Behind Zuma’s EU – Africa summit boycott

via Behind Zuma’s EU – Africa summit boycott Nehanda Radio Apr 02, 2014 By Wilbert Mukori

There is a lot more to President Jacob Zuma’s boycott of the EU – Africa summit than meets the eye and every freedom loving South African must now sit up and pay attention before it is too late!

“I think that time must pass wherein we are looked as subjects,” President Zuma told SABC. “We are told who must come, who must not come. We have not attempted to decide when we meet Europe; who must come and who must not come. It is wrong and causes this unnecessary unpleasantness.”

The European Union, United States of America, Australia, Canada and many other Western countries did not impose the targeted sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies out of the blue; they imposed the sanctions to show their displeasure at the tyrannical regime’s repeated failure to hold free and fair elections and thus deny the ordinary Zimbabweans a meaningful say in the governance of the country.

Of all the leaders in this world President Zuma knows only too well how Mugabe has repeatedly rigged the elections. He and Thabo Mbeki, before him, have seen the reports on how Mugabe rigged the 2002 elections. Indeed he is the one who has stubbornly refused to release the report even when the Court said he should.

Of all the leaders on earth President Zuma should know the suffering and despair millions of Zimbabweans have endured as a consequence of Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess. South Africa has seen more Zimbabwean political and economic refugees than any other country in the world.

Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant; this is a myth but a daily reality for the people of Zimbabwe. 34 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and brutal political repression have reduced Zimbabwe into one of the poorest in the region. Zimbabwe’s continued economic and political mess is the single biggest threat to economic growth and stability in the SADC region.

It is inconceivable that someone like President Zuma has failed to see Mugabe for the corrupt and murderous tyrant he is. That is simply impossible. President Zuma is refusing to see Mugabe for the tyrannical dictator he is because he is himself becoming one!

Only last week President Zuma was heavily criticized for spending $20 million of unauthorised public funds improving his rural mansion. He refused to own up and his ruling ANC party all rallied behind him. The motive of the other ANC leaders in supporting him is as clear as day; they too can now indulge themselves in all manner of corrupt activities confident Zuma will turn a blind eye to it all.

Two decades after the end of apartheid millions of black South Africans still live in abject poverty. Stories of rampant corruption amongst the governing ANC leaders will only pour petrol to the fire and fury of the restless masses. Worse still, the passing away of the iconic ANC leader Nelson Mandela; has meant more than the death of the leader but of the democratic ideals he fought for all his life.

The late President Mandela’s contempt of Robert Mugabe for the tyrant’s greed and betrayal of freedom and liberty is a matter of public record. President Zuma knew well enough where Madimba stood with Mugabe. In a way that President Zuma was careful not to follow Mugabe’s footsteps, at least not whilst Madiba lived.

Madiba is dead and President Zuma’s own political popularity and that of ANC are sinking like a stone. One does not need to be a university graduate in Political Science to know what President Zuma is thinking. He is definitely planning to bend if not outright break the democratic rules to stay in power!

If you are going to commit the same offence it makes sense to side with those who have themselves committed the same crime, particularly when the criminal is a cunning fox like Mugabe who would only be to glad to expose you as a hypocrite otherwise. One does not want to cosy up with the judges of the crime either.

President Zuma has an excuse should the West ever be critical of his contact in the future; “They are punishing SA for refusing to have Europe dictate to Africa!” An answer straight from Comrade Robert Mugabe’s red book: “The West imposed the sanctions on Zimbabwe because we took away the land from the white farmers!”

When President Zuma failed to failed to impose his authority on Mugabe throughout the GNU although, as SADC head in the crisis he had the political and economic clout and the moral authority and obligation to do; alarm bells should have started to ringing in the whole SADC region but loudest in SA itself.

Tyrants and dictators are like bad a storm; they do not suddenly appear. The storm is announced by the gathering winds and the darkening sky. And so too are tyrants; corruption and lawlessness are their forerunners!

During the dark years of apartheid President Zuma, like all the other African leaders, strongly supported the imposition of sanctions against the white racist and oppressive regime.

Today even lesser sanctions are imposed of a corrupt and tyrannical regime and you calmly accuse those doing something positive to end this tragic affair of being disrespectful of Africa. Their stance is “wrong and causes this unnecessary unpleasantness”! You are clearly not on the side of the long suffering masses of Africa; that much is clear!


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68 comments on “Behind Zuma’s EU – Africa summit boycott
  1. bafunda says:

    Zuma is an idiot! To expect any thing better from him would make us fools too.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Well the people of South Africa have him as President and his decisions have affected them and God knows where he is taking them next. It is bad enough that Zimbabwe is in a real mess and I would not wish this on any other country much less SA. If SA goes down then the whole SADC will go down with it!

      • All Eyes On Me says:

        SA is not going down and will not go down. Pains of self governance are to be expected in any new nation emerging from an oppressive apartheid and colonialist past – thus how we all learn. The ANC is now 102 years old; the oldest liberation movement on the African continent.

        It has been known for its self-cleansing internal mechanisms whenever things go wrong. All because they do admit within and to themselves whenever they make mistakes, unlike ZANU PF.

        They are also internally democratic, hence their change of leadership after every ten years.

        The ANC has had a chain of leaders ever since it was formed. They are flexible and adapt to changes in their political and economic environment.

        Did you even know that at one time they belived in Communism and nationalisation – but today, they will never go that route. Wait until after these coming elections, you will see what the ANC is all about – the world will be made to sit up!!

        • Parangeta says:

          The world doesn’t give a sh&^%t about Africa, except for it’s minerals.

          That includes China, Venezuela, Brazil, India, Russia, EU, UK and USA.

          Don’t kid yourself that “The World will Sit Up”, that’s a hoot! ha! ha!

        • roving ambassador. says:

          I hope and pray you are right for Africa’s sake.

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          You are not suggesting what has been going in Zimbabwe are all part of the “pains of self governance are to be expected in any new nation emerging from an oppressive” past. And no doubt, Zuma is now coming to learn how to rig elections at the foot of a grand master, Mugabe?

          You are a simpleton and can not help think like one!

    • All Eyes On Me says:

      bafunda, you are the idiot!!

      • Parangeta says:

        I don’t think so, Zuma is a corrupt, stupid and womanizing faker.
        He is M’garbage’s best mate, that tell it all!
        He ruined the GNU by dragging his feet and cow-towing to M’Garbage.
        His ANC is also corrupt, racist and passe!

  2. Zvichanaka says:

    Zuma is looking for support from Mugabe when fruits of his mismanagement of SA economy plus corrution start to bite.

  3. mujibha says:

    People of south africa you need to get rid of this idiot before he employs nikuv. Otherwise you r going the same way as us zimbabweans.

    • NBS says:

      Too late she cried. All indications point to Nikuv already having met with Zuma. may god expose all things. And why are there 7 containers of election material from Israel sitting in Durban destined for Zimbabwe. the Jewish people now need to speak out and Zim must protest at the Israeli embassy. Zvakwana! I hope Zuma’s percentage votes drop drastically. And I hope the south Africans are not as asleep as we are. Wake up MDC and all you opposition parties. stop you petty snivelling and fighting and get to work!

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        Israel was the only country that continued to have a great relationship with the apartheid regime in SA right up to 1994 when the late Nelson Mandela took over.

        Israel was warned about Nikuv’s dirty business in Zimbabwe before the 2013 elections by the some Western countries but the Israeli government chose to ignore the warning. And now NIKUV is back in Zimbabwe working with this tyrannical regime full time.

        When Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship collapse – it is collapsing – this time we must carryout a thorough investigation of exactly what Nikuv and Israel has been doing in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.

        Judas Iscariot ended with the rope round his neck for one kiss for which he was paid thirty pieces of silver. Nikuv has already been paid US$ 13 million for corrupting the Zimbabwe voters roll in the 2013 elections alone; now they too must hang!

        Africa can never hold its head high amongst other nations as long as outsider can come into their own home, piss on them and allow the treasonous intruder to walk away with bags full of looted wealth to boot! Mark my words, Nikuv and Israel will never ever get away with it!

    • All Eyes On Me says:

      mujibha, you are Shona therefore its obvious you are the idiot, not Zuma!!

      • Parangeta says:

        What the F%$#ck had Shona, Ndebele, m’Kororkoro,
        San got to do with anything fool?

        You are typical of the racist, tribalist cabal that is the
        filthy ZPF, and their even filtier Simian leader, M’Garbage!

      • Parangeta says:

        Zuma is also Shona, fool!

  4. DW says:

    Great article Wilbert and I have always wondered about the sudden about-turn by Zuma, exactly what did Mugabe offer him at the Mozambique conference prior to elections? Diamonds anybody?

  5. Qiniso says:

    Its pay back time Wilbert Mukori. I am a simple man and will explain this in a simple way. If youre a student of history you will remember that Mugabe stood with ANC against Europe and US.It will take time for these former liberation movements to go against each other, just like Europe and US still hate Hitler.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Nonsense the leaders are not the only ones who made sacrifices and suffered during the fight for independence; ordinary people did too. This is not about blacks vs whites or Africa vs West. This is about whether Mugabe has the right to deny ordinary Zimbabweans the basic and fundamental rights to a free vote and even the right to life. When Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 elections he was not cheating the British but ordinary black Zimbabweans.

      Just because Zuma is supporting Mugabe, that does not make it right. He is doing so for his own selfish reasons. He too will want to rig the elections and do other undemocratic things for which he would not want anyone to criticize him! The late Nelson Mandela has openly criticized Mugabe for his contemptuous indifference to the suffering of others and disregard for the rule of law. Follow Mandela and not Zuma!

  6. Bee says:

    These people don’t see it as corruption or greed. They see it as their god given right. They are devoid of moral conscience. If you do not have that basic trait, well then, things just cannot work. South Africa will follow in Zimbabwe’s footsteps for sure!

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      I agree that our leaders do not have any moral compass but what makes things worse is we the masses do not have the mental aptitude to see who we are being short changed. We are as helpless as an infant, mentally, and what do is physical strength then. We are no better that Boxer the horse in George Orwell’s Animal Farm whose motto was “I will work harder!”

      Mankind has dominated and ruled the rest of the animals not because he is physical stronger than the other animal. No; he has ruled because he is smarter than the other animals. Those nations who have proven to be smarter than the other nations have in turned ruled the sloth nations. Like it or not Africa has more than its fair share of sloths.

      I am a black African, I am not proud that my people have suffered the scourge of slavery, the curse of colonial exploitation and oppression and now they are being ground into the dust by the disease of corruption and greed from their own idiotic black leaders!

    • All Eyes On Me says:

      Forget it, your wishes will never come true. SA will never come to be like Zim, never. They dont take stupid decisions like those taken by the gukurahundis. The current problems are a passing phase, they are part of a maturing democracy!!

  7. Mandy says:

    Wilbert is right, there tale tell signs that Zuma is desperate. The motivation is clear. Nkandla is burning him to smithereens. We saw it with Museveni when power was beginning to corrupt him at the turn of the century. He made a volte face and joined in the company of fellow dictators. Soon enough he was warming up to his avowed enemy, Robert Mugabe whom he had fought so bitterly in the DRC. Eventually they are the best of friends. Unfortunately for Zuma the end is well nigh. Without a two thirds majority in parliament he wont be able to change the South African constitution and soon he will be singing the blues like his predecessor Bheki. All I can say is depart Mtshina wame. You made your bed and you must now lie on it. Go!! Please Go!! The discomfort of your many wives you can withstand. After all you will be in jail and they will be busy bonking other men.

    • All Eyes On Me says:

      Who said the ANC wants to change the Constitution? No one in the ANC has ever said this.

      They have had a two thirds majority in the past and they never changed it, why now? The two thirds majority is just a red herring, it will be nice to have it but its no train smash.

      Come back after May 7 and repeat your words – the people’s movement, the ANC is winning come what may. The current by elections say it all.

      Step aside there is a man on the move – its Msholozi, wakwa Zuma, wakwa Nxamalala. Siyanqoba with or without the exaggerated Nkandla saga!!

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Nelson Mandela fought a real battle of not allowing South Africans be distracted from the real task before them of building a democratic and free SA by the temptations of hatred and revenge. Zuma is a failed leader and he knows it and worse still he is a reckless gambler. He is going to play the race card just to stay in power.

      Mandela’s democratic foundations are solid but only if everyone is playing by the rules; tyrants do not play by the rules. Hatred is a powerful human emotion and black South Africans, like the rest of Africans, have a great capacity to hate and once a nation goes down this path reason counts for nothing, as Zimbabweans have shown.

      Mugabe turned the land issue into a loaded race issue. Zimbabweans hated the whites so much that they cheered the tyrant on from one farm seizure to the next and would not see the damage this was doing to the national economy and their own future. It was total chaos and madness but even today with the benefit of hindsight many Zimbabweans still believe the land invasion and the lawlessness were all good – that is what hatred do!

      • All Eyes On Me says:

        Wilbert Mukori
        Like Shonas hated the Mthwakazi for supporting PF ZAPU, after Mugabe loaded them with hatred and all the theories of Nehanda and Kaguvi as the owners of the land and the Ndebeles and Mzilikazi, Lobhengula and Cecil John Rhodes as the invaders.

        So hatred is not new – it is also part of the Shona culture too!!

  8. Dave Wood says:

    I’m beginning to wonder whether Zuma has that tainted Shona blood in him, bearing in mind that it is the Shona idiots that destroyed Zimbabwe and her entire economy. Zim will never ever recover to her former glory, not under the rule of these shona things anyway…they are the joke around the world now, with everyone knowing that they are “born thieves”… And guess what, Zuma and Malema are no different! Hey, we forgot about that Mbeki character…what about the Platinum mine he owns in Zimbabwe, was this a gift from that Shona savage Mugabe, for sticking up for him at all those summits? Really, these individuals are ALL thieves, bent on destroying any economy for the sake of making themselves rich…

    • Tozvirevakupiko says:

      Dave – I am not sure generalising really helps in this modern era – there are bad Shonas and good Shonas, just as there are bad English and good English (whatever your background is. I am Shona and not a thief1

      • All Eyes On Me says:

        But you vote on tribal lines therefore you are a tribalist. You support Tsvangirayi because he is Shona, not because he is a good leader!

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Name one post independent African country that has been a shining example of democracy, freedom and economic prosperity? As a continent we have produced more than our fair share of morons that much I agree but I do not accept that they all have a Shona blood line. I also do not accept that “Zim will never ever recover to her former glory”!

      Zimbabweans, like the majority in the rest of Africa, have mentally switched off that is all. They have as much brain power as anyone else out there, that I am certain of. What they need is some one to give them a savage kick in the backside to force them to snap out of the stupid naval gazing habit!

  9. Mike Nyathi says:

    ANC, ZANU. All the same. They all sat in Maputo and Lusaka together drinking beer and they all operate in the same way and are of the same mindset. If you think they will be different, you are dreaming.

  10. RR says:

    The parallels between ZPF and the ANC, between Mugabe and Zuma are so close that the thought of where the ANC is taking South Africa is horrifying. The people of South Africa can stop the rot before it is to late, but do they have the will.

    • All Eyes On Me says:

      Those parallels exist in you highly imaginative head. The ANC and the gukurahundis are like choke and cheese; they are like oil and water – they will never mix.

      Its just that you are so desperate over your own predicament as a Zim, so you want them to do things that suit you or to say those things that you want to hear – it will never happen.

      In a country like SA, where the economy is still very much in the hands of the minority whites; you are dealing with a legacy of Bantu education and previous undeveloped former home lands regions, you need a party like the ANC that will stand firm on policies of empowerment of the previously disadvantaged.

      Issues of corruption are part of the growing pains of democracy. SA is what one could call a guided democracy. Where the extreme laisse faire type has to be controlled in order to aloow for the empowerment of the Black majority. The opposition DA believes in the unguided type of democracy, where we all turn blind to the legacies of the past and refuse to see colour in addressing these legacies.

      The concept of equal opportunities, in a country like SA does not work – preferential treatment will have to be the norm until the playing field is levelled – this is what the ANC believes in.

      The state institutions that are the pillars of thid democracy are still standing; though ocasionally some of the leadership there seem to take the view of the world being either about being RIGHT or WRONG and nothing in between. Some of us do not subscribe to this, given the legacies of apartheid and colonialism!!

      • Parangeta says:

        The only reason that RSA has survived this long, is that the economy IS in the hands of whites, and not the greedy, M’Garbage clones, like Zuma.

        What about that idiots $20 million upgrades to his house?
        Smart move, Zuma, you fool!

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Most South Africans do not even see what Zuma is doing; how can they stop something they can not see.

  11. All Eyes On Me says:

    Wilbert Mukori
    Stop day dreaming. There is nothing that Prsident Zuma does not know about your Gukurahundi leader Mugabe.

    1. He knows he gukurahundied our Mthwakazi people for tribal reasons using some of his Shona people;

    2. He knows Mugabe and many of his Shona cohorts brought tribalism to Zim after 1980, from their Mozambique hideout;

    3. He knows Mugabe is not only a tribalist, but also a racist dictator, who wanted Joshua Nkomo killed, and was never happy with ZAPU’s association with the ANC and uMkhontO we Sizwe (MK)as his friends were the PAC.

    Msholozi and the ANC are only being true to their party and government position of taking position as a collective within the context of regional co-operation at the SADC and AU level.

    The EU issue, is just a side issue and because of the elections that are around the corner, he has decided to remain behind. But to show that he considers the meeting important, he sent his International Relations Minister to Brussels.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      I never said Zuma does not know Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant who has been a total failure. I have also said Zuma knows Mugabe has stayed in power by blatantly rigging election and this is exactly what Zuma is planning to do himself and hence the reason why he is siding with Mugabe. Zuma would be foolish to side with the West over rigged election when the West will be criticizing him tomorrow.

      I have condemned what Mugabe did during the Gukurahundi years. This has nothing to do with Gukurahundi but you want this and tribalism dragged in at every opportunity.

      • All Eyes On Me says:

        Wilbert Mukori
        Its not possible to rig elections in South Africa, given the meticulous and openly publicised processes that underpin SA elections.

        There maybe some highcupps here and there but rigging outrightly is simply not possible. The registration of voters is an open process, with times and dates well publicised.

        The voters role is also open for public inspection well ahead of time. The counting of votes is an openly public process with votes appearing on Computer boards at the elections nerve centre for everyone to see, through all public and private media.

        This vote rigging issue is just a red herring by not only the opposition who are already preparing the groundwork for any excuses for their almost certain defeat by the ANC; but Zims like you who are not happy with the ANC government submitting to the collective SADC decisions on Zim.

        You want SA to go off on a tangent; to be a lone-ranger, like Botswana; but SA, unlike Botswana, with its small uninfluential economy cannot afford those foreign policy positions, given its past apartheid policies of raiding and dictating to Frontline States. They have to pursue a foreign policy that is also in their own long term interests; and engagement and cooperation with the rest of the continent is central to this.

        Yes, you are right – given the ongoing and never ending tribally tinted politics of Zim, where one’s tribe and region is more important in deciding whether they should be President or leader of an opposition party; its inevitable that the issue of gukurahundi and Shona tribalism will always be dragged in at every opportunity.

        The ball is in every Shona’s court to make sure such things dont happen by turning on a new leaf and accepting each and every Zim as a fellow brother and sister citizen with every right to any position in their country and their languages and cultures; without deliberately overwhelming them through your numbers so they end up shutting up as they do regularly.

        Check the contributions on comments in papers like the NewDay and others. Once people get overwhelmed by the number of contributions in the Shona language; they simply stop contributing their views leaving the space as an almost ALL-Shona Discussion forum – Coloured; Whites; Asians inlcuded.

        We want Zim to get to a situation where different people from different language and cultural communities lead different political parties; are members of different political parties and vote for anyone regardless of what language they speak or what region they hail from.

        Julius Malema is Pedi, he cannot speak Zulu, but he can campaign in KwaZulu Natal speaking English, without any problems and without any resistance from any quarter. He doesnt have to speak Zulu to be welcomed.

        Joshua Nkomo used to speak English in the ’60s to the Shona voters, as he wasnt that good in Shona, but there was not problem – they still loved him nevertheless; until Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF came onto the scene.

        This one-sided politics of Zim, where its only the people of Matebeleland/Mthwakazi who have crossed the Rubicon, in that they are found in every party and vote for any party or leader – but the same can not be said of the generality of the majority of the Shona people is totally untanable.

        Without this paradigm shift on the part of the Shona – gukurahundi and tribalism will always feature in just about any debate in Zim – the ball is in your court!!

    • Parangeta says:

      SADC and AU are puppets of M’Garbage and lalapanzi Zuma!

  12. says:


  13. All Eyes On Me says:

    Its very interesting and funny that all these MDC – Tsvangirayi supporters now cursing Zuma on these pages were all full of praise for him as one of the great leaders in the region in the days he stood firm on the implementation of the Global Political Agreement.

    What has changed. Many even justified his lack of education, because it suited them since their gukurahundi hero Tswangirayi was also not educated. The issue is, now what has changed? I mean this is still the same Zuma mind you?

    You will never be taken seriously, most of you Gukurahundis. Things are always fine as long as they suit you – you stand for nothing; no prinicples, and no conscience. Everything is about you and what you stand to gain.

    Why am I surprised. Many of you are the very same Shona people who loudly sang praises for gukurahundi Mugabe when he gukurahundied Mthwakazi people for supporting PF ZAPU.

    Mugabe was an untouchable as you sang his praises and thanked Nehanda and Kaguvi for bringing you this GREAT SON OF THE SOIL – as you used to call him.

    What a tribalistic and selfish bloody lot. Its all about what suits you – pieces of shiit!!!!

    • Parangeta says:

      You talk hogwash No eyes on you!
      Lalapanzi Zuma was reasonably efficient in the beginning
      of the GNU (GPA), but soon got hood-winked by M’Garbage.

      Learn your history, NO eyes on you!

  14. says:


  15. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    I think the author of this article is bang on and his responses are measured and mature.

    I cannot say the same about this All-eyes….. person.

    Our region is on fire and all he can do is sink to name-calling.
    We need to rise above this petty tribalism and focus on how to unite against a corrupt leadership thats taking the Continent down a path to HELL.

    Mugabe has killed both shona and ndebeles together with whites.
    He doesn’t care .

    Zuma, by neglecting the needs of his country and siding with a known tyrant, has declared his true intent.
    The number of corruption cases against ANC officials is on the increase.
    Even the firebrand Malema is not exempt!
    Anyone not worried by this trend has to wake up at some stage.

  16. mujibha says:

    All Eyes On Me, its not a case of being shona/ndebele, time of tribalism/racism is over, is time to move on as Zimbabweans, unless if your mind is the same as mugabe’s who always say whites all the time he can’t even give a speach without the word whites. Is the same with u, u can’t finish your comment without these words shonas or gukurahundis. I fill sorry for u your mind is still so much behind. Even football clubs they have gone past that era, we used to know that Zimbabwean footballers from matabeleland use to play for clubs from that area and vice vesa. Now its a thing of the past that is what we want as Zimbabweans. We r crying for politicians to do the same, we can’t keep on going back to the Nehandas, Chaminukas and Lobengulas era yes we should know our history, but not to put it in practice at this day and age. Lets face reality do u think what mugabe is doing to the of Zimbabwe is right? And even Zuma is backing him, he was the first person to congratulate him and say elections were free and fair. Surery were they free and fair. My last words pls stop all those tribalist/racist remarks and let us fight our enemy(MUGABE) together.

    • All Eyes On Me says:

      No you are lying. Can you honestly say tribalism is a thing of the past in Zim when Shonas still vote on tribal lines?

      When they still believe a person from Matebeleland/Mthwakazi should not lead a political party, otherwise he is being divisive – he should always come under a Shona as a deputy?

      You must be mad indeed!!

      • Parangeta says:

        That is the only thing you have said that has sense!
        Yes, Shona’s and especially M’Garbage are all racist and tribalist,
        and it has destroyed Zimbabwe.

        “Cry, My Beloved Country, Cry”.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      I agree with you there, we need to focus on the big picture – Zimbabwe – and not on the dot – my village! The whole country is on fire and those who think it is just village that is burning down are not being helpful. They are no different from the Obert Mpofu and Mugabe who are in power and have caused this mess. Obert has a posh house in his rural village and so does Mugabe; the people in the village are no doubt benefiting from the nice road to the respective mansion. They saved their village but set the whole country on fire!

      Those are so myopic they can never see beyond their village should confine themselves to matters they can see – village matters – and desist from talking about matter they cannot see – national!

  17. Rwendo says:

    That there was a shift within the Zuma administration’s stance after Maputo is hard to deny. Why the ANC has shifted back towards a more Mbeki-like doctrine than before towards Zimbabwe is still not completely clear.

    Perhaps like many Zimbabweans (and the EU), Zuma decided after the July 2013 fiasco to give up on the MDCs – and as well, give up on the Zimbabwean nation’s will and capability of ejecting ZANU PF anytime in the near future. Perhaps Zuma was happy to get rid of the distraction of another contested Zimbabwe election, and focus on getting his ducks in a row, as elections loom in SA.

    Likewise, towards the the West, perhaps Zuma has decided to take some of the wind from Malema’s sails by becoming more Mugabe-like before the elections. Perhaps he wishes to court the left ranks of the ANC and its partners. Perhaps those elements feel that Mugabe should not be so prominent in speaking for sub-Saharan Africa. Again, despite the nasty end to the Zuma-Mbeki partnership, more Mbeki-like doctrine. South Africa accepting to play a bigger role in African politics (talking for all us maKwerekwere). How ironic if true.

    The contrast between the response of the audience to Mugabe versus Zuma (even if many may have been Malema supporters out to embarass Zuma) at Mandela’s funeral was striking.

  18. Rwendo says:

    All the same – the ANC has failed to do for Zimbabwe and to Mugabe what the Nationalist Party managed to do to Smith and the RF. To go against their baser instincts and traditional sympathies.

  19. roving ambassador. says:

    I have witnessed rigging in SA in the mid 90′s ,in Roodepoort. I have also met a group of Zimbabwean sent in by Zanu to help in the rigging in Cape Town because its a DA enclave. And these chaps were boasting about it.
    The Roodepoort incident, people were bused in from Soshanguwe to boost numbers since this area was a white Conservative.
    Thats why i suspect this Nikuv shipment is for SA elections.
    Zanu has a hold on the ANC. Do not expect any help from them. They are all in it together.

  20. roving ambassador. says:

    I wish All eyes, well in his unflinching beliefs.

  21. mujibha says:

    All Eyes On Me, if u can read again I didn’t say its now a thing of past in politics, I did say in football and we r crying for politicians to do the same. In terms of leadership my opinion is lets say Tsvangirai is in power after his term the next president should b Khupe. I think Joshua Nkomo got it wrong by accepting to have 2 vice when they sign the deal, and Simon was suppose to step down. Even now those who r still in that deal they should fight for mujuru step down as vice, and whoever from zapu should b in that position. If everything was done the right way in the first plc the next president is/was suppose to b from zapu, not mujuru or munangagwa. To tell u the truth myself I’m not even botherd to a president from matebeleland/even a white person as long as he is managing country the right way and unite every Zimbabwean.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Please be honest. If Tsvangirayi were to step down, Khuphe would never take over, and you know it. And the reason is simple, she is not Shona. This is why names of juniors like Biti, Chamisa Mudzuri etc are always bandied about as possible replacements toTswangiray. Even in ZANU PF, its all the same. Is it a coincidence that in both parties, only Shona names are bandied about as possible replacements of the current leadership, despite them being junior to the Ndebele senior leadership? Was it a coincidence that John Nkomo was not mentioned as a replacement to Mugabe, yet Mnangagwa, who was junior was mentioned as Mugabe’s replacement?

      We are not stupid!!

  22. jobolinko says:

    South africans must vote zuma out or they will have another zimbabwe very soon,what has Robert mugabe s wife have to do with south africa as a nation

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