Moyo Diaspora appeal: A response

via Moyo Diaspora appeal: A response 20/03/2014 by Zimbabwe Development Forum NewZimbabwe

AS Zimbabwe Development Forum (ZDF), an organization made up entirely of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, we hereby proffer our response to Honorable Minister Jonathan Moyo’s quest to “woo” the diaspora. We, as a group, exist solely to advance economic growth in Zimbabwe while enhancing the economic well-being of individual Zimbabweans in their many colours and tribes.

As an organization, our power is derived from the diaspora community throughout the world. The diaspora constituency gives this organization direction, purpose and its mandate. We are constantly inviting and contacting different diaspora groups in different countries and educating them on our mission.  Those whose doors we haven’t knocked on yet are on our consultative path.

As a fast-growing organization of Zimbabweans in the diaspora, we are committed to the mobilization of human and material resources for the development of our country in the areas of education, health, business, industry, agriculture, to name just a few. In pursuit of this goal, we would like to engage the government of Zimbabwe with our ideas and programs, being aware of the importance of engagement, for without it, our efforts are likely to face undue opposition and stumbling blocks.

Our members have asked us how we are going to act as a vehicle for economic and social development and we assured them that we would engage the government and other interested partners in order to realize our full developmental potential as we offer the alternatives to tried, tested and failed choices of the past. We all want a successful country. Granted, we are not naive to the challenges in our quest to better the livelihood of that gogo in Gwanda, the sekuru in Chivhu or the young executive in the Harare or Bulawayo CBD. These challenges vary from government policy, largely considered to be unfavourable to investment, administrative logjams that are deeply frustrating for potential investors, endemic corruption and our distance from Zimbabwe.

We have considered the above challenges and we are up to the task. We are ready to economically transform our motherland with the assistance of all Zimbabweans within or outside the country, in government and outside of government. The Zimbabwe Development Forum will facilitate the transformation of Zimbabwe on many fronts. On this point we are confident. We will engage the government, political opposition and all relevant agencies to create an enabling environment for investment and business. We believe the government needs to urgently create an environment favourable for business investment by local Zimbabweans, Zimbabweans in the diaspora and capital inflows from the generality of the international business community. Simply put, Zimbabweans need jobs. With the right policies at the right time, in a conducive economic environment, capital inflows from Diasporas will easily replace foreign direct investment as a driver of economic activity and job creation.

This type of investment is Zimbabwean, committed, patient, and is rooted in a passion for one’s country which goes beyond profit. This is the window in the nick of time that Zimbabwe has been waiting for.  For far too long we have looked far and wide for solutions to our economic and political problems. Without mincing our words however, as the Zimbabwean Diaspora, we have matured financially and are now prepared to assist Zimbabwe at her time of need. Of course we will not be able to achieve our goals and aims without the total buy-in and total commitment of all Zimbabweans and the current government.

As the Forum, we will seek to marshal economic resources in the form of development assistance and non-resident investments through the connections and networks Diasporas have developed globally over the years. The benefit of being conduits for investment in these cases is that we are in a unique position of intimately knowing the investment destination and also the investment source. We know there are individuals, businesses, and communities willing to invest in Zimbabwe given the right investment climate.  But the sad truth surrounding us is that there is intense competition for international capital; the number of destinations far outstrips the sources of capital. Only the best destinations attract international capital. Let’s make Zimbabwe attractive for investment again.

Below are elements that we believe need to be championed:

Dual Citizenship

As this sits in the Constitution, we would like it to be ratified firmly such that, as we come home, we are viewed as returning sons and daughters without any hindrances, including but not limited to waiver of all visa fees. Added to this, some of our members, with their acquired professional skills and economic wealth, are now nearing retirement or ready to retire early as we speak. Dual citizenship allows them to come and settle in Zimbabwe and utilize their skills in gainful volunteerism, teaching and community building without worrying about expiring visas. Within this same realm, Dual Citizenship allows people to borrow in their chosen new countries and go and invest in motherland Zimbabwe. Food for thought!

Pro-growth policies

We would like a review of all policies be-devilling industry and commerce. It is evident that there are policies that are obviously anti-growth, being promulgated in the name of indigenization, politicking or some such like, only benefitting a few, as evidenced by the rampant corruption and lack of accountability on who has what farm and how many stands (lots). This is an area of concern for most Zimbabweans who yearn for a society with straight forward by-laws, rule of law and sound enforcement of policy and legislation.

Everyone welcome

No one likes being called a Diasporan for life; the term itself speaks to a forced displacement of sorts. We all want to go back to a caring, warm and enduring home. That said, may the invitations to the diaspora to come home go beyond inviting only those with resources alone to come back home. The quest needs to invest energy in making Zimbabwe more welcoming to all her sons and daughters. Zimbabwe should be habitable, not just for those with money, but everyone who belongs.

Why we left

We hope to create and foster working relationships with people who are compassionate enough, sensitive enough and committed enough to understand that their words can take us back or move us forward.  We are in the diaspora not because it was a desired choice. Most of us are out here because of limitations at home and we left in droves during a very dark period – may that be understood by all and sundry. The leadership needs to ask itself why and seek to correct the anomaly without peddling insults.


Lastly, the 51 percent business ownership mantra, good as it might sound as a theory, comes with consequences. It is an idea that needs diplomatic tact and winning hearts and minds of those with the money. In most thriving countries, companies employ people, administer payrolls and collect income taxes. The economic benefits created through employment far outweigh the 51%. Our drive in this direction needs to be measured against the benefits of a gainfully employed population. Food for yet another thought.

Alert to pitfalls

The Diaspora is ready to be engaged but we are not blind to the pitfalls.  If the environment is not properly calibrated, what spooked Textured Yarns, Willards, Cairns Wines, Nugget Shoe Polish, and Charhons Chocolates will certainly prey on whoever else tries to walk that valley, regardless of where they come from. We like the conversations that are beginning to happen, but they need to be centered on people issues not partisan quests. As Zimbabweans, we do understand and accept that we are the window to the future of Zimbabwe, in all spheres.


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58 comments on “Moyo Diaspora appeal: A response
  1. kelly says:

    Well said and could’nt have said it better. We hard working Zimbabweans can fully recover our country with limited help from other countries. The diaspora community has massive funds and equities in foreign lands and are very eager to go home to invest and develop the motherland, not to mention our local Zimbabwean community who have sacrificed immensely.
    All we need is conducive investment atmosphere and policies as stipulated by the brilliant writer. There is no point inviting diaspora investment when thorny issues are not addressed. It wouldn’t take us much to move our surgeries and businesses home if there is concrete assurance and policy changes.

  2. ntaba says:

    The diaspora left due to Mugabe and Zanu inflicting genocide and wholesale looting and overall destruction of the country. Mugabe will need to die and the style of governance to change before diasporans will consider returning. It is a simple three step process. Mugabe dies, the governmental system changes and then there can be a rebuild – in that order. Mugabe is in the Top 100 most evil despots book – to live on earth. Diasporans can see that very easily – even if retired cricketers are calling for sanctions to be called off and others might say “he is not a monster, he is a loving father.” What about the 20 000 civilians murdered in Matabeleland? With the diasporans the situation is now reversed “We have the time and Zanu has the watches!”

  3. Zimbo says:

    I am sorry,but I will not have anything to do with this government.They lie,cheat,steal.Nothing is sacred with this lot!Robert Mugabe and Zanu Pf have no moral right to be called the legitimate government of Zimbabwe.It is my humble opinion that for anything to change for the better,this government must be replaced.Anything less is futile!

  4. dennis chikuve says:

    With all due respect, who is ZDF and what gives them the right to speak on behalf of all Diasporans? If they feel comfortable, whoever they are, to engage, invest and capacitate Zimbabwe, by all means! I am not ready to forgive or throw good money to swine. The government should be making all the initiative with conditions that foster confidence and a real commitment to treating ALL Zimbabweans equally and with dignity. Our country needs lots of healing and cleansing before we can be one nation of respectable citizens. So in short, count me out of this seemingly simple and noble initiative. Money and expertise speak volumes; I choose to keep mine for the time being. Thank you and all the best in your quest to conquer the corrupt, cronyism, lack of shame and kleptomania that bedevils our beloved homeland.

  5. kelly says:

    Tru tru maybe the python is changing its colours so the poor victim can draw closer for the kill. Diasporans watch your pockets but make sure sekuru, gogo and other relatives are fed well

  6. roving ambassador. says:

    The CIO trickery. buttered up with some genuine issues to make it palatable.
    We all know you can never go into the same room with Zanu and come out the same .Do not sup with the devil. Look what has happened to the MDC, more like zanu the second.
    we all know that things are falling apart. Why prop up a dying regime. We just have to wait, Bob hasn’t got long to live and the state has no money ,Zanu looted the coffers.
    Hang on brothers and sisters redemption is near.
    Do not entrust you life to the devil.

    • apolitical says:

      The vast majority are quite happy to see the diaspora stay where they are – we don’t want them back or to hear their opinion.
      They left for different reasons some were criminals like the ones who lived in the shanty towns and said they were voters. You need a fixed address and they didn’t have – certain countries became Zimbabwe’s penal colony and we are quite happy to leave them there, just wish they would leave their propaganda because no one really is that interested in their opinion.
      They can call themselves fancy names but what have/do they put into Zimbabwe. let them stay ehere they are until they end up in jail.

      • Rudadiso says:

        This clown called Apolitical now believes he represents all of us. He must be as delusional as Bob.

        • apolitical says:

          @Rudadiso Just because you are not included in the majority doesn’t mean there isn’t one, we don’t need your vote to get a majority.

      • Mazankila says:

        You are either very naïve or super dummy. The Diaspora is literally keeping Zimbabwe liquid as we speak. Check your statistics Sir and read if you can.

  7. Madlanduna says:

    Do we exist ? I don’t think so ,if we are then we were suppose to be given our right to vote, why now ? Keep your Zimbabwe we will keep our money, ask from Obert Mpofu who owns a bank or From Bona from her lobola

  8. moyokumusha says:

    The above comments are right, we cannot expect these people to support the regime. They support their own families in these troubled times and if we want their support we should have treated them properly from day one when they were forced out. It is no good taking away their rights to vote etc and now expect them to deliver.

    • apolitical says:

      People can work they wont get ill, if the deal is they send money to their families so they can loaf then we are better off without the funds so there are less idle and thieves around.

  9. Tjingababili says:


    • apolitical says:

      You can only claim a right to vote when you contribute to Zimbabwe society, the only way you do that is to reduce crime slightly.

      • Rudadiso says:

        Apolitical, the diaspora remittances amount to $3 billion and with 85% unemployment, the diaspora community has kept the majority of people in this country fed, clothed and educated while Mugabe spends millions educating a few students at South African universities. Are you really an ignoramus or like someone said you are just an irritant?

        • apolitical says:

          No I possess IQ, unlike you it seems – how much tax did they pay into Zimbabwe, how much did they pay in rates. In other words they sent gifts to relatives who relied on same and paid no tax.
          So the infrastructure continues and you complain about things not done, and how much you deserve it because you paid 0 into the system.

  10. Nyoni says:

    You now want the money øf people you chased away ,denied the vote,abused,monies taken away by the banks etc etc etc. And you all think thats a joke you Zanu headless chooks. Grovel until you leave thats what the people want or are you hard of hearing.

  11. Tafadzwa says:

    Could someone please help me understand this 51 % indigenisation policy. A foreign investor comes in to invest US$100 and then he is told that 51% of those funds now belong to Zimbabwe ? How then does a rational investor come in when knowing that part of his capital will be impounded by the government. Looking at this from an investor point of view. One has to be very stupid to come and invest in such a country. The same investor will obviously look at other countries ,and go somewhere else. Some people in Zimbabwe forget that , investors have a choice of going to other countries. Do our policy makers look and see what is happening in other countries ?

    Investors will need to be very desperate to even think about Zimbabwe.

    • says:

      It is premature at this juncture to ask the diaspora to invest in Zimbabwe for as long as the policies are not user friendly. They are threatening banks and whoever has money to uplift the country so how safe is my hard earned cash. The only thing they are looking for is my money and once they put their hands on eat on eat I cease to exist and I become an enemy. It is saddening that this government is pushing its sons and daughters who could steer the country to greater heights because of their advanced corruption. The beloved sons and daughters of the land are being honoured in their new adopted countries because of the wonders they are performing. It is only when the current government can swallow its pride and accept that they can not do without the disporan power and change the economic policies that is only when they can regain the confidence of the Zimbabweans abroad. Without begging we can uplift our country its former glory. They can globe trot from one country to the other but the begging bowl will come back empty and after money with conditions will not help us. Zimbabweans, I repeat what I said in my previous article do not need these so called friends from the worst to develop or redifine the shape of their country because they have the resources and the technical expertise to run their country. The regime in the so called government should honourably call it a day and give space to patriots who can run the country. Once they do that we can bring life to our country which is in the intensive care. They can keep what they have stashed wherever and we start afresh. If this is not done its unfortunate we will support our families and wait until you disappear from the radar. “GOVERNMENT”you are the only stumlong block. Nomatter what form of sweet language we won’t throw our money away. You chased us away. Whats the different between now and yesteryear? A leopard does not change its spots. I edge all those who are thinking of investing their hard earned cash to consider seriously because it is the same regime that chased you away not so long ago. You were the enemy and what has changed now? This is my personal thought, you can criticise me.

    • easily fooled says:

      You really need help. Let me try. If you invest hundred bugs, you need to team up with local man or woman who invest 104 bugs. They are refering to control. If yu have 51% you control the company….however if the local man controls, they must have 51%. So if they decide to contribute to Zanu pf function, with 49%, yu cannot say no bcz yu have no control

  12. soko says:

    Cowards we are, in the comfort zone of other countries we have lost the connection with our counbtries. Diasporarism is created by selfishness and all of us are good talkers and we will never do anything to change the situation. If we were brav e, we would go back and fight the regime. We are bloody cowards who expect change and yet do not do anything to change the situaton.

  13. Mseyamwa says:

    The government has erred big time in policies adopted in the past hence the existence of a large diaspora. The government is still pursuing some of the bad policy and sometimes adding new non conducive ones as they shield themselves and their personal gains from any perceived threat. It is a dangerous partner in business.
    Firstly, they need to build trust in their citizens by acknowledging where they have erred. That way citizens know govt will not repeat the same mistakes in future.
    Secondly, govt must at least be seen to comply with its own rules e.g. the constitution. If it still refuses dual citizenship to diasporans yet such is permitted by the constitution then what greater contract can the govt be expected to abide by.
    Thirdly, govt must remove the notion that there are sacred individuals who can get away with anything because of who they are, impunity. As long as such individuals exist in and around government, diasporans will always feel any of their investments are under threat from the same people.
    Fourth, it is fact that govt is now pursuing something called ZimAsset and need money to sponsor it. The document narrows investment to the ZANU tunnel of thinking and gives diasporans govt would want to channel your funds towards that project regardless of yhe individual’s investment inclinations. How about govt be facilitator for business by enacting laws conducive to business and enforcing them fully and largely allow Zimbabweans to chart their way forward. Comand economies have failed elsewhere.

  14. Accountant says:

    It’s pathetic that Moyo a barbaric corrupt individual talks about asking money on behalf of ZANU PF. I think let’s give ZANU PF a big rope. Give Mugabe another 5 years he will notice how he has turned Zim into a zoo. I have noticed one thing. Most Zimboz have a sickness in them and it will haunt them even Mugabe is gone. Mugabe & PF have created a thuggery society, greedy and a society that has self pride. A society that does not consider social welfare of the society but individual gain. After Mugabe is gone Zimbabwe needs people who are honest citizens who have high ethical values and who gained valuable commercial education. People who will transform the zoo into a vibrant economy. Leadership is not about how much you will loot. As long that spirit does not end we are in trouble . I just hope when Zimboz go for election after Mugabe they won’t choose people like Tsvangirai, Jon Moyo, Madhuku and the rest of that bunch of fools. Zimboz pretent to be educated but the way we do our things it’s a shame because we cut the branch of tree we are seated on. Something needs to be done. One day is one day.

    • Mazankila says:

      Thank you for seeking to get Zimbabweans to regain their fundamentals and be ready to care for each other. Yes we need renewal. Please join the movement to reclaim Zimbabwe. Be part of ZDF. We are a committed group of Zimbabweans seeking to recalibrate just about everything about our country, from shoddy leadership to broken and directionless policies. We are worried about the suffering poor, the jobless strong, the broken hospitals, the hopeless future. We want more for everybody and we believe our country has the potential but we need to go searching for it. We can do it if we really want and yes our country needs to be saved from all of us with our destructive tendencies and we don’t believe in merely changing the man at the top without changing the repressive systems around him lest the next one simply walks into the same comfort of killing us softly. We are looking for Zimbabweans with hearts to see pain and seek to alleviate it. We are looking for countrymen who will care for their own suffering neighbors, blind beggars, crippled, selling at street corners, and so forth. Call me deluded but I know what our people deserve. Last but not least, our Zimbabwe has everyone, Black, White, Indian, Coloured and in all tribes and creeds. That is our view of the future as ZDF.

  15. NBS says:

    How come most of us and I am sure many of us do not have PHD’s and re not Professors can see the answers to Zimbabwe’s problems but ZPF cannot? Something has to crack! Something has to change! That is obvious. The beginning would be for ZPF to humble themselves and say, “hey Zimbabwe, we messed up. Please forgive us and now let us come together and fix this thing.” It is called repentance. It is called humility. God will then move to help us to restore. The head must go! Now!

    • apolitical says:

      Truth is only you think you can see the answers, I mean think has anyone ever said how clever you are????
      There are those who are clever and those who think they are – that is the way of the world.

  16. roving ambassador. says:

    We have always suspected that this NEW ZIMBABWE webb site is a CIO propaganda instrument. It was allegedly bought by Gono, and now Matutu has been given a job by Moyo at the Chronicle.
    Having read comments above, I am glad Zimbos are wide awake.
    Down with the thieving malcontents who denied the Diaspora the wright to vote.
    and that goes for Zanu and the MDCs.

  17. U backward fools says:

    And who the hell is ZDF anyway and what gives you the right to speak on behalf of us all. Firstly your name wreaks of ZANU. ZimAsset, Zimbabwe development forum, Zimbabwe republic police, hmmmm anyone else seeing any patterns here? We all know that the national coffers are empty, simply put there is less out there to steal and so this imbicilic minister is trying to get money out of us and then u get and idiotic forum like the ZDF claiming that we are all for the development of zim. We may be Zimbabwean but we are not the uneducated gullible peasants from kumusha that you can offer a bicycle and have us go off heaping praise on gov. Let it be known to all that we are the cream of the crop, the very very best Zimbabwe HAD to offer, take note of the deliberate use of uppercase, we were forced out of our beloved homeland, have had to endure a tirade of insults at the hands or mouths to be more precise of our so called government, illegitimate as it might be, stripped of our legitimate right to vote, and now are faced with the audacity of this dishonorable minister asking us to inject life back into an animal that has been long dead. In nature fire is a life giving as well as a destructive force, for out of the ashes new life will spring. To this effect I say let it burn to the ground, only then will I consider bringing my considerable wealth and a technical knowledge back to zim but until such a juncture I will not be part of this circus and I encourage all other diasporans to look deep in to this so call forum with cautious thinking. We are not fools we know that state agents have been integrated into our masses and further more we know who they are perhaps it is these same individuals who are at the helm of the so called forum. I personally am not ready to forget or forgive the transgressions of the ZANU regime. So I say to ZDF, look east you may find what u are looking for there. And on a closing note quite unrelated to this particular topic, Morgan Tsvangirai you need to step down you overgrown baboon, you have thrice failed and in doing so have become the very thing u had initially set out to fight against. You sir are dead weight and we as a progressive MDC need someone with fresher ideas and more of a back bone. Pasi me ZANU, and as for bob you can go to hell.

    • Mazankila says:

      I hear you Sir and your anger is sincerely understood. We are just as angry and why we are standing up now is because we do realise the government on the ground has no impetus no the where withal to take us anywhere and we feel we are best positioned to do something prior to our retirement years. We are very committed to making Zimbabwe work with or without ZANU. It is our country just as much. Join ZDF and get the details explained and your own ideas heard. You are our best resource.

  18. easily fooled says:

    Prof Moyo is callous and tactical. He plays is cards very very nice. He is reaching out, for for the sake of saving Zanu pf or Zimbabwe, but he is on the road to the state house. And he is almost there. He stated this Aippa and other draconian laws. He come in now and blames ZBC for lack of creativity and making losses. Brings in the issue of coruption and salary gate, now every says thank to prof Moyo. Now he makes an appeal to diaspora, he intends to say lets revisit laws affecting them, allow them a vote…..and intend to win their hearts. Next election after mugabe is gone, after the break of Zpf, he will contest as president. He has his cards intact

  19. iceman says:

    Another offering from the presidents office tax payers money going to waste shame

  20. muchadura says:

    Thanks fr enlightening the honorable minster what true Zimbabweans want and expect.

  21. On other forums I was beginning to hear some sense from Apolitical. Boy was I wrong. Senior Zanu pf Politicians have relatives all over the word for different reasons. Are you saying that they are criminals? Mugabe bought his (according to you) criminal daughter a house in the Diaspora. Another thing there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, they will come home when they want. They will get passports from the Zimbabwe Embassies when they want and their applications will be approved and there is nothing you can do about it. They will buy property with their earnings from the diaspora and there is nothing you can do about it because they are Zimbabweans.

    • NBS says:

      My sentiments exactly Doc do little. This apolitical guy is petrified of the diasporan vote or else he is eating exotic hallucigenic mushrooms!

  22. Joe says:

    If only we had descent people in power but alas we have thieves. One cannot get into conversations with fools and thieves least you get labelled the same.

  23. just saying says:

    One major issue that has been omitted by ZDF that really concerns me is regarding the disenfranchisement of the diaspora. This is a critical ingredient we need to be corrected before we can make any real change. ZDF needs to tell us why!!!

    • Mazankila says:

      Thank you for your question Sir. Just so you know, ZDF is not claiming to have all the answers as we speak. What we have is drive and God. Your ability to be a part of this body will help us to answer so many nagging questions. Our strength lies in numbers of people to ask questions on all broken systems and promises, on all misguided policies, etc and then chart the way forward. When all is said and done, beyond present day suffering, we all have a country to move forward and we don’t have to just hand it over to anyone, but to the best leader possible. It might not necessarily be anyone in the current opposition, current government but it is a Zimbabwean out there waiting to be heard and seen. We are a forum to bring together the ideas and the formulation of a structured set of principles to govern the governors because we have all seen what free rein does to a good country. Somewhere along the line, I would hope to win your trust and it would be treasured.

  24. munhu says:

    Very plain and simple CIO hogwash.

  25. jobolinko says:

    We want clarification on diaspora vote and dual citizenship not all this rubbish

  26. U backward fools says:

    Apolitical is no more than an empty vessel. It should go with out saying that every human being on the planet has an IQ as you have attested, the only problem is not everyone has a high IQ and I’m tempted to peg yours at the lower end of the spectrum. How can you even have the audacity to mention taxes as base for your partisan argument knowing full well that the biggest tax evaders are the parastatals and regime members. Secondly, the diaspora has been the main source of help for the average Zimbabwean family, to argue that we don’t pay taxes is a non starter because as we all know sales tax is a tax and the money that we sent to our families is been taxed on the sales of goods and products so take your foolish view back to the sewer you crawled out of you idiot. The truth of the matter is that we contribute more to our homeland than you care to admit, much more than the ZANU regime has done since independence. I say go and tax Phillip, or beg for help from chombo because he is obviously wealthy enough given his vast estate.

  27. Munzwa says:

    To all my fellow brothers and sisters out there, I am writing this with tears brimming in my eyes because I am hearing such pain from within this forum thread. It reminds me of two lovers that have fallen out and are bitter and sore but still retaining the faint hope of getting back and continuing their future together again.
    This forum and dialogue is a great start because once our greviences are aired the repatriation can begin tentatively and slowly. I love my country and love the start and education it gave me.It has made me and other fellow Zimbabweans who we are, why we are successful. I would dearly love to return with my wealth and my family and feel guilty about not giving back, but I share this distrust and pain inflicted by having to leave.
    This is the first time I am willing to be cautiously optimistic. my request is that we are brave enough to give all these thoughts of return a chance mature into reality. As Ghandi said ““Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

  28. vukani madoda says:

    You need a few fools like ‘Apolitical’,otherwise the world would be a very boring place indeed.3 billion dollars paid from the diaspora has been taxed at the point of source-the progressive countries do not run their economies like in Zim where the big sharks who should be paying taxes are not paying taxes-it is a reflection of your shallow mind to expect this money to be taxed again and then to be abused by a few corrupt peolpe in Government-I take it you have never heard of the Marange diamonds and how little revenue finds its way to the fiscus-in much contrast to diamonds just next door in Botswana which have trnsaformed the Batswana.The good thing about all this is that the government you support will not treat you preferential because you sound like small fish and probably are struggling with the rank and file.Enjoy the suffering

    • apolitical says:

      You have a shallow mind – the issue is that they put nothing into general society =- don’t pay rates orv taxes then think they do everything and should get a vote to say how our tax money is spent. They should have as much say as the contribute to general society 0.
      Freedom of expression ,means that we all have a right to opinion not just the journalist – no one has the right to advocate that diaspora are heroes because in general they are a load of rubbish – in London there are pubs that have signs saying no Zimbabweans served.
      This is the shame they bring on Zimbabwe – they are looting British tax payers revenue on benefits they don’t deserve and then cause trouble in the pubs disrupting the locals lives – we really don’t need those hooligans here.
      Don’t know what to do with them because no one or any society needs or wants them.
      Locals in London have been tolerant but now pressure the Brit government to get rid of them.

  29. vukani madoda says:

    You need a few fools like ‘Apolitical’,otherwise the world would be a very boring place indeed.3 billion dollars paid from the diaspora has been taxed at the point of source-the progressive countries do not run their economies like in Zim where the big sharks who should be paying taxes are not paying taxes-it is a reflection of your shallow mind to expect this money to be taxed again and then to be abused by a few corrupt peolpe in Government-I take it you have never heard of the Marange diamonds and how little revenue finds its way to the fiscus-in much contrast to diamonds just next door in Botswana which have transformed the Batswana.The good thing about all this is that the government you support will not treat you preferentially because you sound like small fish and probably are struggling with the rank and file.Enjoy the suffering

    • apolitical says:

      3 Billion stolen from social services in the UK doesn’t make them wanted, they pay nothing into general society in either UK or Zimbabwe.
      3 billion is paid to their loafing family members who survive on charity of others.- their type of people.

  30. James Gray says:

    We are Zimbabweans in the diaspora who are not allowed to vote for the leadership of our country but all of sudden are expected to invest into an economy that has rejected us. Moyo for one who is that ‘educated; should have uderstood the implications of having people in the diaspora well ahead of all the other ZANOIDS.Here we have a government that is playing a game of convinience. They should not vote but we need their money. To hell with you Moyo.

    • apolitical says:

      WE don’t consider you Zimbabweans, you do nothing for the country, just because you loot the UK to sponsor stupid demonstrations that mean nothing doesn’t give you rights.

  31. kelly says:

    ZDF u are in the right direction to assist the nation but can u explain how u will avoid the crazy Zanoids from diverting your funds and fattening their pockets.
    I propose u start with projects like scholarships to underprivileged children and orphans or irrigation projects to alleviate hunger at local levels and provide clean drinking water in remote areas.
    As children of the soil u are entitled to vote and all the other concerns expressed. Great job at least u are making a move!!!!

  32. apolitical says:

    WE are meant to say how wonderful the diaspora are but they are in reality con artists.
    They say they do so much but the conned the UK into accepting them, the bulk of whom no one in Zimbabwe wanted to know.
    There are no genuine asylum seekers just those getting handouts from UK social service, just look at the hilarious letter they wrote to the Home Secretary – this guy is our leader sings freedom songs and demonstrates for human rights so he deserves asylum – please!!
    It is to be hoped the many petitioning the UK government to throw them out succeed.

  33. apolitical says:

    Writing a letter to the Home Secretary has given me an idea.
    In the quest for freedom of expression the right to disagree with the journalist im going to write a letter as a BRIT national asking that Diasporsa get kicked out of Uk.
    This is clearly the way forward to promote freedom of speech and not freedom provided you support me.
    There is a cost to moderating opinions of British Nationals when you want to remain illegally in the UK.

  34. ownzim says:

    Yea. Apolitical is right. Diasporans dmt pay rates s they mustnt vote. If they had stayed on in zim they would have been unemployed and their busineses closed. How would they then have paid rates? 1plus 1 makes sense.

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