hague said while Sadc withheld judgment on whether the election was either fair or credible, due to the flaws, “I am disappointed that the election result was endorsed at last weekend’s Sadc Summit.

“I hope that the Sadc and AU final reports will take into account the full impact of the failure to complete the reforms outlined in the Global Political Agreement, as well as the numerous and serious irregularities highlighted on the day.

27 thoughts on “Mugabe’s victory wasn’t credible, SADC disappointed us: says UK

  1. Demba Temba

    The British ambassador lied about 10000 people being assisted to vote in a precinct where a total of 17000 voted. They hope these lies will go unnoticed. The rest of the world must be told that Britain lied in order to overturn the decision of the Zimbabwean people. Do you think if Morgan had solid and credible evidence of vote rigging he would not have shared it with the world?

    1. Richard Flynn

      Even if he had (which would be difficult to do given the ZANU-controlled access to everything official), it would not make any difference to the collective ZANU-SADC effort to maintain the dubious status quo. Mugabe has stolen his seventh election in a row; and SADC have helped him do it.

  2. Collin Mackenzie

    Hauge please Please you were not there believe it or not president Mugabe won fair and Square

    What about the sits Zanu PF lost were those also rigged

    Finding some more ways to back track on the words the British said that who ever wins they will work with.

    Its things like this that make president Mugabe upset and the relationship between the British an Zimbabwe a wasted cause and should be officially separated for good

    So Zimbabweans can work with other people and comrades in the world who will value the will of the people of Zimbabwe congratulations to Zanu PF

    You stood the test of time and there’s only one way and thats up.

    1. Kevin Watson

      B*llsh*t, the election was called illegally, the electoral laws were amended illegally, the voter registration was conducted illegally and unfairly, in contravention of the law the electronic voters roll was not supplied to the parties contesting the election only to Zanu PF and this is illegal and unfair, voters were alllowed to vote with registration slips although their names did not appear on the voters roll, other voters were turned away even though they had voter registration slips. B*sh*t yourself but intelligent observers are not so easily fooled.

      1. Nick Collis

        100 per cent correct . An absolute farce of an election even by Zimbabwe’s standards. Take your protest to the streets MDC ….that in conjunction with a drying up of donor funds could see the whole military edifice collapse!

    2. Richard Flynn

      Zimbabweans are, by and large, a decent people. ZANU, unfortunately, is not.

  3. mujibha

    Collin, who do you think in their normal senses will want to work with the devil, except other witches like russia, china, iran and bob’s puppets from sadc

  4. hovhiyo shindi

    Can someone tell the British that they are nothing more than a bunch of greedy touts who act like rank marshals. We shall never be distracted by dead wood. Colonialism is dead for good.

    1. Richard Flynn

      After you get through telling ZANU (the “z” stands for Zhing-zhong) that they are nothing but a bunch of greedy touts who are acting like rank marshals… dead wood? You ought to look in a mirror.

  5. Johann

    Britain helped to create this mess 40 years ago by supporting a military take over/terrorism. Everyone knows that an 89 year old(what ever his colour or affiliation)is too old to run a country and that the real power has and always will lie with the military not the ballot.I understand Mugabe advised those at the Lancaster house agreement in 1979 that if he didn’t win the election then his armed struggle would continue. Who else can one vote for when such a situation prevails. The British government created this situation they should keep their mouth shut.

    1. Kevin Watson

      He did not advise that at the Lancaster House talks, but after the cease fire his Zanla forces roamed the countryside telling the people that and after 10 years of war they wanted it over.

    2. Nhamodzenyika

      As a matter of fact, Mugabe in an interview before the Elections in 1980, stated that if his party lost the Elections in they would go back to war. Thus the population voted to end the war and they did not vote for Zanu – pf as a party. Thus Zanu- pf has never won a free and fair election even though they have ruled for 33 years and still counting.

  6. rob mugger

    The biggest fraud in Zimbabwes history everyone knows it. The most dishonest person wins. If anything the old man Will face God for judgement I think the Ten commandments in the bible Rob Mugabe has broken everyone. Like the plaguwe in the bible they too will one day blow over Mugabe I say Set your people free or worse things Will come to the evil doers

  7. Cde Tichashaina chete

    Please please Hague, zimbabwe has one of the best electral system. I wonder if the high standards you expect on zim are applied everywhere no governement will be recognised. In other african countries some can just run away with a ballot box. Say the truth when you promised “you will support whoever wins….” you only expected MDC-T to win!!! MDC-T lost becoz of these issues;
    1. Immorality news about the leader
    2. Teetering stance on the issue of gays and lesbians

    1. Kevin Watson

      Mugabe cheated on his first wife with the wh*re that is now his second wife why did you vote for him then? You are simply a Zanu PF fool with no brains, no compassion and no morals.

  8. Tendi

    I’m sure Collin in previous posts promised he wasn’t going to carry on reading this website! It turns out that he, like his masters can’t stick to his words. It is a fact that the GPA was not implemented because ZANU knew that if it was, they would be severely weakened. The facts are and these are undisputed… 300000 people were turned away. 200000 ‘assisted’. Voter registration did not take place in accordance with Zimbabwean law. The electoral commission and the courts will not allow anyone access to the ballot material. (A bit like a murder trail where the prosecution is expected to try a case but has no access to material evidence from the crime scene and not allowed to call witnesses) The electronic voters role has still not been released.
    In the end it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the whole process was designed to create a particular outcome. If ZANU is so sure of their legitimacy they would have ensured an undisputed even playing field and be celebrating their victory with the whole world… Not just the half that is has vested intrests in seeing the status quo continue. Zimbabwe will continue to deteriorate under the status quo. The few thousand rich will continue to get unimaginable wealth whilst the millions continue their toil to buy a loaf of bread and ultimately leave this country for greener pastures… Maybe that’s what Africa wants… A socially, politically, economically weak Zimbabwe. We will be much easier to manipulate that way. Very sad!

  9. Collin Mackenzie

    Free and fair elections is when MDC wins ?

    Please, please ask people in Zimbabwe they will tell you that this time people in Zimbabwe did not vote for MDC they seen through MDC.

    Why,why ? is MDC being forced onto Zimbabweans, why why?

    Why Should the British tell Zimbabwe or have the last say on issues related to Zimbabwe, the British must know that Zimbabwe is no longer a colonialist country under the leadership team and highly criminal justice system of the British.

    I say please Britain keep your pink nose out of Zimbabwe and let Zimbabwe be Zimbabwe, Britain you trying to enter Zimbabwe through the Back door using the Unionist Labour Party MDC misleading Zimbabweans and lying about the results of the election’s.

    I asked a family of seven as they did the victory dance, who did they vote for and you guess.

    Today Zimbabwe is truly independent and not the independence of 1980 that was just freedom.

    Thanks to president Mugabe Today Zimbabweans can say that they are free and independent.

    Lastly why, why only after the land grab did Zimbabwe discover the mineral wealth of diamonds and Other materials, that the British have been stealing through the likes of Roy Bennett, who has and is still an mining diamonds.

    Zimbabwe will and has turned a corner and will be an icon in the world let alone in Africa, that is why the lady next is crying because Zimbabwe has found a new and stunning wife dressed up diamonds and shining bright.

    1. truthHurts

      Colin the message is clear but you don’t seem to be absorbing it. Free and Fair is when an election is held freely and fairly – not when it is held unfairly and not freely.
      So when the last election was unfair – in the amount of irregularities – and not free – with many voters turned away or having their votes cast for them – the result cannot be accepted as that of a free and fair representation of the people, and should either be audited or re-run. Its how issues are dealt with in the real world, and is reflective of how well other countries are run, and why Zimbabwe suffers from poverty, unemployment, and some of the worlds fattest politicians.
      Also, of that family of seven, how many were of voter age, how many actually voted, and how many times did they vote?

  10. Anold Anderson

    Can our comments continue to build the future of Zimbabweans not to be a battle field. Yes we know the nature of the people whose eyes are still thinking of choosing leaders who comply with their own motives in order to use them. Let us unity and fight a peaceful war as our elections depicted

    1. Richard Flynn

      It would be nice to move away from military metaphors and mutual antagonism. But Mugabe has always made it perfectly clear that ZANU is a military entity, and so the civil war continues, 60 years on… by their choice.

  11. steve makiwa

    The MDC and others opposing Zanu are guilty of complacency, however Zanu are guilty of every crime imagineable , not least is the theft of a nation’s good name and cultural identity, the destruction of all its hope over a period of 33 years through greed for money and power. When these people die maybe they think that they can take all of their stolen wealth with them?
    These cowards have always tried to blame others for their misdeeds, Britain did NOT unleash the 5th brigade in Matabeleland, Britain did NOT force Mugabe and his cronies to loot every penny they could lay their filthy bloodstained hands on, Britain did NOT force these same HITLERS and STALINS to RAPE, TORTURE AND MURDER CHILDREN! The truth is the truth and there can be no justification for the actions of these spawn of evil, the reign of terror wrought on their own people like so many other evil bastards in history. You hide behind each other like the cowards you are , but finally in the end there is no resting place other than the deepest and darkest fires of hell for Mugabe and his entourage, when the time comes for you to stand before your ancestors they will surely turn their backs on you in shame!!!

  12. Tru African

    So by your reasoning,the delegates and British voted Mugabe in 1980!Thats stupid,utter nonsense even Morgan Tsvangirayi doesn’t utter such stark nonsense.


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