#mugabe fumes against corruption

via Mugabe fumes against corruption February 15, 2014 By Paidamoyo Muzulu NewsDay

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday repeated his threats that those implicated in corruption should face the full wrath of the law.

He said this at a Zanu PF extraordinary politburo meeting. His calls come in the wake of divergent views among his top lieutenants Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa on the handling of corruption and mega salaries in the parastatals and local authorities.

Sources said Mugabe was livid about the actions of those implicated and called for stern measures to be taken against all involved.

“Mugabe was angry with corruption and urged decisive action to be taken against those found guilty,” the source said.

Mugabe’s comments bring to closure the matter in an amicable manner without any recriminations against his lieutenants who were slugging it out in the media.

Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo refused to give a comment to NewsDay last night.

“You should have come to the briefing soon after the politburo meeting,” Gumbo said tersely.

The meeting also heard briefings from Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti on the state of the floods in the Lowveld and Mujuru on corruption.

Sources said the meeting was meant to bridge the widening fissures between the Mujuru and Mnangagwa camps that are eyeing to take over from Mugabe, who turns 90 next week, if he resigns or retires.

Mujuru earlier this week caused a storm when she attacked the media claiming that reports on corruption were being sponsored by the country’s detractors.

She alleged there were some people in Zanu PF who were determined to destroy the party from within.


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23 comments on “#mugabe fumes against corruption
  1. MikeH says:

    “Mugabe was angry with corruption and urged decisive action to be taken against those found guilty”.
    So who, exactly, will take decisive action against Mugabe ?

  2. mambara says:

    Rugare Gumbo the political prostitute refused to comment cos the president send a very strong anti corruption message.this should resonate with brainless brigadier -general who hallucinate coup games in his stupid head.because he is lazy he can not farm like other generals he wants to pr edit on state enterprises for survival.we had these bullies during the war who went to fight not because they had patriotic convictions but were forced to join by circumstances.

  3. Tongoona says:

    Mugabe’s call, as Head of State, for decisive action against those found guilty of corruption, should spurn the police into action to arrest those fingered for acting against morality by awarding themselves hefty salaries and general management misconduct in parastatals. There is no need for more incriminating evidence than what has so far been revealed by the press. What we want to hear is that culprits have been arrested, tried and sent to jail for a long time.

    While we appreciate the arrest of AirZim errant managers, let this be not for window dressing but as the start of a determined fight against corruption. More serious and deserving immediate arrest is the very serious case of GMB boss Albert Mandizha who is alleged to be building a private army with his 2000 soldiers corruptly paid from GMB resources. One wonders whether Albert Mandizha is still a ZANU PF cadre or a ZANU PF antagonist or rebel. This is a direct challenge to Mugabe and we want to see how he is going to deal with the rebel Mandizha. If Mandizha wants to be a politician, it is unacceptable that he uses public resources to further his selfish ambitions. He must come out in the open before he is opened.

  4. John Thomas says:

    Mugabe is the corruptor in chief. His career as president is one of taking what is not his to take. Not once has he ever explained how he has become a very wealthy man. He cannot because he stole it all. It therefore follows that his only problem with corruption in others is that he is not getting his slice. The common understanding that his is a criminal regime makes a mockery of all this showtime escapism about corruption. Nothing will change on this front as long as ZANU rules. The money Cuthbert Dube swindled for himself is a mere nothing compared to what the Mugabes, Majurus and other so called big wigs have taken.

  5. Toothless empty meaningless verbal diahorrhea from the commander of crime

    • Zombi says:

      Amen! I’ve heard some quarters call of a man called Robber Garbage Mug-a-bee. A plunderer. described in certain Biblical texts as having come to:

      Kill – Gukurahundi
      Steal – Diamonds, Elections
      Destroy – Zimbabwe, economy

  6. Guti says:

    Puuuleeezzzz. The name on this article? is… ‘Paidamoyo’. I had too double check if it was April 1st.

  7. Whom ar u foolin wth these reports? We knw very well tht he z the leader of this bunch of corrupt zanu pf murderers nd thieves. No action z goin to b taken they ar all thieves. All the minister in zim ar thieves. Moregarbage is z the leadin thief.

  8. Todiyi Senseni says:

    Why condemn it in private ? He should address the nation to show his committment in eradicating this contagious virus from his party. A toothless dog.

  9. Nyoni says:

    The truth must be said today and in the future without fear or favour. DO THE PEOPLE OF OUR GREAT ZIMBABWE WANT ZANU OR NOT. This party is killing us whether we like it or not. Come now my people and voice your opinion . This will send a message to these heartless goons.

  10. holy moyo says:

    Mugabe and his extended family are the most corrupt in zimbabwe.
    How can a thief like him call for action against Corruption.
    where did he get the billions he has stashed in foreign accounts and the East.
    Where did he get the money to buy 15 farms.
    where did his partner in adultery Disgrace get the means to be a multimillionaire overnight.
    Cuthbert Dube is a paperweight in terms of corrution compared to This Senile murderer and looter mgabe.At independence he did not own a teaspoon.Now with a little president salary and with no sweat he is a billionaire in a sea of poverty.hunger and deprivation.Shame on this so called nationalist

  11. LUCY says:

    So Mugabbage ‘fumed’ He didn’t see it fitting to name names and sack a few individuals. Just fumed. When a lot of us fume we take decicive action like stop a child’s pocket money. We DO something about it. Fuming is the higher end of anger and should result in stern messages and action.This old dementing person can’t do that. He simply blows hot air.

  12. Nyoni says:


  13. nyati says:

    Ndadzinzwa hasha dzine vanhu ve Zimbabwe. God please lead us into a national confession and repentance that our land may be healed by you alone!!

  14. Diego Zhaba says:

    This marks the end of the long story that started as way back as the 1980s. The President has privately spoken and that’s it. Business as usual guys. If the President is not accountable as Head of State what is expected from his lieutenants? More and more subtle looting and corruption.
    We will leave with this till Muagabe and ZANU PF are out of power, but as long as ZANU is in power these problems will haunt us forever.

  15. Mutorwa says:

    Mugabe is the most unwise person ever! He may crow about his useless degrees and perfect violent arsenal, but he is really just a destructive moron who failed to inspire a promising nation to prosperity. Instead he sleeps. He is absolutely corrupt together with all his ZANU PF.

    What is education for? Is it some star sealed framed papers hanging by the walls or is it the results you see as you walk or drive about? Nxaaaaaa!

  16. Mutorwa says:

    MASIMIREMBWA akaitwei? Ndiwe wega wakati ari corrupt. Kubva zvazoita sei? Wakataurirwaka kuti SHEFU, Mari iya yandakatumira kwamuri ndoopayakabva.

  17. obert says:

    This explains why the election was rigged. Imagine if another Party was in power, what was going to happen to the whole of the zanupf looters. Some were going to say its victimisation. But, look, its actually true that that the country was brought to its knees thru theft by mugabe and his crew of unpatriotic robbers. They were trying to fool us all along talking about sanctions and the west. Imbwa dzevanhu. Vakuru vakati nguruve inozvikanga nemafuta ayo. Hezvo ka. Check through out history, even in biblical history of kings and emperors, all evil rulers got their punishments. Mugabe atambudza vanhu but the Lord in heaven will deal with him similar to what happened to King Saul. King Saul tried to prevent the annointed of God, David, to assume kingship but he eventually failed and died a suicidal death. He tried rigging by bringing the spirit of prophet Samuel from the dead to give him answers but it didnt work even in the short term. Humambo hwaMugabe hwasvika kumagumo. This is the prophetic end. Amen.

  18. Tongogara says:

    Ha ha ha! Mugabe fuming about corruption when he is the commander in thief? How many farms has he grabbed when it was supposed to be one man one farm? How much land has Grace grabbed to date. He must first declared his assets and let us know how he acquired them. And the Hong Kong house using public funds even in court. He is a shameless wrinkled thief! nxa!

  19. Zombi says:

    Ana Mugabe vanongogwauta kufadza ruzhinji. As with all his politics… All talk and no action. What happened to Masimirembwa? They just create public diversions and that’s it. Put in place a commission of enquiry into this looting affair Bob. Do it transparently and quickly. Maybe you will retain a modicum of respect from some of us who’ve seen you for who you really are.

    • Brian Edwards says:

      I would really like to be by RGB when he’s dying and ask if he’s happy with the Zim he’s created. Terror, torture, corruption, destruction, fear and economic collapse. Happy Bob, to meet your Maker? Happy that under you Zim is well-fed, well cared-for and well-educated?

  20. Harry says:

    Ha,ha said the clown;watch my hands said the illusionist;look into my eyes said the liar;dont listen to the press said Joyce;listen to my self righteous sermon said Mubaggage.

  21. phys says:

    So the biggest thief of them all is fuming. Bob The Sod not only have you stolen farms,land,diamonds,by destroying Zimbabwe, you have stolen our children’s inheritance.

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