Leadership renewal only way to save MDC

via ‘Leadership renewal only way to save MDC’ – DailyNews Live 24 FEBRUARY 2014

MDC deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma talks to Senior Assistant Editor Guthrie Munyuki.

Below are the excerpts of the interview.

Q: How do you intend to continue with MDC activities in the aftermath of your assault?

A: The MDC was formed in 1999 as an avenue to achieve democratic change, socio-economic transformation and to extricate the people of Zimbabwe from poverty and deprivation. The MDC was also formed to fight for people’s freedoms, including freedom of association and freedom of expression, in a tolerant society.

These freedoms are well captured in the party constitution, in particular article 4.6 which says “the MDC firmly believes in freedom of speech, freedom of expression and further, the free circulation of ideas and information within the movement”.

It is clear to me that the people who perpetrated this violence on me have support from the president and some senior members of the party.

These few individual have deviated from the original party values and this is regrettable.

In terms implementation of programmes and carrying out of activities, my view is that the party will not be able to function normally until the president returns to constitutionalism. My main focus now is to get the party back to constitutionalism, desist from violence and intimidation, and to follow proper procedures.

Q: What led to the assault?

A: Ever since I submitted the letter to the president in private, he has not found it important to respond to the issues I raised therein.

This letter was leaked to the press by someone other than me, and the president acknowledges this.

Instead they are using the leaking of this letter to develop a well-orchestrated plan to vilify and physically assault me.

The assault is to silence those who are insisting on returning the party to its original values, rather than serving the interests of a few individuals in leadership positions.

Q: Your president Morgan Tsvangirai has denied setting you up for the assault.

For the record what really transpired and why did you come to the conclusion you had been set up?

A: In the first instance, the president called for a meeting outside constitutional party organs, whose sole purpose was to incite and whip emotions against me.

In addition, some youth were bused to the venue of the meeting and were given beer with an intention to assault me.

It is well known that prior to the Saturday meeting, other meetings were held, including for Harare province at which Morgen Femai in the presence of Nelson Chamisa verbalised that I should be beaten.

After the meeting, the president, went down to disperse these youths. His message had three main issues, that the meeting had been finished and they should now disperse. (What business did they have to do with the meeting?),  that the issue of Mangoma will be dealt with internally and iii) that they should attend the rally the next day.

There was no message of non violence delivered by him and these youths did not disperse. He later offered to go with me in his car.

When we got out he was in front, then he stopped and the youths started assaulting me.

One asks; has he lost control of the youths and the party for me to be beaten right in front of him?

Q: Why did you delay reporting your assault to the police?

A: I felt that it was necessary that I needed to collect accurate information on my assault.

At the same time, I was sure that my party, which claims to have zero tolerance to violence, would take decisive action against the perpetrators including reporting the perpetrators to the police.

To this date I am unaware of any action that has been taken against the known perpetrators.

As you are also aware, the president’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, issued an inaccurate and contradictory description of how I was assaulted.

Q: What remedy does a police report provide you in the current storm?

A: The police have a constitutional obligation to protect citizens from criminal activities.

Q: Have you thought of the backlash from those opposed to you in the event that there is a police raid at Harvest House in light of this?

A: We in the MDC have nothing to hide from anyone. I do not know or prescribe how the police work, but I do not see any reason for them to raid Harvest House as none of my assailants live or work there.

In this event, why would police raid Harvest House over rowdy and drunk youths who are stationed outside Harvest House, the scene of the crime, and have completely nothing to do with party operations?

Q: Could this be signalling the end of trust in Tsvangirai that he can use internal disciplinary measures to punish those who assaulted you?

A: The president created an atmosphere that was conducive to the assault of party leadership who disagree with him.

An environment unsuitable for free deliberation and exchange of ideas by delegates was also created.

He has an opportunity to redeem his credentials of not tolerating violence by acting swiftly on the perpetrators.

It is not what he says, but what he does which is important for the trust to be restored.

Q: Are you going to resign from the MDC and if not what options are there for you to remain in the party?

A: No. The MDC was not created for the sole benefit of any individual but for the democratisation agenda of Zimbabwe.

These principles and values remain the same regardless of individuals deviating from them.

I will not resign from the party because those in the leadership including the president have acted in a manner that is contrary to our party principles as enunciated in our constitution and as formulated at the National Working Peoples’ Convention.

It is these individuals that must return to the constitution of the party. I fight for democracy and subscribe to the values of the party. No one should give in to those who want to split the party to avoid the critical and necessary questions to be asked and answers provided.

Q: Clearly, you guys are divided; how do you intend to patch up the rift and work for the good of your party?

A: Divergent views do not necessarily mean division.

The fact that there are a few individuals who have contravened the constitution and are abusing their official positions does not mean we are divided. Debate on critical national and party issues must be allowed.

Q: What is the way forward for you and those seeking leadership renewal?

A: Like any democratic institution the evaluation of the leadership and its performance is a crucial component for its survival.

Whether or not there are people calling for leadership renewal, the evaluation of the leadership must be conducted without delay.

If you look at the questions I raised in my letter, they question critical issues around his leadership credentials.

For example, I raised the questions of how the house issue has compromised the president. How the issues of women have dealt a heavy blow to Tsvangirai’s credentials.

I also raise the issue of lack of confidence in the MDC and how the same needs to be resuscitated before the next elections.

If you zero in on the issue of reforms, as espoused by the GPA, and the issues that were forwarded to the principals either for further negotiations or implementation, it is clear that our leadership was found wanting and my questions remain pertinent.

On the way forward, we are a democratic party guided by principles and values.

A congress, which is the party’s supreme decision-making body, is the only body with the mandate to resolve leadership issues.

Congress must be held to evaluate leadership performance and map the way forward.

For me, leadership renewal is the only way to save this party and ensure victory in 2018.



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34 comments on “Leadership renewal only way to save MDC
  1. Isu Zvedu says:

    Mangoma, you deserve what you got and sorry, but you too must go.

    All along you knew that MDC had a constitution and leadership renewal was something you would have raised at its congress, but you chose to be the “thinking man” outside of MDC protocol. And if the meeting to beat you up was unconstitutionally called, why did you attend? My friend, its time you identify exactly who beat you up and get your police to take stern action against them. While at it, since you have evidence of hooligans being bused to Harvest house and being doused with beer to beat you, I am sure all that will lead to jail time for Morgan Tsvangirayi and Chamisa and lot. You people are worser than the evil we have faced since 1999.

  2. Ranga says:

    The interviewer seems to be asking straight quistion.The main Quistion Mr Mangoma should be asked is that is it not good for MDC if him Mangoma, Biti, Tsvangirai, Bennet Chamisa resign because they have all failed as a team.Mangoma and Biti betrayed MDC on the negotiating table by negotiating in bad faith for the party.Lindiwe Zulu the facilitator actually said this, Its known how weak and how they convide to destroy Tsvangirai on the negotiations table.Mr Mangoma should lead by axample and walk out of MDC because he is part of the leadership that has failed to dislodge ZANU.Why is it Mangoma targets Tsvangirai.Its known he benefited on scandal loans given by the RBZ and he knows he will be arrested so now he is working hard to please his handlers.Mr Mangoma should swallow his pride and resign.Let him be man enough and walk out.How can you talk of constitutionalism when in fact you decided to smuggle the latter that you discussed outside party sanctions and bring it to the party.Its well known that your intentions were to destroy Tsvangirai before the Congressional meeting, unfortunately makanyangira yaona.Mr Mangoma your carrier as a politician is finished and you are gone.How can you bring ZANU in mdc you are the mole in part, you are very pathetic and ignorant to see that you are destroying the party from within.

  3. Roving Ambassador says:

    I stand to be corrected ,but I believe Mangoma was the only one who had the balls to expose the rot in parastatals .
    On the other hand Chamisa threatened to resign when his ministry was halved and he was also reported to have said he needed a merc so people can respect him. Not principled at all.
    We definitely have to map up a new chapter in our politics.

  4. Stingray says:

    Its only a matter of time before MT is arrested for conspiring to assault mangoma. As he is the main target of mangoma and his handlers

    • Ruramai says:

      Stringray, where does the issue of handlers come in? It is primitive to argue that anyone deserves to be beaten for saying their views.

  5. Zombi says:

    Tsvangirai is not above reproach. Reality is that there are serious issues within the ranks of the MDC. Whether or not Mangoma is right is one issue, but that the MDC is resorting to violence is extremely worrisome. Maybe Mangoma himself staged his own beating, maybe Tsvangirai or Zanu PF did. But either way… The MDC stands to lose. They must swiftly resolve this leadership crisis.

  6. Insider says:

    The “President” was well aware that it was the intention to assault Mangoma and Biti after the meeting. So was I, the MDC is finished in its present form. Get rid of the rubbish, get back to the founding principles,get rid of the hangers on and kitchen cabinet, get close to and listen to your constituents instead of rushing around in fancy clothes, living in fancy houses and driving fancy cars. Get new trusted leadership, only then will we have a hope of surviving as a party.

  7. Mprang says:

    Kana tsvangirai akaramba aripo then 2018 its bhora musango, so they should call Simba Makoni on board to unify them and also Ncube will come back, if there is a neatral leader like Makoni

    • Nzou says:

      Simba Makoni is a product of Zanu and he comes loaded with Zanu arrogance. He is the last thing Zimbabweans need right now. He is guilty by association. Don’t be fooled!

      • Just saying says:

        Many of us possibly yourself & many MDC members included were supporters of ZPF in the early years when we believed they would deliver on their promises. Does this mean we are also tainted for life?

  8. Guti says:

    Hidden in this is the same message we have had for the last 34 years. Some animals are more equal than others. The message ZPF and now MDC-T are sending is that they will treat the Zimbabwean people as the work horse until ready for the glue factory.

    Violence is not an option to get to power as it will taint and define any leadership.

  9. Shame, shame, shame, shame,shame!!! says:

    Mangoma is right. The problem with Zimbabwe is that our concept of leadership is flawed. we have stereotyped charisma and oratory skills at the expense of integrity and humility. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are outdated leadership models.We need a new model .

  10. Nzou says:

    Well spoken Mangoma.To those who have ears, it is time for change.

  11. Chanhuhwa Chidembo says:

    I read in the media that Tsvangirayi called for an early congress but the The executive council which am pretty sure include Mangoma and Biti refused. Who then should call the congress. Calling for Tsvangirayi to step down is a palace coup he was not elected by the Top executive. The same people who shld call for the congress are the same people who shot it down when MT suggested. Insteady of telling the press that you want a congress why cant you guys move your move the motion in you Executive meetings. Press wont give the mandate to go to an early congress.If you are as democratic as you claim why you calling MT to step down through a letter as if he applied to be President. Is his what the people want. The only way to prove it is going back to the people not delivering a letter secretely. Why writing a letter to Tsvangirayi when you are always having boardroom meetings day in and day out. Were you not trying to buy him out so that people will think he made the decision. you lost the bid for a early congress in the boardroom then you think you will win at the congress. tell us why you are the only MDC-T top guy who benefitted from the corrupt ZPF – reserve bank farm mechanisation program????? I dont trust you Mangoma

  12. Mthwakazi says:

    Your tribalism is what has led the MDC-T to the state it is in today. Welshman Ncube was right – you will never progress unless and until you get rid of this Shona tribalism.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Say something positive and stop feeling sorry for yourself because you are a Ndebele. If Welshman Ncube was right where is he politically now.

  13. brucecff2661 says:

    Leadership renewal is not the answer but an opportunity for greedy and unguided cowards like Elton Magoma to ascend to the top by appearing to be brave. Only a pig, dog and chicken turn back and eat its on. By aclling renewal at this time its not only unfortunate but extremely wrong and evil. Everything on this earth has a brand. The current leadership of MDC as is its the brand that is dreadful even to ZANU PF thus why they rigged the election. People must not be deceived that MDC lost. MDC was cheated by a system that if it had failed, ZANU PF would have used extreme force of the military, blood bath to remain in power. No matter what ever the cost was ZANU PF was prepared to risk all, to remain there. People must be blind and misled by Magoma, when Chamisa was beaten at the airport where was Magoma and Bennet. When Tsvangirai almost lost his life at inception where was Magoma. Now the road is clear, opportunist of hsi kind now want leadership take over. These are opportunist like Ncube, Mutambara. The MDCs with Tsvangirai, Chamisa and Biti and some of the guys excluding Magoma, should remain put. To take over from ZANU PF does not take MDC only but everyone in Zimbabwe opposed to ZANU PF, and its not only MDC which is opposed to ZANU PF, rather everyonne need to renew his/her strength, be prepared to shade his/her on blood for independence,not Tsvangirai, Biti or Chamisa, but everyone. The wrong of ZANU PF is against all persons in ZImbabwe opposed to the system. Things are getting bad, economically, social, and politically. Its affecting all. Are all people prepared to risk and get their blood on the street, no. So why renewal of MDC when people like Magoma and Bennet are not even prepared to loose a hair for a cause worth. Turning back and be a cannibal, eating your own is being a pig, chicken and dog.

  14. Zindoga says:

    Mangoma and his handlers are the worst Dictators Biti included they are trying to hide behind democrcracy so as to get simpathy ask the people in the party they wl tell u these guys are a Mafia they can set up their own guys so that they get beaten and killed or arrested by police whn the youth try to question them about misapropriation of funds,they take advantage of campains and set up the boys they are nt clean sme of the guys died nt because of Zanu pf but underhand activities done by these guys handling cash frm the Donors they just want to pretend so that they get sympathy frm people they are worse than Tsvangirai vacho.Why is the state representing Mangoma in his asault case? Why is he nt cming to the Court? Why cant they form their Democratic party wth thei Donors?they want to unseat Tsvangirai using Money ie buying structures and the Council members i say Tsvangirrai hve another Go again like last time Declare what is good for the Party forget about Council its bought and tell them ship out.they dont want to leave bcause they know its COLD out there.there is nothing to patch up guys you must go Save is nt going to pass the Baton before Canaan Sory kwazvo you are just being Used to delay peoples freedom Biti is pushing u to fall frm a cliff its you he wanst to get rid of so that he doubles as SG and treasure.Go and Eat yr loot quietly may b one dy u wl cme back eg Mavhaire of Mugabe Must Go fame is back thats hw poltics is done.dont try to be Heroes .you are like a small fish trying to Swallow shark.We dont want to see astruggle that devours its sons and daughters.Mangoma if u are tough plse FORM yr democratic movement then u Challenge Tsvangi and Mugabes Party in 2018 its just simple Madhuku dd it ,welsh ,Dabengwa and others.hve Balls go for it nt to cry in Tsvangirai’s Party.to To Chamisa i sy keep up dont lose focus stay wth Save you are the Futur leader everybody knws Femai take over Hre province Leadership sellouts dis arm them.Council is going to meet i say the whole country Youths should Go there and Send a strong message to these guys.Muchamhanya vakomana.

    • sigasiga says:

      Well said Zindoga, abayiwa ngaabude. Mangoma nengoma dzako you go. You are not indispensable to the party. Wakavata MANGOMA, ndiko kudhotera pamuvuri waunozororera ka uku. If you are man enough leave quietly and form your own party. Uri mutengesi Mangoma, a hypocrite who want to pretend as though you are the founder and architect of democracy which you are failing to practice and live.

      The MDC is getting stronger and it’s a pity if you think people can be moved by cheap politicking. Uchatambiswa FRONT that you fail to manage. Leave Tsvangirayi alone.

  15. Gondo says:

    Mangoma seems to be beating about the bush. Up to now no one except himself and his handlers know what his objectives are. He has not declared his interest and people are wondering what is it that he wishes to achieve at the end of the day other than tearing the party into pieces. I believe MDC was a much stronger party before Mangoma’s utterances than it is today.

    Why is he prematurely calling for a congress when its not yet due? Why did he attend a meeting that he himself felt was not properly constituted and ended up being assaulted?

    He further talks of bringing MDC back to constitutionalism? Really? Doesn’t constitutionalism say party office bearers are elected at Congress and wasn’t a congress held barely 2 years ago and elected him as Deputy Treasurer General and also re-elected Tsvangirai as party President?

    So the question that begs for an answer is who between Mangoma and Tsvangirai is further away from constitutionalism?


  16. Gondo says:

    Mangoma seems to be beating about the bush. Up to now no one except himself and his handlers know what his objectives are. He has not declared his interest and people are wondering what is it that he wishes to achieve at the end of the day other than tearing the party into pieces. I believe MDC was a much stronger party before Mangoma’s utterances than it is today.

    Why is he prematurely calling for a congress when its not yet due? Why did he attend a meeting that he himself felt was not properly constituted and ended up being assaulted?

    He further talks of bringing MDC back to constitutionalism? Really? Doesn’t constitutionalism say party office bearers are elected at Congress and wasn’t a congress held barely 2 years ago and elected him as Deputy Treasurer General and also re-elected Tsvangirai as party President?

    So the question that begs for an answer is who between Mangoma and Tsvangirai is further away from constitutionalism?

    Why is Mangoma sanitising his ‘coup ideas’ through adjectives like ‘leadership renewal’ etc?


  17. Mthwakazi says:

    Shona tribalism and gukurahundism is the core of the problem in both MDC-T and ZANU PF. What a hell of a country!!

  18. moyokumusha says:

    Time for a new opposition party. MDC and Morgan ” shamura ” Tsvangirai are ZANU through and through. He lacks credibility and respect for his grass root members. Chisarai

  19. Roving Ambassador says:

    Its so obvious that Tsvangirai has failed as a leader. Some people offer blind alligence to party leaders. Its also obvious that Mugabe has failed. People wake up.Do not be used . Liberate your minds . Be independent thinkers. We need new leaders, new politics, this is 2014 not 1965.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Mr Roving Ambassador. Tsvanirayi is leading a struggle not a country. He won the general elections in 2008 and ZANU P F refused to go. So where is his failure. In 2013 general elections ZANU P F rigged the elections because they knew if they don’t Tsvangirayi was going to win. So why change his leadership. And don’t forget a struggle can take so many years. It took ZANU pf 17 years to rule from 1963 to 1980 and Chitepo was assassinated that’s why there was leadership change.

      • Mike Nyathi says:

        Well, ‘Nesbert’, I question your intelligence. Yes, Tsvangirai is meant to be leading a STRUGGLE. Exactly. He has failed to do so. He cannot complain that he won the elections but was cheated. Why? Because it is a STRUGGLE, Nesbert, not a democracy. Tsvangirai has proved completely incapable of developing a strategy to remove a dictatorship. Period.

  20. Khaya'bonina says:

    Who do you think you are Mangoma , acting like a child , so disrespectful of the president of the congress , dividng the really party to pave the future of this country , you doing all this hell to achieve your own goals not for the people supporting MDC T , you have got all the channels to recourse your grievences , we do things following the structures of the congress , then why do you have to be at your own , you are big for nothing , the assault to you was just a warm up we are still going to deal with you until you ground youirself accordingly .

  21. kiakiazim says:

    Mdc-t needs young blood,..those who are free of corruptioi

  22. Khaya'bonina says:

    You mbavu , have you ever heard any ZANU PF member coming out in public calling Mugabe to step down , do you think they are stupid , ZANU PF have got almost smillar problems but they close their doors and discuss their internal problems , so you think you are too brave to insurbodinate the leader of the MDC T , this freedom of your speech is distructive , you fool , Mbavu ,i am telling you we will eat you alive , we are not yet done about you , you are a really sellout hence you can be our supper , our lunch , our breakfast anything can do at anytime .

  23. Zindoga says:

    Chek the headline of the Herald then you see who is puting pressure on these guys to destroy their own party because they are afraid of going to jail.they made a deal wth the Devil

  24. Just by the feelings on this forum alone you can see how the hidden hand has been operating. That will always be a problem for Zimbabwe opposition. You end up not knowing who is who because Zanu pf will always put it’s agents right in the middle of you. It’s an open secret that the CIO is embedded in all spheres of life in that you can only express your views to a very close friend if you are lucky enough to have one that you can trust. How many times have we seen people arrested for insulting the president when there was no visible Police presence. The truth of the matter is that the MDC was infiltrated long back and that is the reason why you get a Majority MDC council voting for a Zanu pf Mayor. Fortunately for the opposition partys Zanu is so rotten that no matter what they do they will never cleanse themselves. This for MDC and other opposition is a time for cool heads. What some of the Brothers have said here is true. Why don’t people wait for the congress? Why are some so keen for a sudden change of leadership?

  25. ike says:

    Khaya- Bonita or whatever, I. Used to respect your contributions,but this time bhora musango. You spoke like a hard core zanu member. If mdc party has members like you, then Mugabe is right when he sees one like himself. “MDC-T is a violent party” declares Bob.

  26. laazuk says:

    It is a pity for my brother Mangoma. Leadership renewal is done by the party congress, the provinces, the relevant structures, the representatives of the people. Mangoma u are too small or too insgnificant to call for Tsvangirai to Go. Tsvangirai was chosen by the people of Zimbabwe and only the people of Zimbabwe can tell him to step down. My brother you lack WISDOM, I MEAN POLITICAL WISDOM OR SHOULD I SAY POLITICAL POSITIONING. If you had noticed that Tsvangirai had lost respect, thats when you should emerge as an alternative. You should have capitalised on that and showed the people of Zimbabwe that you are better than Tsvangirai, not to go and tell Tsvangirai that he should consider stepping down. Your capability and Political stamina should shift the attention from Morgan. Your History should tell. This means that the Idea to write a letter advising Morgan to step down was not your Idea. You were sent by someone. You are a mouth piece for someone. I am aware you hold a strategic position in the the Contra movement but the Inclusive government wasted your borne marrow. It seems you were penetrated or bought. Somehow you have been compromised. Again we hear that you are very good at writing proposals that attract funding in the MDC-T as the Deputy treasurer. You think hold the MDC in your hands. Maybe its some of the Donors who sent you. Even if your donors withdraw their funding, MDC WILL NEVER DIE, THE PEOPLE WILL FUND THEIR PARTY. THE FUNDERS SUPPORT THE CAUSE OF THE PEOPLE, NOT YOU, U USE THE NAME OF THE PARTY AND THE PARTY AGENDA TO ATTRACT FUNDING.


    What I can say is that Morgan needs a better team. He needs better technocrats, and we are on Standby. We are even better than you. My brother I dont see you surviving at the congress. Breath your last. The moment you try to justify yourself the more you fall out of favour with the people. The moment you villify and try to diredit Morgan the more you are dying politically. Morgan has history, unmistakable marks of partriotism, resilience and desire to see that people enjoy life in their land. As for you , need to build up and do something that people of Zimbabwe will not forget. What is it that you have done that really we will not forget you? Do you know that we can forget about you the moment you lose in the next congress? Please be careful build and make your history

  27. Ashley says:

    The comments on this post underscore the fundamental weaknesses of (opposition) politics in Zimbabwe – largely unsubstantiated commentary, analysis and allegations, trapped in the politics of personality and unconstructive vitriol. Let’s hope there’s some serious political engagement beyond the venal chattering classes on this site. The armchair revolutionaries need to stand up and stretch their legs occasionally! Whilst the attack on Mangoma and co reflects a continued reliance by some elements in the MDC to use violence and the absence of control over and accountability for such behaviour ,,,, the abuse cannot (yet)be compared qualitatively to the violence rooted in the DNA of ZANU.

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