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via President voted AU deputy chair | The Herald January 31, 2014 by Morris Mkwate in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

#mugabe was yesterday elected First Deputy Chair of the African Union, rendering futile a decision by the European Union not to invite him to a summit of the two blocs slated for Belgium in April.The AU Executive Council was firm in that Europe should not be allowed to dictate to African Heads of State and Government who will attend the summit.

The resolution will be tabled for adoption at today’s 22nd Ordinary Session of the AU General Assembly. President Mugabe’s election to the post, to which he was seconded by Southern Africa, positions him to assume the AU chairmanship next year.

#mugabe also chaired an Extraordinary Sadc Summit here that lifted regional sanctions imposed on Madagascar following a 2009 coup in that country.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is the current SADC Deputy Chair and will chair the regional bloc from next year’s summit.

Announcing the composition of the five-member Bureau of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, outgoing AU chair Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn of Ethiopia said Mauritania landed the top post and would be deputised by Zimbabwe (first deputy chair); the DRC (second deputy) and Nigeria (third deputy).

DRC also assumed the responsibility of rapporteur. The bureau is the AU’s supreme organ, tasked with steering the agenda of the continental grouping.

Each of Africa’s five regions seconds a member to the bureau in line with the AU constitution. Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi said membership of the bureau signified Africa’s strong support for Zimbabwe.

“It is the growth of confidence in Zimbabwe. Secondly, the First Vice Chair normally becomes the Chair of the African Union. So, chairmanship of the AU will come from Southern Africa next year, meaning Zimbabwe is in the running.

“This is particularly important in the sense that, as you know, there is the AU-EU Summit in April this year. The EU had decided, and I would be surprised if they maintained the position, that President Mugabe should not be invited to the summit.

“Two regions have spoken. Now, how could one say they do not want the First AU Vice Chair to be at the summit? That would be ridiculous; it would be absurd! It means the EU decision has gone up in smoke.

“In fact, the (AU) Executive Council has taken a decision, which will be tabled for adoption, that the European Union can only determine the EU delegation and has no right to dictate to Africa which Heads of State and Government should attend.

“The AU has said all those in good standing with the continental grouping will attend.”
Turning to the Extraordinary SADC Summit, Minister Mumbengegwi said President Mugabe led the gathering as the Chair, President Joyce Banda of Malawi, was absent.

He said the summit resolved to lift sanctions on Madagascar and also received a report on the subsequent elections and inauguration of President Hery Rajaonarimampianina this month.

“Sadc met under President Mugabe and decided to lift the sanctions. We were also briefed on the eastern part of the DRC since the defeat of the M23 rebels. The situation is stabilising. The government has done well, working together with the Sadc force.

“The rebels have been routed. However, there was an understanding that vigilance should be maintained in spite of the prevailing situation.”

President Mugabe attended a lunch meeting where leaders interfaced with young people from different parts of the continent who highlighted areas governments should refine to meet the needs of the youth.

Key points of concern were education and employment. President Mugabe highlighted the role of parents, governments, communities and other stakeholders in educating children.

He said youths could contribute to development once critical education aspects such as entrepreneurial skills and psychomotor development were embraced.

#mugabe also attended the 22nd Ordinary Session of the AU General Assembly, which launched the continental grouping’s theme: “2014 Year of Agriculture and Food Security; Marking 10th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).”

At the official opening, newly-elected AU chairperson President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz of Mauritania said there was need to support agriculture as a chief economic driver.

He said social protection programmes should be expanded to benefit more people, adding that promoting agricultural value addition and investment were imperatives.

“Preserving the environment and ensuring that food security no longer represent only a legitimate aspiration for our countries, but constitute compelling objectives due to the current food crisis and negative impacts of climate change.

“To achieve these goals, our countries should combine their efforts in order to increase cultivated areas and improve productivity through the modernisation of rural infrastructure, the promotion of agricultural research and popularisation of the most efficient farming techniques.”

Also addressing delegates in the main plenary hall, which was yesterday named Nelson Mandela Hall in honour of the former South African President who died last year, Ethiopia’s Mr Dessalegn said more countries were meeting targets set under CAADP.

One of these targets is for AU members to allocate 10 percent of their national budgets to agriculture. Zimbabwe has exceeded the threshold since CAADP’s adoption in 2003, except during the tenure of the inclusive Government.

“This is the time to celebrate the progress made over the past decade in implementing goals and objectives set by CAADP and renew our commitment to do more in the coming years and decades,” said Mr Dessalegn.

“In this regard, I am indeed very pleased to note that more and more countries are allocating 10 percent of their national budget to the agriculture sector. The transformation of agriculture holds the key to the success of our collective efforts to realise our vision…

“The issue of peace and security has been our major preoccupation during the past one year. While I am encouraged to note the progress that we have made in resolving some of the conflict situations on our continent, I am nevertheless deeply concerned by the emergence of new conflicts which, if not addressed urgently, will have a potential to seriously threaten our collective peace and security and undermine the gains that we have made in recent years.”

The session ends today with leaders expected to emerge with resolutions on agriculture and food security; peace and security; the status of fragile states; AU-International Criminal Court relations; a draft position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda; and the new vision to guide Africa over the next 50 years.


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65 comments on “#mugabe voted AU deputy chair | The Herald
  1. Peter tosh says:

    So what?

  2. John Thomas says:

    AU is maintaining it’s standards.

  3. Gudge says:

    African leaders are brilliant at strengthening their political egos which is gud,,economically u don’t put e same effort and us ordinarily ppl gains nothing,,,n if u want our votes while u don giv back we call u losers

  4. mark longhurst says:

    This just proves Africa is still scared of it’s revolutionaries who will consign it to a sh!t heap…

  5. Lindy Lou says:

    No surprise ,whores and philanderers,despots and thieves.Carry on Africa,carry on.

  6. Zombi says:

    This AU has again demonstrated that it’s a social club for African leaders.

    EU, we just want your money. Don’t dictate to us. To prove the point that you can’t dictate to us, we’re taking our worst criminal and putting him at our helm. Now you have no choice. He won’t even listen to you… He’ll be fast asleep. Who’s clever now?

  7. T plus says:

    AU is just a club of dictators!

  8. Bee says:

    Hopefully he will just be ignored. No surprise there tho that the AU have made him deputy chair. They are a disappointing lot!

  9. bless says:

    young people get retrenched at 25years….mugabe get promoted at 90…seems upside down!!!

  10. Nyoni says:

    Whats new ma comrades, whats new. AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS THE REST CAN GO TO HELL?

  11. Bazur Wa kuMuzi says:

    EU will bow down to Africa!

  12. Mena Bona says:

    Same as the old OAU. Nothing but a club of thieving self serving thugs. Africans need to wake up and begin demanding proper leaders instead of the mongrels they allow to walk all over them who comprise most of the continents wealthiest Africans? With few exceptions they are Africa’s so called leaders. No they are not leaders, they are looters. There is one exception who stands out like a shining light. Bet every reader can quess who this true courageous leader is!

  13. Pilgrim says:

    Now we watch and see if the EU has any clout at all. They have been challenged.Why they allow this group to dictate to them is a mystery. Mugabe banned them from observing the elections. Why would they allow the AU to outmanoeuvre them in this way? Ban him and let those that don’t attend not attend. It is time they exposed this club of criminals.

  14. Senzachena says:

    It never fails to amaze me that the Africa Club continues to support a geriatric, thieving murderer. I suppose we have seen it so often we should not be surprised as most of the other heads of state are from the same or similar mould. Revolting trash.

    One can only hope that the EU stands firm and in neccessary cancels the conference. I doubt they will but you never know your luck! The African states will only attend if they feel they can get something for nothing. Preferably hard cash which they can steal and hide in numbered bank accounts. Trash

  15. Gushungo says:

    It therefore means no African Head of State will attend Europian summit if they don’t want to see Mugabe there. What about people like Ian khama going to do about Mugabe? Nothing totally nothing!

    Obviously Mugabe will make Africa a hell for people like Ian khama such that he will certainly seek a refugee status in Europe unless he becomes a good man who knows that people like Mugabe should be respected.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Gushungo, you too imaginative – that is your problem. Do you know that Ian Khama is President of Botswana? Do you realise that Botswana is currently one of the best managed economies on the African continent. They have the one of the highest per capita incomes on the continent – with just 1.3 million people.

      To a large extent, Botswana does not need the AU. They are only involved for the sake of African solidarity, but they dont need that body. Botswana has been in this game for much longer than you can even imagine. They have been defying the AU, when it was the OAU since the sixtees; when they believed the body was not carrying out its mandate well. So, being a lone ranger in the turbulent African politics is not new to Botswana – they excel in this game.

      Botswana only needs South Africa’s support and no one else. The rest of the continent can go to hell – after all they are all useless!!!

      • Chitova weGona says:

        Thanks,Ian is the only voice of reason in the whole continent. All the other so called presidents are tyrants like mugabe. President Khama must not be swayed by such stupid moves of electing someone who is sick.

  16. Mthwakazi says:

    This is a way of celebrating the Gukurahundi’s 90 years on this earth. Remember he is the oldest two-legged creature at the helm of African politics to date.

    In a way, it might encourage him to leave politics sooner than later having boosted his fragile gukurahundi ego. Its well known it would have been difficult to get rid of him with his tail between his legs; so why not just give it to him – no sweat!!

  17. Khaya'bonina says:

    What a huge support to president Mugabe , this support goes to us the Zimbabweans take it or leave .

    This is simple comrades what must we do if we can’t defeat them -SIMPLE JOIN THEM .

    Zimbabwe will be fine , we are still considered in Africa , EU , change your acts and respect president Mugabe . Uplift your sanctions and receive our cooperation , Khama keep your Botswana , your mouth is now zipped by the Africans for Africa . I accept the defeat and i join them until 2018 thats when i will start raising my voice, for now its really helpless and a waist of time .

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Typical Khayabonina. I have always told you that you are a pathetic and idiotic gukurahundi assslicker – you have just proved it. No wonder you believe the word CHIMURANGA; a typically gukurahundi ZANU PF word was of universal usage in the armed struggle in Rhodesia. You are an embarrassment to Mthwakazi. I am 100% SURE its not true you are from our beloved Mthwakazi South Province. A piece of gukurahundi Shona shiiit indeed!!!

  18. Phys says:

    The EU is a toothless Bulldog – like the UN – just watch them curl up and accept this evil Dictator. The Western World is just as corrupt and useless as the rest of Africa (with the exception of Botswana).
    Once again, I hang my head in shame, because I am British.

  19. Ra says:

    @ phys don’t call Africa a useless continent! You are the one who is useless with yo Britain. Having people like Mugabe as a leader in the AU makes me a proud Zimbabwean African moreover why can’t you leave us alone as Africans and take your Ian Khama with u as he is a useless thing and Africa is better without him!

    • Guti says:

      I agree Africa is not useless. I agree leave us alone, take all your currencies, donations and inputs and go away. I would prefer to sit in my hut (taxed) than join a progressing world. I want to be insular and cut off from all other race, creed and religions. It will make me lord of all I see.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      I am an African, but dont include me in you useless gukurahundi club of directionless, unproductive, satanic and intellectually bankrupt black cuunts!!

  20. Khaya’bonina with all due respect you are one of the most confusing people. One day you say one thing the next day you say something else. The majority of Zimbabweans don’t care what the AU thinks. Most of them are just dictators and some others have dictatorial tendencies.You want to wait untill 2018 but for now you will join people you claim you don’t like. Sounds a bit decietfull to me and it makes me wonder where your loyalties really lie. Not that it makes a differance you like everybody else are free to choose whom you support. And by the way I doubt if you are from Mat south because if you were you would know that this is the most hunger hit place in Zimbabwe and even after some of the areas voted for Zanu they still continue to suffer. If you want to join the Devil friend you just go ahead.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Forget that piece of shiit Khaybonina; an uneducated gukurahundi fool. He doesnt know what he is saying. I doubt he even went past grade one. Even a dog is better; at least it knows its master – it knows where it belongs!!

  21. Africa is better without Botswana? That is the most foolish statement I ever heard considering that a lot of Zimbabweans are crossing into Botswana to buy food for resale in Zimbabwe.

  22. Ra says:

    Khaya’bonina has made it loud and clear to u guys that it is better to join the undefeated rather than joining the loosers.

    @ dotter do little when Zimbabweans go and buy food in Botswana it shows that they have their own money and we call that shopping. Unlike the Botswana who cant have any money to come and shop in Zimbabwe or other countries showe that they are the poorest people Africa ever had before.

    What can u tell me about Botswana a deserted country which has more goats than humans and is it the one which u are saying it is economically stable and why not as they less spending on people as goats feed on the grass.

  23. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Doctor , my Great leader Joshua Nkomo Mqabuko joined hands with ZANU and agreed on a peace accordy deal , there was a reason for that but he never joined to be a ZANU PF member , if i wish to join the government for progressing forward then its fine as long as i would not join ZANU PF , make a difference , we have got the government which needs our participation even though we are on the opposite side , pulling strings today seven months after the elections doesn’t assist us and it will never change the 31 July election results , AU have said it , do you think at your simple level down there at the grass roots you would silence them , never , never .

    @ Mthwakazi- Mfowethu ngicela ukukhuluma lawe ngolimi lukaMzilikazi lwamaNdebele njengo wena uthi ngiShona , yini kahlekahle iShona angithi ngumuntu kulungile ndoda lakho mangiliShona phela -Hlukana lenhlamba bhudi , please be constructive in your arguements , i will never be an embarrassment to you , may be to other people , i doubt that Mthwakazis talks just like you , you are not a Mthwakazi you are really facking it , if you are from the Mthwakazis kwezakithi izintaba zeMatojeni , please find a way to go back to your roots and consider mutual respect .

    My point of joining them must not be simple generalised and taken for granted as you simple do so , my simple point is that i must play a part and contribute working together with those who wish to see Zimbabwe progressing , we can oppose each other yes thats fine , but we mustn’t loose our focus like you have done so , ok , get into the scrum , find the rugby ball move forward and score a try .

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Why do you like pretending to be what you are not. You clearly have a gukurahundi mentality and you lack consistency in your views. Certainly those are not characteristics of a Mthwakazi. You shift your views like weather.

      Who told you that there was a word CHIMURANGA in Mthwakazi in the struggle days? Where do you come from? There was nothing like that in the 60s and 70s, you blooody gukurahundi liar. You are gukurahundi shiit bent on causing confusion kusizukulwane se Nkosi Mzilikazi. Go back home you idot.

      Besides, when you write – learn to use FULL STOPS, and use commas approproiately. Also learn your grade one spellings, you Border Gezi graduate. What an embarrassing idiotic, gukurahundi intellectual dwarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Khaya’bonina I said with due respect to you . I did not say you are Shona neither do I care. I said I don’t think you are from Mat south. Another thing what Joshua Nkomo tried to achieve does not change anything at this time and he is turning in his grave. You want to have an argument I will not accommodate you. You will live up to your own convictions. I have no time for people like RA who on the one day he makes it quite clear he would like see Ndebele people slaughtered and removed off the face of the earth or Mtwakazi who hates Shona’s with a passion. I still cannot understand why you after what RA has said are now in agreement with him or should I say him with you. Who I am is of no consequence in this forum and what my clan is is not important but fake I am not sir. I wonder if RA has made you an honorary Shona. I am a Zimbabwean that is not happy with the thieving that is going on and thats all that counts.

  25. Khaya'bonina says:

    Khuluma phela wena Mthwakazi ofuna ukusiphatha singakubekanga, we don’t have Mthwakazi province in Zimbabwe , our region is simple Mt South so don’t even echor your useless name which will never set food ontop of our tables , may be ZANU PF is better than you because they have got buckets of maize and beans to feed your grandfather since you have failed even to feed him .

  26. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Doctor , i think you are so emotionally and putting yourself in the middle of the situation , the discriminating words are directed to Mthwakazi , as he spoke about me being a Shona of which it doesn’t bother me , read my statement again , don’t be so emotionally and just miss it like that.

  27. Pilgrim says:

    @ Do little you would do well not to argue with a fool. How would he know that you cannot feed your Grandfather. Just shows when they cannot answer they froth at the mouth. Most probably CIO I would never give these clowns the tome of the day…

  28. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Doctor , sorry you don’t understand Ndebele , ok i have got you , you are my brother from other side , how is Zvimba , Masvingo , Chiredzi .

  29. Mthwakazi says:

    Botswana is currently one of the best managed economies on the African continent. They have one of the highest per capita incomes on the continent – with just 1.3 million people. The hordes of Zimbabweans flocking there is proof enough. Nobody flocks to Zimbabwe, except crookes of course; knowing they will make it in that lawless society where Diamond revenues are never accounted for.

    To a large extent, Botswana does not need the AU. They are only involved for the sake of African solidarity, but they dont need that body. Botswana has been in this game for much longer than you can even imagine. They have been defying the AU, when it was the OAU since the sixtees; when they believed the body was not carrying out its mandate well. So, being a lone ranger in the turbulent African politics is not new to Botswana – they excel in this game.

    Botswana only needs South Africa’s support and no one else. The rest of the continent can go to hell – after all they are all useless!!!

  30. Mthwakazi says:

    Botswana needs Mzansi for its efficient rail and ports system since its a landlocked country. The rest of the jungle up north is not of any consequence.

    We talking of a people who have failed to build a single rail system, since the departure of colonialists in the sixtees. The little there was, built by the colonialists, they destroyed whislt busy blood letting each other. Look at the images eminating from the Central African Republic (CAR)- is that what you call a country? What they call capital cities are something of a Township in South Africa. Everywhere people are carrying guns, meant for nothing else but killing each other. Other nations are exploring space and building supersonic jets!!

    AU you, what a useless bunch of blood thirtsy gukurahundi thugs. Its about time South Africa recalled uNkosazana Dlamini Zuma – this association with jungle minds is a total embarrassment for this progressive nation!!

    • I cannot understand why it’s so important for you to know where I am from. The reason why we have all these names is because there is no free speach in Zimbabwe and this is obviously for our protection. If it were not so all these contributions would have our names stuck on them. I read exactley what you wrote.

      Pilgim, it does not matter what he says. As the saying goes sticks and stones…What I regret is falling into a trap that has sent this subject off topic. And as for my Grandfather died in 1982 so he did not see the beans that this misguided brother talks of. I am Doctor do little and it does not matter if you’re Shona or Ndebele.

  31. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Mthwakazi , you have got a serious mentally problem .

    • Mthwakazi says:


      What is a “MENTALLY PROBLEM” if I may ask?? Please educate me?

      To be honest with you – the mere fact that I am engaging you is beginning to embarrass me!!

    • Khaya’bonina First of all apologies I seem to have got mixed up in your guys personal battle. I don’t condone it but maybe the messages were coming too quick. Any how I am man enough to say sorry. I am moving off this page because I cannot stand the hate that is floating around at the moment.

  32. bie says:

    sad day in Africa

  33. Bonzo says:

    Fellow Zimbabweans. I am Shona speaking. I enjoy reading the comments most of the time, unfortunately not today. We all know about Gukurahundi. We sympathize and empathize with the victims. We all hope one day just will be done to the perpetrators. I have lived outside Zimbabwe for a long time. Over the years I have learnt to embrace diversity.

    If we are going to build Zimbabwe we need to unite and work together regardless of which part of Zimbabwe you are from. Some of the comments here today bare really retrogressive and unfortunate.

  34. Ra says:

    This Mthwakazi should go to a pschiatric hospital, he could be diagnosed of a mental retardation as his IQ seem to be below 10!

    • Mthwakazi says:

      A Shona Gukurahundi like you is in no position to diagnose mental problems; everyone knows that Gukurahundism is a psychiatric condition – surely you wouldnt be an exception to this, would you?

  35. Mthwakazi says:

    Botswana the lone ranger, I love you guys; I love you!!!!!!!

    Ke a go rata Botswana. Ke kopa gore le sa sheshela mo rago. Ma Afrika, ga eetse nix. Ke ma kwerekwere fela!!

  36. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Mthwakazi – mental disturbed , there is no Sotho language at the Mkwanazis , please count yourself out . Stop faking arround .

    • Mthwakazi says:

      That you dont know Sotho is one of Mthwakazi languages and is in the new constitution as an official language is proof enough you are not from our Provnce. You are a liar!!

  37. Ra says:

    @ Mthwakazi damn u, u are not even a Zimbabwean but a tswana. U think l didn’t get yo dame message. Nnna ke a tseba ku boa ka setswana. In yo message u said the ba tswana must not rush to take action as africans will never do anything as they are kwerekweres.

    Who is a kwerekwere? u are a xenophobic asshole. U are not even a ndebele. Ndebeles don’t behave the way u do and u are just like yo leader ian khama! U are just faking us by calling yourself a ndebele. Damn u Mthakwazi.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Did I say I am Ndebele? When did I say I am Ndebele? Mthwakazi is not only made up of Ndebele. It includes baVenda, baTswana, amaXhosa, abeSotho, maKhalanga, maShangane, maNambya and abaTonga!!

      • Kubota Binga says:

        As much as freedom of association is a man’s right…I have learnt with sadness that Mthwakazi includes Tonga.

        That being said, at least after all this time some fellows like Khayabonina see reason to work with the guvment of the day for progress’s sake. Soon after election me coped lots of flake for calling for progress. Thats all that needs to be done. All this yelling and calling of names yields nothing but promote hatred! Shame.

  38. Mixed Race says:

    Some of you are so ignorant of what is happening around you that only detailed education accompanied with common sense and wisdom might release you from THIS self imposed enslavement of your reasoning power.
    You claim that Botswana has no money when we are actually using their money to try and improve our economy.What kind of a person would say this without shame? Let me remind you that before the GNU,we all piled at the Botswana/Plumtree borders begging the Tswanas to allow us to cross their border to buy basic things like meal-meal and other necessities. This is the problem with us Zimbabweans,we are a nation which does not appreciate those who help us.At these borders I met people who came as far as from Murewa and Mutoko,because they needed food for their families which Botswana did make available without complaining.
    We need Botswana more than they need us,very soon Botswana will have the latest and the biggest diamond processing centre in southern Africa.Note your diamonds might end up in Botswana for polishing and beneficiation.
    You also mention that its population is about 1.3 million people ,so what.In fact its good to have a low population which has high life expectancy, not in our case which stands at about 37-40 years.I am sure the EU will do like the USA,its up to individual countries to attend,if they refuse its them to loose.I cannot see people like the current British foreign secretary compromising on their integrity.There strong leaders in the EU like France and others who do not tolerate manipulation.
    Look at what France has done in the past few years to its former colonies to restore law and order with or without the UN mandates.What did our AU do on their own without the western countries and UN?

  39. Gushungo says:

    @ Mixed race we no longer want outside people who come here to bring great confusion amongst us by being involved in Zimbabwean politics yet they are not Zimbabweans like this Mthwakazi thing.

    According to my intelligence you Mixed race you are actually not a Zimbabwean so am kindly asking you and your Mthwakazi to back off infact you must only be involvd in yo Botswana politics!

    Don’t come and tell us that Zimbabwe needs Botswana for what? Do you think we as Zimbabweans need Botswana’s goats? You have lost your mind!

    How come Zimbabwe with a population of above thirteen million need help from only a million people of Botswana? Am l that mad to do a silly thing like that?

    Zimbabweans are very clever if you bring problems on them the will plunder your money. Our Zimbabwean dollar has been rendered useless by the US sanctions that is why we are using their currency and the will never do anything about it so is the Botswana. Until they remove their sanction that is when we will kindly ask them to remove also their US dollar and put in place our Zimbabwean dollar!

  40. Mixed Race says:

    You are wrong I am a sensible Zimbabwean who knows our country better than you think and I am involved in many technical projects to try and get us from these man-made problems.To prove you wrong it has just stopped raining in the city centre of Byo.

    • hutu says:

      Mixed race the Demons are amongst us. This website has been invaded with these people. Fear not. You tell it as the way it is. The truth has set you free. You carry on doing what you do my brother. Did you really think CIO would find it not in their interest to comment on this website. Has MURIMI been in the fields all this time? Bee ,Lucy and co your country needs you more than ever now. Doctor do little..your attitude tells me you are weary. Doctor we need yours and RBS’S calming attitudes to keep us going. I told you people we are right in there…sitting in their underpants…You better believe it. Watch this space…..

  41. Pilgrim says:

    Why is it whenever these three or four individuals start commenting the topic changes. I believe Hutu could be right. We are being manipulated. Now Do little has left this page? Was he a victim of manipulation? We need to ignore those that are spreading hate. At least Murimi debates.

  42. hutu says:

    “U are not even a ndebele. Ndebeles don’t behave the way u do and u are just like yo leader ian khama! U are just faking us by calling yourself a ndebele. Damn u Mthakwazi.” Said by the man who claims to hate Ndebeles so much that he would do a Hitler on them? WHY THE SUDDEN CHANGE Smells….smells of CIO. You will be exposed. Hutu swears on it. Watch this space……

  43. Mthwakazi says:

    Keep your Zimbabwe, and let me keep my Mthwakazi!!

  44. Mthwakazi says:

    Africa is full of gukurahundis. No brains and utterly useless!!

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