Foreign shop owners get reprieve

via Foreign shop owners get reprieve  DECEMBER 31, 2013 NehandaRadio

Foreign shop owners-mainly Chinese and Nigerian nationals-say Zimbabwean authorities have reversed an ultimatum for them to close their businesses by Jan. 1.

The owners of mainly small businesses selling cheap consumer goods said Monday there were informed of a weekend statement by empowerment minister Francis Nhema that they have been allowed to continue trading.

Under Zimbabwe’s “indigenization” laws passed in 2007, certain sectors such as retail trade, farming and hair salons are reserved solely for black Zimbabweans.

Poor townships and city flea markets have in recent years been inundated by shops run by foreigners who had come under fire for taking those opportunities from local blacks.

In a statement in the state media Nhema commended the foreigners for playing a “very important role” in providing services to impoverished Zimbabweans. Sapa/AFP

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2 comments on “Foreign shop owners get reprieve
  1. Jimbo says:

    Unfortunately in Zimboland there is no consistency in policy.
    The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!!!
    There is absolutely know way that Zim will attract any FDI and the sad reality is that Zim will remain a poverty riddled society.

  2. Jrr56 says:

    Good thing the shop owners were not White, then the ruling would have been enforced with violence.

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