Poll material destroyed – Tsvangirai

via Poll material destroyed – Tsvangirai December 22, 2013 by John Nyashanu

MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday made sensational claims alleging that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) had lost possession of the July 31 elections material which he said had been seized and destroyed by State functionaries.

Presenting his end of year message at Harvest House in Harare, Tsvangirai said:“I now have impeccable information that most of the election material used on July 31 has been destroyed to cover up the grand theft and can no longer be availed,” said the MDC-T leader who trailed Mugabe by a wide margin while his party lost its majority in Parliament.

“Added to that, Zec currently is not in possession of the voters’ roll, ballot boxes and any other relevant material used in July as all such material is with the military and the intelligence structures used to rig the election.

“We will be embarking on a global advocacy campaign to the AU (African Union), Sadc (Southern African Development

Corporation) and the international community on the need for the reversal of the fraudulent result of 2013.

“In short, the sustainable way forward is another election that will guarantee a return to legitimacy and a return to confidence which has led to the current crisis in the country,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Zec deputy chairperson Joyce

Kazembe refuted Tsvangirai’s allegations.

“It’s an allegation that I have never heard. When, where and why the seizures could have taken place I do not know. If anything, we have just filed at the Nomination Court for three wards for elections to be conducted in January,” Kazembe said.


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15 comments on “Poll material destroyed – Tsvangirai
  1. Chatambudza12 says:

    What is the point of him saying all this rubbish yet he has been quiet since July? Of what help are his statements. Whom does he think is going to listen to him now? Ngaachitirega tingofa tichitambura hedu. Its best he shuts up.

    • Mzwazwakankoviyo says:

      Let him inform the public about what’s happening. The nation needs to knw. He is doing his part as an opposition leader. Leave himalone.

  2. mucha says:

    He is damn liar. You can’t be a credible leader who lies point-blank like this and you expect people to listen to you always.

    Govt has a minimum retention period of all voter material which is normally exceeds the life two terms of Govt or parliament. The material remains at ZEC for that period and then deposited at the Govt National Archive for future use (if need be).

    Sorry ex-PM. Be informed.

    • Mupurisa says:

      Iwe Mucha unonyepa zvinonyadzisa!! Since when did Zanu PF ever respect the constitution or any other piece of legislation. There are many laws and principles that they have totally ignored and disregarded since 1980, shall we list them? They still continue doing that up to today. So why would they start respecting it now? Unofunga kuti vazhinji vakapusa kunge iwewe. Tsvangirai arikutaura chokwadi chaiyo!!

      • mucha says:

        So who is lying – Tsvangirai, me or you? You believe all he says. How many times had he lied to all the ladies he later dumped after promising marriage?

        Prove me wrong there………

        • Fallenz says:

          Get off the personal attacks. ZANUPF has proven themselves unfit. The nation is stolen. Get on with recovering it from the thieves, rather than trying to convince that ZANUPF is not to blame. You’ve a mountain of evidence to overcome. Where are the diamond funds? What happened to all the aid money? How did all the bigwigs get so rich so quickly? Who owns all the biggest and best farms? Why is all the NGO help forced to go to ZANUPF? Why government farm inputs going only to ZANUPF? Why is justice available only to ZANUPF in the court system? Why are the voter rolls still not available? Why no credible investigations into vote rigging?

          You want credibility, then get busy with finding and publicizing those answers, and reversing the ZANUPF corruption that has destroyed the beautiful, productive, respected nation. If you are unwilling to face that challenge, you and yours are the problem, not the solution.

          Get busy… quickly… you’ve much to do to unravel 30 years of corruption. Judgment comes.

  3. jacha says:

    That is the problem with us Zimbos. We read too much and think we are covered. See how those elections were stolen right under our nose. Now that one is talking about a requirement to store those papers. Hazvisevenze

  4. GBZ says:

    Go prove him wrong mucha…This is exactly what your morons would do…Just look at the Mt Pleasant saga and not being allowed a recount…Barbaric government!

    • mucha says:

      Tsvangirai knows he was beaten squarely in the elections. He is now looking for excuses to stop chasing shadows becoz he knows he messed up by joining the Inclusive Govt and even going to elections when he knew there were stil outstanding issues. So he is just saying, “forget about election petitions since there is no more election material to prove any rigging”.

      That’s a defeatism mentality.

  5. Tsvagi stop rabbiting on about such erections. You should have let the zimdollars destroy zanupf once and for all in 2009 but you went on a gullible adventure to rescue mugabe. The inevitable imminent return of I.o.u.bearers cheques will ensure no need to wait until 2018 for yet another bogus erection

  6. mucha says:

    John Nyashanu, now you have forgotten all about Africa because you are boot-licking in London? What is Southern African Development Corporation? You are also a liar just like your Tsvangirai. It is a Development COMMUNITY and not Corporation.

  7. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Mucha , file your acts , imagination does’t take us forward ,ZANU PF is messing up , we need change and Tsvangirai must be more focused to bring that change , yes it is still painful that elections were rigged but we need to go through this peacefully , 2018 is now , so the issue of elections being rigged should be written in our history books , the issue is how do we go forward from here , ZANU PF is not stable at all because of the succession issue and battles among their members , MDC T must take advantages of the situation and be more strategical , to force elections before 2018 might even destroy Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC T , lets heal from the rigging issue and start singing a different tune taking us forward .

    I doubt very much that Tsvangirai can reverse the situation , he failed to challenge the election results from court proceedings , he must now forget about this , he must fit himself into the situation , he must be in the scrum and look for the rugby ball to score a goal . We need to see him bringing back confidence to the people of Zimbabwe .MDC T must start grouping now and if possible sit down resolve they issues , try even to bring peace with those who left the party , find out why did they leave , we need to have a combined MDC T come 2018 solely to end the rule of ZANU PF .

  8. Khaya'bonina says:

    Mucha , don’t be a shame , be part of us without being abusive , we only need your facts , we are in a parliament unfortunately you are kicked out .

  9. moyokumusha says:

    Morgan failed and should accept that and resign. Crocodile tears from a looser and too late. Bob is smiling all the way whilst Morgan destroys the opposition. Go back to Bindura Nickel Mine and seek a job ( if there are any ).

  10. Thembie says:

    Can any one out there convince those in power that they can have diasporan investment in exchange for our priceless right to vote, or am I asking for too much?

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