Fake Mugabe arrival picture fuels speculation

via Fake Mugabe arrival picture fuels speculation  JANUARY 12, 2014 NehandaRadio

According to state media reports President Robert Mugabe returned home Friday morning from Singapore where he spent part of his annual leave. But to reinforce its story the Herald newspaper proceeded to use a fake picture.

The paper used a picture of Mugabe returning from the AU summit in Addis Ababa in January 2013. This continued to fuel speculation about the health of the Zanu PF leader who turns 90 next month and has been in power for nearly 34 years.

Last month anonymous Facebook activist Baba Jukwa claimed Mugabe’s health had deteriorated and he had suffered a collapse.

In a subsequent interview with Nehanda Radio last week Baba Jukwa said “There is so much cover-up by the intelligence at present but please do understand I never said Mugabe has died. I only give you the facts as I see and hear them.”

Meanwhile Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba, who is also the Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, said President Mugabe would spend the remainder of his leave in Zimbabwe.

Vice President Joice Mujuru continues as Acting President until President Mugabe’s leave is over. This in some quarters however is being interpreted as Mugabe needing more time to recover from whatever medical setback he has suffered.

Mugabe is a frequent Far Eastern visitor and spends much of his time travelling back and forth for medical care. His doctor is based in Singapore and hence the reason for his frequent visits to that country.

Although ZANU PF continuously dismisses any reports that their ageing leader has serious health problems, there is widespread speculation that the care he is receiving is ‘specialist’ and related to prostate cancer.

According to a leaked 2008 US diplomatic cable, then central bank chief Gideon Gono told then-US ambassador James McGee that Mugabe had prostate cancer and had been advised by doctors he had less than five years to live.

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47 comments on “Fake Mugabe arrival picture fuels speculation
  1. Tjingababili says:


  2. Fallenz says:

    What..? Mugabe supporters attempting to deceive..??? What a novel concept..!!! Who’d have thunk it……..

  3. Ephrain Gumbo says:

    Why all the excitement? His age alone should signal that he is drawing to the end? The question which stands foremost in my mind is: when will Zimbabweans ever come to terms with reality and stop listening to and believing in this Mugabe rhetoric that the former colonialists and sanctions are responsible for all our problems? Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. Greed and gross incompetence has led to our poor situation. Come alive Zimbabwe, realize and grasp the truth, have the courage to speak up.

  4. Gwindingwi says:

    We better be ready for the future without this person who is as mortal as anybody else. Ariel Sharon is on his way to the grave, he was 85. At 90, the grand funeral is NOT too far. If you want to know how the future may look like, look no further than ZUNDE – http://www.zunde.org.

  5. Sekuru Mapenga says:

    “The greatest man of our time….” is the caption by Psychology Maziwisa on the photo.
    Isn’t it time that even Mugabe’s fans admit that he is not the greatest. They may love him dearly, but they cannot deny that very many in the nation dislike him intensely and consider him to be the cause of many of the economic and social ills in the country.
    Praise him if you will, but to call him “the greatest” – that is just plain delusional. You should remember, Psychology, that long before we had MDC, many leaders inside Zanu PF (Dzikamai Mavahire for example) had already realized that Mr Mugabe needed to retire.

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    He will suprise u.
    And what then when u see him fit?

  7. zim4u says:

    Chakapfungidza dzimba matenga pane nyaya apa mudhara is not well @ all but munosvikepi muchinyepa ana Psychology if u read his history unotengesa body kuti urarame ndofunga murungu akakuonesa moto u knw what I’m tlking abt

  8. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Murimi -No more suprises here , let him stay and hide indoors until his last breath , you people of ZANU PF you crucified him , he should have enjoyed his exit package long back but you kept him on seat . Mujuru might lead us better until 2018 , then MDC T will win the elections to pave a far much better future for us .

  9. chauya chimurenga says:

    There is a time for everythng . His tym is comng and when that tym comes you will c hw many people will be happy . Not even a single person had a negetive comment about Mandela ,now thts agrt man

  10. Mr Murimi no one says we will not see him again it looks like you have your conclusion,Even if he’s alive his day will come

  11. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Yes he is not immortal,maybe not even a decade to go.but certainly not this week,or next month as u guys wish.
    Khaya,Ruramai,u r going to keep your fingers crossed for a very long long time to come.
    We will celebrate his 90th in style

    • Ruramai says:

      Murimi, why would I keep my fingers crossed? I don’t care if Mugabe lives or dies as he has no relevance in my daily struggle to survive. I simply asked why it was necessary for the herald to use last year’s photo. You don’t happen to know, do you?

  12. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    I dont mean lavish.I know where that would go

  13. holy Moyo says:

    When yuou see things like this the bells are tolling. We have had enough of this old fossil who has destryed our once beautiful rich country and turned it into a nation of tomatoe sellsman,currency dealers, air time peddlers.refugees and scroungers while he and his concubine disgrace live in a palace. .
    I am not ashamed to say growing in Ian Smith’s Rhodesia was life of plenty for us. Jobs for our parents, Food aplenty and Ian smith did not murder thousands of people in Rhodesia but in Mozambique.
    Ian smith did not make himself rich by blood sucking his people. His Government was accountable. And no one liberated me because I was not in prison. Except to say we were lioberated into misery by Robberry Mgabi and his gang of thieves who have sucked the country dry and driven the once number African currency into oblivion.Make no mistake I am going celebrate together with thousands of other Zimbabweans once this Mpambefumi Mgabi kickes the bucket. With his ex secretary Disgrace they have 15 farms and live in a palace which is splashed all over the internet . Shameless drooling Despot.

  14. zim4u says:

    I think thy are busy recruiting a person who will be putting a mask of mugabe on this birthday cuting a cake and he won’t make a speech. This will be on national TV to fool the nation because if they can fake this what will them stop them doing it again now there will be another story saying mugabe off somewhere for summit showing an old picture plz guys be real let wait and see what’s the next episode nw.

  15. jo-o says:

    people who wish other people to pass away are arrogant and unethical. with or without the current leadership in our beloved country without education, land, skills you will still continue to struggle. President Mugabe has achieved higher literacy rate in Africa than all other countries and has made our country peaceful. do you hear of civil wars in other countries my dear brothers that is sweat, tears and blood why should you easily forget our notable achievements, I am not saying that anyone should be the for ever, no. In terms of competitiveness of education Zimbabwe tops the rankings in Africa this is according to the Forbes magazine.

    • zim4u says:

      Hey you are missing the point here we know that very well you need to tell us this man has over stayed period asi hauna double shift nhasi we want facts here not stories

    • Peter tosh says:

      Who laid the foundation for this education,was it not Ian smith?

    • Bernard says:

      Gee, did you lose all your senses at birth ? Zimbabwe was a sought after holiday destination prior to Mugabe. Now he has turned it into the cesspool of Africa. There is still MASSIVE potential for that country and I would LOVE to go back and visit ….but not while that moron still breathes.

    • Ruramai says:

      Jo-o, the point is a fake photo was used. Why? Mugabe achieved high literacy rates but also achieved high poverty levels so the literacy levels you brag about have not brought prosperity. 85% of Zim’s population is unemployed.

      In case you are not aware of it, between 1982 and 1987 Mugabe murdered 20 000 innocent civilians in Matebeleland and the Midlands. Many lie in unmarked graves. Is that peace or simply a subjugated, hungry and malnourished population battered into submission by a brutal dictator?

  16. blessing says:

    Tinotenda nebasa ravakaita,kuona kwangu nekufunga kwangu baba vazorora,ichokwadiwo hapana chisinga peri,Mandela wakaenda wani,nekudaro hurongwa hwa Mwari tose ndiyo nzira

  17. blessing says:

    Vatungamiriri venyikaa ndinokumbirawo mapanga muise pasi nekuti ndiri kuona ropa rechideuka

  18. Edzai says:

    2008 + 5 = 13. The 5 years ended in 2013. Mind you doctors are proffessionals who know their job well. The specialist he is seeing in Singapore might add 1 or 2 years. Something will happen to the old man. He just has to accept reality even if he is too afraid of dying. We all die at some point. May be he has committed so many sins that he is now afraid what he is going to say to the Aimighty.

  19. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Jo-o -Its not about saying he must die , the point and the bottom line is that he is too old to be the president and that doesn’t take us forward , he is no longer creative like before , yes he uplifted the level of education when he came in power but unfortunately he had been on power for too long and that good level of PF ZAPU , ZUNDE, MDC T as long as that leader would be not as old as Mugabe that would be fine .Mujuru can leader this country towards 2018 until the election time .

    We have suffered enough under Mugabe’s leadreship , his leadership has brought harm not only to the citzens but also to ZANU PF as a party and some people like you Jo-o are just giving a blind eye to this solely to achieve their own goals through corruption and by other means , he must be off the seat .

  20. Khaya'bonina says:

    That good level of education has gone down , we need a new leader either from ZANU PF , PF ZAPU , ZUNDE , MDC T as long as that leader is not as old as Mugabe .

  21. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Jo-o -Its not about saying he must die , the point and the bottom line is that he is too old to be the president and that doesn’t take us forward , he is no longer creative like before , yes he uplifted the level of education when he came in power but unfortunately he had been on power for too long and that good level of of education has gone down as well . We need a new leader either from ZANU PF , PF ZAPU , ZUNDE, MDC T as long as that leader would be not as old as Mugabe that would be fine .Mujuru can leader this country towards 2018 until the election time .

    We have suffered enough under Mugabe’s leadreship , his leadership has brought harm not only to the citzens but also to ZANU PF as a party and some people like you Jo-o are just giving a blind eye to this solely to achieve their own goals through corruption and by other means , he must be off the seat .

  22. zim4u says:

    Mugabes story reminds me of the story my sekuru told me that there was this evil man who did terible things to the community to point that he killed people the day he kicked da bucket he was sent back by god to ask forgiveness to the community bcz of his evil things so my point here the same thing is taking kunamugabe his hands are full of blood

  23. Zvorwadza says:

    tiudzeiwo tiise munamato zvinopera zvino mukazviita zvenyu moga ah! tinofigwa.

  24. I am not the one! says:

    so what.. old photo and he is old. Whether he dies or not nothing will change. the whole country is full of arrogant, incompetent, corrupt people enriched with such entitlement for which they dont wish to do anything or take accountability for. They dont have the gumption to change anything nor do they know what they should change or why. The sad thing is that most of my staff aged 40 and younger dont remember or know anything different. Whilst Morgan was in the GNU he reflected the same levels of incompetence as normally expected from PF and never once gave the impression he was in “charge”.. Bob had him eating out of his hand and flavoured it now and again with some sweet young *ussy!

  25. nyoka says:

    they are busy working with nikuv and chinese to make his look alike, once they succeed, zimbabweans will torment for the next 20 years now be prepared to be ruled by fake masked mugabe,remember they said they will rule you until donkeys grow horns.

  26. NBS says:

    I always find it sad that millions of people are waiting for one man to die. But it is true. he should have been retired a long time ago; when most of us still respected him. What a tragedy. And now he will die and leave behind a nation destroyed and by reading these blogs much hatred. Even if he is here for his 90th it should be a retirement party. When is enough enough? Zvakwana!Already! But [please Zimbabweans please don’t pin your hopes on everything being miraculously resolved. Did not the old man say that if he wasn’t here his own party would tear each other to pieces. We need to pray and we need to put our hatred aside and forgive as it is those very destructive things that have destroyed PF have been driven by those things and look where it has gotten us? We need voices of reason and strong leadership. may God himself raise up His own chosen leader for this nation; one after His own heart.

  27. tafadzwa maguta says:

    interesting,welcome to zim,where the president claim to be a public figure,yet his life isnt out for all to know.many flight by night spokespersons like maziwisa continue to idolise him and treat him like a small god.rome is burning,the earlier they find a successor the better for all.

  28. Allen says:

    When will Mugabe have time to write his memoirs, because at 90 it’s too late. We need to hear his thoughts during his 30+ of misrule.

  29. moocha woocha says:

    Its the money Mugabe stole that must be located and returned to Zimbabwe when he dies. Keep an eye on Grace ! remember she must be kept under house arrest like Kenyatta’s fourth wife Mama Ngina when he died, so that all his wealth could be recovered from all parts of the world and returned to Kenya.

  30. Zindoga says:

    Even Nathan Shamuyarira has given up on writing Mugage memoirs after realising it’s not worth it. His epitaph shall read ‘Here lies an old man who died without a history’

  31. Fallenz says:

    Mugabe created the current culture of corruption that has decimated Zimbabwe. He will face God’s judgment for rejecting a righteous life in favor of power and personal, stolen wealth. His own reward he provided by lavishing himself in this life with what was not rightfully his… but, for his choices, God will repay Mugabe with the eternity he fears.

    Yes, he will die, and the Mugabe some still worship and praise will become putrid, rotting flesh eaten by worms like a stinking dead donkey in the bush, while his soul faces an eternity of unfathomed agony.

    The question isn’t about God’s retribution, but what will be happening to Zimbabwe while Mugabe rots. Will reason and civility return, or simply be replaced by another’s greed and lust for power… who will, in time, also rot and collect their reward.

    So, what will it be… a continuation of what is, or a new push for independence? The choice approaches.

    • Kubota Binga says:

      Huh!, I wouldn’t wanna face you if God made you angel after you die and both of made it to heaven, especially if you were made the receptionist at the gates of Heaven.

      Put in another, if Mugabe and yourself made it to heaven, I guess you would protest to God???? That He God is wrong!

      Its tough Guys.

  32. Mugarbage says:

    HAHAHAHA…these zanu people are as thick as thieves and even thicker than pig sh!t. Surely the idiot who re-posted this photo thought that there were archived copies on the internet for the whole world to see and surely he or she would have figured some one out there would have noticed??? Pity is, when it comes to stealing – these zanoids are the greatest thieves ever….PHD shizzle. Anyways, i hope it is true and mugarbage is now a rotting corpse.

  33. Chatambudza12 says:

    Not surprising that they even try to rig death thinking its the same as the elections! Shame on this Maziwisa zanu idiot who only recently likened Mugabe to Jesus!

  34. E Makhate says:

    This young man Maziwisa is a nincompoop, an idiot. I heard him singing praise to his hero,or fall guy Robbie. It’s all stupid.

  35. tonyme says:

    Mrt. Mugabe is our president and we afre owed the knowledge of where he is and how he is. Mr. Charamba fails to acknowledge the fact that Mr. Mugabe works for Zimbabweans and he draws the line that why Mugabe does and how his health is his business. If Mr. Mugabe was elected president by the people and for the people, then they deserve to know the truth.If the people did not deserve to know where Mr. Mugabe was, then why was a fake picture from Last year used in the first place. Mr. Charamba can not have his cake and eat it too. We don’t want the Kabila scenario for our leaders in Zimbabwe. Secrets like Charanba is keeping cause disrespect and despondency especially when people are committed to their politics. Rumors and disrespect arise out of lies and unnecessary trickery. We need to know the truth about our leaders.

  36. chinyaride says:

    Haa zvakaoma tichawana zororo rini nhai ishe

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