Minister accused of coup plot as tempers flare

via Minister accused of coup plot as tempers flare February 14, 2014 Zimbabwe Independent

FORMER ZBC board member, retired Brigadier-General Benjamin Mabenge says Information minister Jonathan Moyo is using the anti-corruption campaign and salaries scandal revelations to create conditions of anarchy to help himself and his clique to march to State House.

This comes as Moyo yesterday rejected Mabenge’s allegations amid indications that government will intervene to rein in the controversial war veteran who is said to be still interfering in ZBC matters despite the dismissal of the public broadcaster’s board accused of presiding over the rot at Pockets Hill.

“The whole purpose of this attack is to create such tension as to induce mutinous riots as a way of marching to State House. I just hope the party leadership sees through this and finds a solution, no matter how harsh it would be,” he said. “What he is trying to do is to incite a coup. But all I can say is that there is no chance of anybody in the military coming on board. It is common knowledge that we have the most professional military force.”

However, Moyo rejected the accusations saying his ministry will continue doing its job “without fear or favour”.

A number of Zimbabwe’s 78 public enterprises, 32 municipalities and 60 rural district councils are in a mess after being run down through extended periods of mismanagement and plundering.

“The Office of the President and Cabinet has received detailed information from the relevant line ministries on the monetary and non-monetary remunerations of CEOs of parastatals, state enterprises and local authorities,” a senior cabinet minister said.

“Work on the analysis and formulation of a remuneration policy framework for the posts is being finalised. It is hoped that the report will be ready for presentation to cabinet within two weeks.”

Zanu PF will today have to confront these issues during its potentially volatile extraordinary politburo meeting in Harare.

Several public enterprises have no boards while those in place are not meeting. Some boards often deliberately raise salaries of CEOs because the level of their allowances is linked to the CEO salaries. Most public enterprises do not have remuneration committees and there is weak ministerial supervision of the boards.

CEOs also have no fixed tenures and get huge salaries and dubious “consultancy fees”.


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33 comments on “Minister accused of coup plot as tempers flare
  1. Mprang says:

    Only Dr Simba Makoni, Tsvangirai can lead us well from now

    • What is this nonsense about a ‘ professional military force’ A force bent on defending the worse dictator, human nature has ever seen, second only to Hilter.Rest assured, sanity will one day prevail in the minds of ordinary men and women, children included, for they will be in the forefront of our liberation.They all come and go. However, history is a painful wirror that one lives behind.It speaks beyond the grave.

  2. farai says:

    Should we then conclude that Cde Mabenge condones what has been unearthed? What is his proposed way toward in advocating a “solution … no matter how harsh it is!” Fire Moyo evidently, reinstate all the dismissed boards? Now how would that unite the party?

    If that is the case, I would put it to Cde Mbenge that his participation in the war was most likely not motivated by a desire to liberate the country and improve the lot of his fellow black citizens.

  3. David says:

    As the professor said it, ” You can only destroy PF from within “. He is rightly doing so. Go ahead Jonso we are behind you sir.

  4. Sekuru Mapenga says:

    Also very very suspicious of Mr Jonathan Moyo’s motives. Certainly fighting corruption is NOT one of them.

  5. Manyongori says:

    Go to hell brigadier,and never come back.u have been in the comfort zone for too long,looting and pillaging our country at will.Whether Jonathan’s motives are factional or personal we do not give a hoot as long as he exposes the true mercenaries you are masquarading as freedom fighters.Taneta nemi mhani nxa.hamugute makaita sei?

  6. obert says:

    The brigadier is right. But Jonathan must carry on until zanupf is finished . Jonathan studied the zim situation and found the best way of dealing with zanupf, create internal factions, plant ambition in dull, very un presidential material like mnangagwa and walla, gone is zanupf. It is taking Jonathan a bit long but he is getting there. Thanks prof.

    • John Thomas says:

      This theory about Jono gives him too much credit. He is only another little piggy with his snout deep in the trough.

  7. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    This brigadier is among the host of militery personnel who were deployed to parastals by Mugabe without any clue of what these parastatals were doing and the results of their deployment is there for everyone to see. Think of any parastatal where these zanu guys were and you will come up with an answer. The zimbabwe national army in nolonger professionally trained. Kwazara maborder gezi.

  8. Rwendo says:

    “The whole purpose of this attack is to create such tension as to induce mutinous riots as a way of marching to State House.” In Zimbabwe? By us Zimbabweans? Moral indignation would work where rigging, humiliation, impoverishment, victimization, political persecution, dis-empowerment etc. have all failed? Really Brigadier? Kudzoserwa chitupa kwarwadza nhaika..

  9. Rwendo says:

    Moyo the stealth, pro bono egomaniac? The hits keep coming. I doubt that one could ever re-brand Mnangagwa as dull or unambitious. That is like calling a motionless crocodile by the riverside lazy or lifeless. Moyo’s ambitions and perpetual schemes may widen rifts within ZANU but a Trojan Horse for the people? No. He played the same games with the MDC. Moyo is for Moyo.

  10. Tjingababili says:

    He comes from the few and the proud! Not thieves! KimuKalaka!

  11. Harper says:

    Accusations of coup plotting – the last resort of frightened little men. My highly intelligent CIO interrogator accused me of being a Soluswe Scout. I said never Soluswe, but I do confess to being a Marlborough Boy Scout Master.

  12. roving ambassador. says:

    Even if I do not like Moyo because he is a fraud and a political prostitute, if he is the catalyst for the eventual destruction of Zanu ,then he will be my hero. He has to watch out ,a puma accident or a bullet in the head and fire accident. Thats the Zanu way

  13. wenafeela says:

    Well it’s doesn’t come as a surprise for those who have had the misfortune of seeing the birth of zanu. Anyone seen to be attempting a clean up will be labelled and if found not to be from the right group they stand to suffer terrible repercussions. Remember the so called tsholotsho declaration. Why did mnangagwa suffer the humiliation experienced by those who were said to ne fighting his corner. Jonathan should be applauded for tackling corruption but because corruption is what zanu pf stood for from conception he stands to suffer more especially considering that he doesn’t hail from the home of zanu pf and therefore cannot be zanu pf proper as he is generally seen as an outside according to zanu pf standards.

  14. mambara says:

    In south Africa there are street protests which would be ruthlessly suppressed in Zimbabwe by people like the brig-general.i fail to understand what this General (stupid as he is)is trying to say that a non military guy like Jonathan MOYO wants to plan a coup by exposing corrupt people?He wants to impress the president and comfort the ever green corrupt mai mujuru. corrupt general the your time is up.majaira kudya nehondo yakasopera kare you idiot.Moyo continue the good work the whole of Zimbabwe is behind you.Who ever is maliciously branded corrupt should sue Moyo and fortunately silence means agreeing.

  15. Play them at their game. After all, that is your speciality. You studied political science at the highest level.Who else better than you master craftsmen? Plant and confuse the situation. Then hit where it hurts most. Will you succeed? Maybe, maybe not. But so far, you have proved your. You have been to Zanu PF in and out, as if you visit your private toilet. This applies to MDC. They are your private chambers. Reign over them. This is your last chance.

  16. Moyo is just creating a situation where the faction that he is with is strategically poised to assume power when Mugabe goes.Anyone who thinks he has suddenly found interest in the corruption and is trying to stamp it out will be seriously disappointed. He is deep in this corruption as anyone else in this Party. Some one said the snake is biting itself. Can we now call that snake a hero for biting itself? Moyo was instrumental in crafting the most intrusive legislation the country has ever seen. To date it still affects people’s day to day activities. He was instrumental in muffling the Media and single handedly destroyed the Daily news. Zimbabweans need to get rid of this short memory syndrome.

  17. roving ambassador. says:

    You right Doc. But If this man can bring confusion in Zanu the better. Out of the ashes will come salvation.

    • I think we are all excited about the developments that are taking place, and we should be. A lot of you on this forum predicted this. The way you guys go about it is great,commenting, arguing, agreeing. There is a lot of democracy right here on this forum. Yesterday I said we have no weapons so we just march around our beloved ruined country,so roving ambassador hats off to you, you are right. But lets us remember all of this 34 years of suffering, and the role of those who caused it.

  18. nesbert majoni says:

    MOYO is just doing his job here.So are you saying Moyo is harbouring leadership ambitions.Are you saying he is wrong to expose this rot.This is nothing to do with even factionlism. The professor is just exposing corruption in the country.If it means tearing zanu pf apart that is what we want.Even the ear
    lier the better

  19. Smart Talk says:

    Munenge manetawo zvenyu zimsituation. Are you pasting and copying from other websites. We read this long back and you are bringing it word by word. Do you people get news from the same source? Tipeiwo dzimwe nyaya. Are you limited, you people?

    • hutu says:

      It would seem to me that the limited people are those that worship Zanu pf no matter what. I cannot see how anyone can paste and copy…you cannot paste before you copy…I wonder who’s limited here?

  20. Smart talk The problem remains the same. What we said yesterday is true today. It is difficult to know what news is true and what is not with the Zimbabwe situation hence as I said like the Israelites we march around the country without weapons. No to your question the news will always be from different sources and yes certain things will be copied and pasted if necessary. I give my own opinions and I read others opinions without expecting them to say yes to everything I say. Yes we are limited people because our freedom of expression has been limited by a dictator. No our brains are not limited because we are aware that this website gets monitored and some of the people that come on here are from the notorious CIO. they would not be that if they didn’t.

  21. CHINDUNDUMA says:


  22. Godonga says:

    Imagine Mnangagwa being President and Moyo being the chief spindoctor! Safa! They wil make the Mugabe and Nkala combo in 1981look lik childplay! Watch out Mtwakazi!

  23. Patriotic says:

    Be careful. We dont want yet another hero to be buried.

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