Biti launches campaign trail

via Biti launches campaign trail – NewsDay Zimbabwe by Obey Manayiti May 5, 2014

BEFORE the dust caused by the recent fierce boardroom fights in the MDC-T has settled down, the splinter group led by  axed party secretary-general Tendai Biti has hit the road campaigning and telling its supporters that a new party will be unveiled soon.

Addressing a campaign rally attended by over 100 supporters in Mutare on Saturday at the party’s provincial headquarters, Biti blasted party leader Morgan Tsvangirai for privatising the MDC-T.

“This movement, the renewal movement, is in its formative stages. We are in that transition where we have to hold on to the name MDC for certain strategic reasons,” Biti said.

“But let no one, let no man or woman doubt that we are going to have our own name, our own symbols, own colour. But we pledge to work with others. We pledge to work with other real democrats, churches, civil society and other political parties”

He said the MDC-T had failed to offer solutions to the Zimbabwean crisis. The former Finance minister also said Zimbabwe should be put under the curatorship of Sadc because the current government would not be able to break the current political and economic crisis.

Notable people at the rally were former Makoni South MP Pishai Muchauraya, Patrick Sagandira and former Mutare mayor Brian James.

He also accused Tsvangirai of turning down expert advice last year when he was urged not to participate in the harmonised elections as it was apparent that he was going to lose by a wide margin.

“You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Elections were rigged and it needs sharp brains to see how Zanu PF rigged elections,” Biti said.

“What we are doing is to create a new paradigm, we have to create a new vision. The time for personalised politics is over. The time for sloganeering your way to State House is over. The time for singing your way to State House is over. You have to create a new narrative. You have to create a new discourse, a new vision and new paradigm.”

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27 comments on “Biti launches campaign trail
  1. moyokumusha says:

    we will support Biti over Tsvangirai.

  2. tino says:

    If elections were rigged and then it needs sharp brains to see, is Biti saying his brains are not sharp? What a confused fellow!!!During elections he was walking around with the video saying it was proof.Thereafter, it was ZANU PF had a good message, thereafter it was leadership failure of which he was part of.Where does this guy really stands? In politics, stick by your guns.This chameleon style is typical student politics of chanting ahoyi ahoyi!!! When others go on road they then go back to their safe rooms and hide.Its cold out there guys.Winning support is not interpreting the constitution , which they cant.Ordinary people cry over Lever brothers-once a force in Africa, Merlin-a force in Africa, Kondozi farm-well known in European markets,Olivine , Lonrho, David Whitehead , the list is endless
    If MDC is now a violent party , then why do you keep on hanging to a violent name?That confirms the group’s fears that calling for a rally without mentioning MDC will not attract anyone.Wht the guys did is good for democracy if they really have the people in their hearts.As of now, the guys will soon park themselves and start looking for legal clients,its fortunate they have careers.
    African politics is far from the 1st world.Just look at Senegal, Wade was voted out , but due to his popularity among the people he had led for decades, they are chanting him to be back.You curve your name among the people, you develop a bond with them.Frustrations and emotions only dumben and destroy your soul.At the end Biti will say the people are stupid because they cant listen to a good lawyer.And vice versa it will be likewise.The people are always right in their primitive, uneducated ways as polititians want to label them.Winston Churchill said” A week is too long in politics” .Lets wait and see.Maybe the fruits are beginning to be ripe

    • Kevin Watson says:

      Along with your turgid rambling drivel it was not Winston Churchill who said “a week is a long time in politics”. It was Harold Wilson.

    • Tendai Sangi says:

      Good comment! While I yearn for a more “sharp brain” opposition leader, I am left to wonder if Biti is making a mistake by lashing out so early after the rigged elections!

  3. It amazes me when Mr Biti former secretary general of the MDC-T addresses his rally supported by 100 supporters,tells his audience that they will form a new party.But what strategic reasons does he mean he wants to retain the MDC-T for some time ?Iam sure he is now convinced that he was for sure fired from the party.I only think the strategic reason he wants to retain the name MDC-T is not to steal the party funds.At least he is intelligent enough to realize that they need a new name.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Ungabo sihlanyela lapha, nge gukurahundi lakho leli elinguTsvangirayi eninetribalism. Go to hell!!

  4. kagamba says:

    Biti there Is a lot of confusion in that man thus what happens if people are being used ana Jonothan Moyo, simba makoni when they left zanu they went out quietly they did what ever they wanted I have never heard them using zanu2 to do their cheap politics they were on their own zvenyu zvana Biti zvedzungu nenyaya yekukara mari pleasing mudhara aftr that you will be history

    • iMark says:

      True, if Biti and his friends had wisely opted out quietly, and formed a rival part, without the hogwash they are regurgitating, they would have created a rethinking in many a mind.
      Zimbabweans are now too politically clever, smart, to be hoodwinked by this bitipidity.

  5. truth says:

    Biti was created and served his purpose. he has a new assignment to fulfill nd to tel u the truth he has western support the international community he is going far. pple gna be confused again thts the whole point.

  6. 2pac says:

    Some times being educated it’s not enough,you can have smart words to say which we uneducated can’t understand but at the end of the day we can see who is the shadows you dining with the devil and suporting him to destroy what was build by the blood of the fallen heroes,and you think your smart thinking and talking will not make us see.Biti is a sellout who happens to be educated and thinks that he makes what is wrong Right.

  7. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    Mbiti is a sellout we will see his following. Why is he clandestine. At first he said he had taken over from Tsvangirayi now he is saying he is forming a new party. He was also hiding behind Mangoma what a traitor.

  8. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    Iam sorry there is nothing to loot at Mutare headquarters.

  9. moyokumusha says:

    It was Tsvangirai who brought the violence into the MDC when he delivered Mangoma to the thugs outside harvest house and that is why these others are breaking away.
    It would have been better for Morgan to just resign but he thinks he is the MDC and without him they will be nothing, he forgets he is an the elected leader who is accountable to the members.
    He is a power crazy buffoon who needs to accept he has failed and destroyed the MDC, the party people looked to for change.

  10. Mahlaba says:

    They mustn’t forget to invite Mtambara l m sure he will be important ingredient in this circus.

  11. itai says:

    Biti I salute you! You were the only effective cabinet minister in the last GNU. He knows what this country needs to work.

  12. Zvomukonde says:

    Umm what kind of people does Tsvangirai keep around himself. Biti ,Mangoma. These were the key MDC representatives in the MDC/Zanu PF negotiations.
    For how long have they been misinforming Tsvangirayi, it has always been the case Tsvangirayi making poor decisions when it really matters.A leader can only be good as his advisors some may say.

    Maybe Tsvangirayi is a traitor,maybe he has stayed for too long.He definitely has shortfalls when it comes to making tough decisions. But it is hard to support Biti when he Gono’s lawyer. It is really tough,even when he has likes of Promise Mkwananzi,those fake student leaders.

  13. Gatsheni says:

    Biti and crowd are the better of all evils available in the Zim political arena right now. The rest are self serving greedy and power hungry non-patriots.

  14. Daniel says:

    Biti is right in saying Morgan was warned about a rigged election and yet kept on saying the MDC would win.We will always give him credit as the founder of MDC But so many times he has been found to be wanting and a lightweight compared to ZANU PF.Yes we respect you but how many elections do you want to loose before stepping aside. PLEASE go and let people like Biti who have balls take over.

  15. laazuk says:

    It is very surprising that there is no turning back, on Biti’s madness. His camp call themselves academics. Maybe they do not know what academics are. Having a law degree and defending high profile criminals i the courts of does not make one an academic. IS MKWANANZI AN ACADEMIC? Jacob Mafume? Mangoma? These guys have got a zeal but its empty. Its selfish, its emotional, its acrimonious, its jealousy. Biti had predicted well, that he he gets back to practice. At the moment he is tarnishing his law firm by this new party. Which is which now? Where do you stand? Your team is misguided. Which church do you belong to? Which churches are on your side? In the NGO community, who are credible personalities to work with? Donor funding is cannot create a better politician in Jacob Mafume. What I want to advise you is that you are not an academic. Tsvangirai has a team with bigger minds than yours. Tsvangirai has real academics. You will see. Just wait, very soon you will be like your boss Welshman Ncube? Makafundei? Makafundepi? Dai mangotaura zvezera renyu?

  16. Straight Shooter says:

    Biti my man, show them how its done. Deal a blinding death blow to the tribalistic gukurahundi ZANU PF son-in-law, Morgan gukurahundi Tswangirayi.

    Deal with him my brother, deal with him!!

  17. Straight Shooter says:

    We want to see all these Tsvangirayi hero-worshippers down on their knees.

    Tsvangirayi will never, ever be president. We will go all out of our ways to ensure this never happens!!

  18. Chimoto says:

    Straight shooter , your arrow is of grass.Biti can not even attract a crowd of 200 .Its pathetic.You follow him alone, voters are very inteligent and do not wase their precious time on constitution that is and was broken willynilly by ZANU PF.The calibre of people following Biti are certified failures, like Jacob Mafume.Watson, usarwadziwa hako.Biti wenyu will rise if he is to .But with the type of confusion he has, you will be ashamed to mention his name in public.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      You gukurahundi Tsvangirayi will never be president. get that into your head. It will never happen!!

  19. Straight Shooter says:

    A gukurahundi ZANU PF SON-IN-LAW for sure!!

  20. kelly says:

    Biti launches what campaign trail??? He has been one of the top decision makers in MDC through their unfortunate loses and said nothing until after the election. He now tries to jump from the boat probably at the encouragement of Zanu PF. What is it that he will do differently now?? Tsvangirai as an individual cant make sole decisions. Party decisions are made at party structures and we never heard him complain before. Stop slpiting the party or else go and form yours BITI. Tsvangirai will be unseated at the congress if people decide to do so.

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