MDC’s Ncube Plotting Victory in 2018

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – MDC’s Ncube Loses His Voice After Zim Elections, Plotting Victory in 2018 By Sij Ncube 

MDC leader Welshman Ncube appears to have lost his voice after faring badly in the July 31 elections.

Ncube lost dismally in his initially perceived strongholds of Matabeleland, including Bulawayo which was overwhelmingly won by the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T party.

Ncube’s party failed to garner a single seat in all the 210 parliamentary seats save for a handful of inconsequential local government seats mostly in Matabeleland South province. The media and analysts had predicted that his party would get no less than 10 parliamentary seats.

Ncube’s conspicuous absence from the spotlight has raised eyebrows, especially having been a favourite of both the public and private media who he seemed to grant interviews at every opportunity.

Even his twitter account that was abuzz with campaign messages in the run up to the polls has been dormant. Ncube was widely credited as one of the best politicians when it came to engaging the public.

In a rare tweet after the polls, Ncube appeared to turn to God, quoting heavily from the Bible chapters of Jeremiah.

“Lord, you always give me justice when I bring a case before you. So let me bring you this complaint: Why are the wicked so prosperous,” read one of his tweets posted on August 18.

Repeated efforts by Radio VOP to contact Ncube for an interview to discuss the outcome of the polls were fruitless as his mobiles phones were unreachable.

It was left to his party spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube to painfully explain his boss’s perceived hibernation.

“President Ncube is not silent nor has he lost his voice,” Dube said.

Dube said on the release of election results Ncube said that while he was certain there was a manipulation of the electoral process, his party would not go to the courts “because it was impossible to expect the election outcome to be reversed as that will be akin to asking Mugabe to annul his victory”.

Dube said Ncube’s focus is working towards the 2018 elections.

“Losing an election is not dying and we are spending no time on the excuses page. We lost an election and we are determined to do better in 2018 and we believe that the people know best how this can be achieved,” said Dube.


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17 comments on “MDC’s Ncube Plotting Victory in 2018
  1. nesbert majoni says:

    vana ncube. kunyara

  2. Nodi says:

    Ncube, as soft and calm as he is, we received him with joy here in chipinge. The problem arose when his adminisration imposed mps. The likes of Irikidzai Mtetwa (Msikavanhu constituency) and some i can’t name were just money seekers. These mps even stole JOMIC funds meant for distribution among their JOMIC members who were at polling stations. Istead of $60, most were given $30 and some below that. Do you think such a party will survive profound defeat next time? Dube must open eyes and probe this issue. Otherwise MDC Manicaland prov will face justice probe .

  3. Hango Yapalala says:


  4. Nzou says:

    Is this joke of the week? My last laugh was when he said he was the preferred candidate in the 2013 presidential election. Delusion rules Ncube’s brain

  5. vince says:

    Munoti haananyadzi haasi munhu here hhhhhhaaaaaa

  6. Nkalakatha!!!! says:


    President Ncube will soldier on. There are no guarantees in life.

    Devolution is our new revolution!!

  7. gorongoza says:

    Ncube was the favourite of Newsday (well seeingthat Trevour is the owner. They have been avoiding writing about him since his thrashing. Now they got the courage…maybe vanoona kuti apora manje.

  8. khabo says:

    Pay the price for plitting the MDC Mr Ncube with your friend Mutambara , ZAPU is better than your party as it is a dead donkey , your party is already a dead and rotten donkey so early .2018 MDC T will be topping up , wait and see.

  9. gorongoza says:

    Plotting victory for 2018? Be serious you guys! It should read “Ncube still in mourning”

  10. todii zvazvo says:

    zviri kupi makumbo enyoka, paid by zanu to split mdc, tsvangmore is more

  11. Sibangilizwe Lethube says:

    I don’t sympathise with ncube at all. If it wasn’t him splitting the votes in 2008, zanu pf could have not had a chance to say MDC-T did not have enough votes to win the mandate to rule. ncube works for zanu pf he does not have the Zimbabweans at heart just like zanu pf. I hope and pray that since he seems to be turning to the MIGHTY LORD then he will know the right and wrong.

    • Nkalakatha!!!! says:

      Hamba uyefela kude wena siphukuphuku sama gukurahundi. Ucabanga ukuthi ukubuka abantu bezizweni kuzokulethelani?

      Ubangilizwe lakuphi uthengisa nje? Umsebenzi yi inferiority complex elitshela ukuthi lina lingama Deputy kuphela. Zinja zothuvi – vukani, zithutha!!

  12. adam jones says:

    Ncube is sent by zanu to split votes because guy is zanu. He was given a farm n truck loads of cattle by zamu to destroy our MDC from within – the jonathan moyo way. Maduku is next. NCA rubish. Only one MDC and zanu are not happy.

  13. Nkalakatha!!!! says:

    We in the MDC will never tolerate the twisting of history. The whole world knows Tsvangirayi is the one who split the MDC with his refusing to acknowledge the NCA vote for senate elections. He even went on to say, even if the MDC split, de didn’t care. He said he is the MDC!!

    • Chitova weGona says:

      Nkalakatha u will die disappointed if u keep supporting a LOSER like Ncube! Guqula imboma! Turn the corner and u will breathe fresh air. Ncube will never win an election even against a donkey like u!

      • Nkalakatha!!!! says:

        I am not for turning on the green team Chitova. People of your majoritarian mentality are the ones who created this gukurahundi ZANU PF you are all crying about.

        You are never about political plurality, and democracy.

        All you are after is creating all conquering political parties that tomorrow will turn out as dictators and you start crying.

        This is wht you used to do against PF ZAPU in support of gukurahundi ZANU PF. You have such short memories, you have even forgotten.

        You are so desperate, you are ignoring all the glaring faults of Tswangirayi even if deep in your hearts of hearts you know the guy is blandering. We want true democracy – we are not going to repeat the 1980s errors!!

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